Battle Report (Tyranids vs Tyranids)


“Snicker snicker. Clatter clatter. Eeeeeeee! Nom nom nom…”

Deployment: Dawn of War
Points: 1500
Mission: Purge the Alien

Tyranid Prime: lash whip and bonesword

30 Hormagaunts

30 Termagants

30 Termagants

3 Tyranid Warriors: 2× deathspitter; venom cannon

1 Venomthrope

3 Zoanthropes (1x Neurothrope)

1 Venomthrope

3 Biovores

Carnifex Brood
• Carnifex: twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms
• Carnifex: twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms; twin-linked devourer with brainleech worms


Tyrant Guard [Scything Talons]

Hive Tyrant [Heavy Venom Cannon, Lash Whip & Bonesword, The Norn Crown]


Hive Guard [Impaler Cannon]

Hive Guard [Impaler Cannon]

Hormagaunt Brood [30x Hormagaunt]

Termagant Brood [17x Fleshborer Termagant]

Termagant Brood [17x Fleshborer Termagant]

Termagant Brood [18x Spinefist Termagant]

Tyranid Shrike x8 [Scything Talons, Scything Talons]


Tyrannofex [Acid Spray]

Lets get ready to rumble!!!! Firstly awesome, beautiful, and an amazing new board by STUDIOLEVEL, perfect for this very anticipated battle we have had planned for over a year! Yep you hear that right, we had been dreaming of this game for about a year now….. Haven’t you ever wanted to see a Nid on Nid nom-mathon report? NOM NOM NOM Well stop what your doing it’s here! and we just couldn’t wait to start! Lets do this…
Just had to again point out and take a snap of the brilliant attention to detail these guys at Studio Level have on their boards. From the greenery, to the water features, it’s all amazing and professional and also perfect for this Tyranid report.
Ok so after rolling off its Dave that wins and opts to go First…. We roll for night fighting but a 2 is rolled so no extra cover for Julian this turn sorry mate. Dave deploys his minty green gorgeous nids first and what a sight as they all get ready to run across the battle field.
Julian’s turn now and another gorgeous sight to behold as his army deploys as close to the dawn of war deployment zone as possible.
Wow one of the best sights we have seen on SN Battle Reports, don’t you think!? Epic is an understatement and after Julian miserably failing to steal initative on a 2, it’s off to Dave’s turn one. Everybody at the Studio feeling like it’s Christmas at the moment…… Uuuuh I’m sooo excited!! Bets anyone? Who will win Nids or Nids? I bet the Nids will win… (but what if its a draw?)
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) here we go….. Dave starts his movement phase and guess what, he moves everything forward…. lol
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) Dave makes sure his Carnifexes are leading the charge, so that they are in optimal range for their 24 twin linked S6 devourer shots… Ouch!
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) The Green nids line up ready to release a barrage of fire to weaken Julian’s army for if, or tbh when, they manage to get in combat. Just imagine that sight!
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) The biovores initialise the start of the firing, by indirectly barraging the unit of spinefist termagants, who were screening the toxicrene. The shot was successful and they managed to kill 11 teramgants and wounding the toxicrene.
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) Dave’s exocrine fires next at the haruspex and gets in 3 wounds. Julian successfully saved only one of them, due to cover saves, leaving the Haruspex with 3 wounds.
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) This is where the pain really can happen. The two devourer carnifexes have their sight on a unit of termagants directly in front of them. It could also be an easy first blood for Dave if he can wipe them out in one volley.
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) Despite only failing one the devourer hits, after rerolls, they managed to only kill 16 of the unit of 17 termagants… Only… yeah… Julian knows that if he has any chance of success, he would need to find a way to deal with them fexes before they rack up enough kill points themselves.
Turn 1 (Green Tyranids) The final termagaunt was in range of the warriors venom cannon. After an unsuccessful cover save, it granted the green nids a kill point, but maybe even more importantly, first blood! The remaining of Dave’s units spent their turn running closer to their prey.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) Julian opted for the same strategy as their opposing hive fleet. That being getting them as close to the enemy as they can to hopefully be in nom nom nom range.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) Julian moves up his Shrikes so that the large unit of hormagaunts remain in synapse. The rest of the army was held in synapse by the Hive Tyrants extended range granted to him by the Norn Crown.Quite a risky method of play to have the only two synapse creatures on either end of the table.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) The shooting phase begins and Hormagaunts and Shrikes choose to not make any run moves as they hope to make an epic charge later. Will it have been the right decision to make, or a grave mistake, we shall see.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) The Tyrannofex fires his acid spray to whittle to down Dave’s Hormagaunts a little bit, killing off six of them at once. The hive guard then attempted to fire at the exocrine, but failed to inflict any wounds.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) With Julian’s shooting phase over, he concentrates in trying to get in combat with his left flank. But was that charge roll enough?
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) Yes it was! And the tide of red gaunts sprint up the field in a ravenous frenzy to shred as many termagants as possible. However, his Shikes were not as lucky with their charge attempt, and are now exposed since losing their screening.
Turn 1 (Red Tyranids) That is a scary sight to be on the receiving end of! The red Hormagaunts managed to wipe out the whole front half of the unit. That left Dave’s termagants out of range to return any attacks. The unit still remained to stay in combat after their pile in moves.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Dave begins to move up his own blob of hormagaunts, plus Tyranid Prime, to hopefully return the favour later. Look at this view I’m so happy!!
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) The Carnifexes move up and have their sights on the newly exposed Shrikes. This could potentially be catastrophic for Julian if he loses the synapse keeping the red Hormagaunts together.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Dave’s Zoanthrope and Nuerothrope have to sit tight because they are unable to move from Julian’s unit who have managed to bubble wrap them, whilst they are in the middle of their combat.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) With the movement phase over, Dave starts by unleashing a devastating amount of shots at the Shrikes in the hope to kill as many as he can, to remove any synapse on that front.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) With that one unit, he was able to kill off four Shrikes at once, while leaving another wounded. Ouch! That must have really hurt Julian. …wait is that a tear?
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Dave focuses his Biovores on the red termagants in an attempt to lessen their numbers in case he chooses to assault them later. Very risky considering his hormagaunts are right next to them, but hey, I suppose they are just gaunts after all eh
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) The green Exocrine uses his extra ballistics skill from forfeiting his movement to try and secure a kill against the Haruspex. But somehow Dave managed to whiff his rolls completely and the Haruspex was left untouched this time.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Dave has had enough of that Haruspex and launches his unit and warlord into an assault. The grasping tongue failed to overwatch and the green tyranids where in!
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Dave’s warlord strikes first, and he managed to secure a six to wound on the bonesword, which insta-killed the haruspex before anything else got to attack.
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) The hormagaunts consolidate and spread out as much as they could from the impending acid spray that awaits them from the tyrannofex
Turn 2 (Green Tyranids) Julian wipes out the remaining termagants and are now again free to charge and also got to consolidate back into synapse. Not good for the green nids next turn.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) Julian moves his Hive Tyrant so that he has a chance to cause instant death on the green Warriors with his heavy venom cannon.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) He then moves his Hormagaunts so that they are in charge range of Dave’s entire right flank.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The Hive Tyrant manifests catalyst granting himself and his chosen tyrannofex, feel no pain.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The red gaunts and Tyrannofex fire into the hormagaunts lowering their numbers by just a few.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) Julian’s Toxicrene fires his ignore cover, poison blast at the green gaunts, to once again reduce their numbers from the impending charge.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The two units of Hive Guard fire at the Vemonthrope and Exocrine.To which they managed to insta-kill the Venomthrope with their ignore cover, and cause two wounds on the Exocrine. Julian definitely can’t complain about that.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The Hive Tyrant fires his heavy venom cannon at the warriors for some more double strength, instant deaths. He fails to hit miserably, and the blast scatters off to the friendly Hormagaunt unit next to them, killing off three at once. Woops!
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The red Termagants and Tyrannofex charge in to tie up the Hormagaunts and warlord.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) The green Carnifexes overwatch the charging hormagaunts, but there were too many of them from even getting close to stopping the assault.
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) In one crazy immense assault charge, Julian still manages to not only tie up the Carni’s, but the Zoanthropes, Venomthrope and Warriors too!! Madness!
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) Julian’s Shrikes also managed to join in the madness and assault the zoanthropes. With most of Dave’s units bogged down in assaults, the red Tyranids are exactly in the position they wanted to be in, but will it hold out?
Turn 2 (Red Tyranids) Despite the Shrikes being considerably weakened, the volume of attacks they could still dish out made light work of the Zoanthrope unit. The Hormagaunts didn’t manage to inflict much damage, but they still maintained their numbers.
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) Dave spotted that his remaining blob of termagants had been left without synapse when his Tyranid Prime was dragged further away into another combat. He then failed his instinctive behavior roll on them, and then rolled a one of their chart… This can’t be good.
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) And it wasn’t, his unit was force to flee and ran off the board! Not the result Dave needed at this point in the game.
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) Dave’s Biovores move further away reducing, as much as he can, any future assaults.
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) His Exocrine remains stationary and focuses his shots at the Toxicrene. Reminds me of Hulk…lol
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) He was hoping to also be able to wound him, and also the group of termagants directly next to it. But once again, he was unlucky and failed to cause a lot of damage after scattering.
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) Biovore miss with all their shots at the hive tyrant, but release a load of spore mines return, which worked out better! (Please note that we made an error and forgot to use the barrage special rule this turn, hence all the extra spore mines)
Turn 3 (Green Tyranids) The spore mines were then able to assault the hive tyrant, knocking off one of his wounds. The remaining assaults were a grind with only a handful of wounds being inflicted on each side.
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) After moving the few units that were not locked in combat and failing to hit with his Hive Guard. Julian then charges his Hive Tyrant to get the assault on Dave’s warlord.
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) He spooned his rolls and it backfired completely when Dave got a single instant death hit, killing the Hive Tyrant straight out. Lol 2 instant death wounds this game! Give that guy a medal! wait is it a guy? and do they get medals???
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) The remaining red Tyranids continue to tie up Dave’s units, while slowly being reduced in numbers.
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) With the main central Synapse creature for the red Tyranids army being slain, that meant that all of his units not in combat were having to take their instinctive behavior rolls. He managed to fail with his Termagants and one of the Hive guards, who were then forced to remain where they were.
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) The Toxicrene however, passed his test, was then getting ready for an assault against the green Warrior Prime, in the hope to seek revenge for his fallen warlord.
Turn 3 (Red Tyranids) The Shrikes finally managed to kill off the green Warriors, leaving the Prime as their only source of synapse.
Turn 4 (Green Tyranids) Dave’s biovores did no damage to the Hive guard, and the remaining units continued their assaults. The carnifexes, however, were finally able to break off from their combat.
Turn 4 (Red Tyranids) Julian continued to fail his instinctive behavior tests for the last unit of Termagants and Hive Guard units. However his Toxicrene did pass, and managed to assault the prime and destroy the whole unit on a single charge!
Turn 5 (Green Tyranids) The biovores continued their barrage against the Hive Guard to try and score another kill point. Whilst the Carnifexes were finally able to kill off the Shrikes, removing all synapse from the board. The Exocrine failed to do any damage to the Toxicrene with another set of unfortunate rolling.
Turn 5 (Green Tyranids) The Biovores shots did scatter but sadly they were not able to make their charges afterwards.
Turn 5 (Red Tyranids) Julian was then able to charge the Exocrine and instant kill it with its poisoned attacks. The game ended there, and the scores were in. Tyranids won! Erm, the red ones! Red Tyranids – 11 vp Green Tyranids – 9vp
Dave: Well that was a brutal game, my problems started when a big chunk of my army got tar pitted by a massive unit of gaunts robbing me of my dakka fexs and zoanthrope brood. My luck almost changed when I slapped the smile off the hive tyrant with a warrior prime but in the end it wasn’t enough to swing it. While it was great fun to play two massive horde nid armies there’s a reason why they are not very popular… They take forever to move and they need buckets of dice. Anyway it was a hard fought game and surprisingly the unit that won it for my opponent was his shrikes, who would have thought it. Looks like it’s back to the evolutionary drawing board for my nids so we can grow some hive tyrants with wings.
Julian: Now that was a load of fun! I loved how by the end of the game there were little to no gaunts left, and no synapse either. Resulting in just the bigger monsters running around on their instinctive behavior. I really enjoyed our game with Dave, he is a great guy and a load of fun to play against. We had arranged beforehand to try and keep our armies different from each other, without the use of flyrants (as they are seen in practically every tyranid game). I think it worked out well as it made the game focus on how to tackle certain tyranid units, without resorting to countering it with the same tyranid unit. I knew that it was going to be a tough game for me as Dave had a good volume of strength 6 shots for my high toughness units, and biovores for the hordes, while I relied almost entirely in getting into combat. I must say that if it wasn’t due to my hormagaunts tying up Dave’s carnifexes, I don’t think I would have walked away with the win. I am also very impressed with how good toxicrenes can be when in combat, which I have never experienced until today as they have always died for me on route haha. Would just like to thank Dave again for the opportunity to play against a fellow nid player and would look forward to a possible rematch in the future.



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