Battle Report (Iron Warriors vs Blood Angels)


Quinto rammed the oversized control column to the left with a force that would have snapped a mortal’s spine clean in two. Bellerophon responded instantly, executing a sharp roll that removed the Stormraven Gunship from the trajectory of the death dives of its Heldrake foes at the last minute, their daemonic wails evincing their frustration at their stubborn preys sudden deliverance from their outstretched claws. A binary blurt from XG-68 alerted Quinto to the fact that his sharp manoeuvre had deprived the ventral lascannon turret of its line of sight to the targets. That would soon change. This unequal aerial duel had gone on for far too long. The blood of the Angel flowed through Quinto’s veins, the sky was his birthright. Bellerophon’s armoured wings as much an extension of himself as his gene-sires majestic white pinions. To cede control of the heavens to this warp-spawned filth was unconscionable. The tables would be turned. Prey would become predator. Punching Bellerophon’s engines into maximum thrust and forcing her nose down to gather speed, Quinto sought to gain distance from his foe and also speed. Speed, as the ancient Terran fighter ace saying went, was life in a dogfight. The spattering of Hades autocannon shells impacting against the stormravens stern was the signal Quinto had been waiting for. Hauling back on the control column with all his trans-human might and slamming the air-brakes on, Bellerophon’s machine spirit protesting all the while as various warning claims went off simultaneously, the Stormraven executed a vertical stall-turn of such violence that a human crew would’ve had their insides turned to mulch. It payed off. For a second that seemed to stretch to infinity all three Heldrakes seemed to sit motionless, perfectly aligned with Bellerophon’s hull mounted multi-melta. Quinto’s classical features split into a feral smile as he depressed the firing stud. The middle Heldrake screamed as it disappeared in a cloud of super-heated vapour. Not allowing himself a second to savour his kill, Quinto accelerated to full power and scissored Bellerophon on to her right side through the fireball that marked the passing of the recently downed Heldrake, avoiding the outstretched claws of the remaining two by mere inches, erupting out of the explosion’s far side trailing residual fire from its wing tips. Quinto knew that in three maybe four more manoeuvres the two other aerial abominations would join their now expired kin.

The Stormraven reversed its right turn, initiated a climbing left bank allowing a clear line of fire for its dorsal lascannons… Lord Commander Dante’s stentorian tone cut through the aerial ballet via vox: “Bellerophon, air support and reinforcement required. UNLEASH THE DAMNED.” All thought of their duel was erased from Quinto’s mind. The Lord of Angels had bid him entrance. He would not be found wanting. The Heldrakes forgotten, the Stormraven lit its afterburners and pushed its nose into a vertical dive, punching into the ugly, thick haze of cloud that obscured the battle below. With some apprehension, Quinto opened the internal vox to his deadly cargo, the sound of slurred and unhinged voices reciting the fourteenth Canticle of Detestation greeted him. “Chaplain Lemartes, two minutes to landfall.””GLORY TO THE ANGEL! WE WILL BRING DEATH TO THE ARCH TRAITOR’S DOGS THIS DAY! FOR THE EMPEROR AND SANGUINIUS! DEATH! DEATH!” Quinto cut the vox feed lest their madness infect him too. His mission now was to insert these frenzied warriors into the heat of the battle below. If Dante had sanctioned their unleashing then the contest must be fire indeed. Bellerophon erupted through the bottom layer of cloud still accelerating in its vertical dive. Quinto quickly took in the vista before him. A fortress swarming with steel and blood-tinted figures, melee and large ordinance detonations, the dark earth covered in a carpet of his fallen brothers. The rage that poisoned the hearts of all the sons of Sangunius bore bitter fruit then, driving Quinto into a paroxysm of battle lust. With a deftness that even other Astartes pilots would have marvelled at, he angled Bellerophon’s nose towards the vindicator that dominated the centre of the Iron Warrior’s line whilst still plummeting towards the earth at subsonic speed. Alarm claxons wailing, Quinto waited until his innate flight instincts kicked in, hitting the retro-burners and pulling back on the stick with all his might in a manoeuvre that would have been deemed reckless by most, sublime by a learned few. The violence of the deceleration was horrific, losing six hundred knots of air speed in a scant two hundred yards of vertical travel, levelling off a few feet above the ground in a welter of jet wash and battle field debris. The multi-melta sounded its might roar again, immolating the hapless traitor tank. As this was transpiring, the assault ramp was lowered and Lemarte’s Death Company lept out into the fray on wings of fire. So Lord Commander Dante had bidden it. So had it been done.

Deployment: Custom Deployment
Points: Blood Angels – 2500pts
Iron Warriors – 2100pts + Fortification

(Blood Angels) Special Mission – for every defence line passed by units at the end of the game Blood Angels score victory points depending which line they have passed (more explained later on)

(Iron Warriors) Purge the Alien

Librarian: Psyker (Mastery Level 2); jump pack

Sanguinary Priest: bolt pistol; jump pack

9 Tactical Marines: flamer; heavy flamer; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-flamer)
• Rhino

9 Tactical Marines: flamer; heavy flamer; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (power weapon)
• Rhino

5 Sanguinary Guard: inferno pistol; chapter banner

9 Assault Marines: 2× meltagun; jump packs; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (plasma pistol; power weapon; melta bombs)

Stormraven Gunship

Commander Dante

Sanguinary Priest: power weapon; bolt pistol; jump pack

Sanguinary Priest: power weapon; bolt pistol; jump pack

Raphen’s Death Company: + 1 Raphen

4 Scouts: missile launcher; + 1 Scout Sergeant


9 Assault Marines: 2× meltagun; jump packs; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (power weapon; melta bombs)

9 Assault Marines: 2× meltagun; jump packs; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (power weapon; combat shield; melta bombs)

Chaos Lord in Terminator armour: lightning claw; sigil of corruption; Veterans of the Long War; Mark of Nurgle

9 Chaos Space Marines: plasma gun; heavy bolter; Mark of Nurgle; Veterans of the Long War; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power fist); icon of vengeance
• Chaos Rhino

9 Chaos Space Marines: plasma gun; heavy bolter; Mark of Nurgle; Veterans of the Long War; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power fist); icon of vengeance
• Chaos Rhino: havoc launcher

9 Chaos Space Marines: plasma gun; heavy bolter; Mark of Nurgle; Veterans of the Long War; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power weapon); icon of vengeance

Helbrute: power fist; power fist (combi-bolter)

Helbrute: twin-linked lascannon; power scourge

Helbrute: twin-linked lascannon; power scourge

3 Mutilators: Mark of Nurgle; Veterans of the Long War


Heldrake: baleflamer

Chaos Vindicator: siege shield; combi-bolter

Would you look at that! Awesome! Today we bring you an epic Battle Report! Steven and Steven (yes we have 2) were discussing the fluff of the Iron Warriors and how good they were at defending and building fortifications… one thing led to another and suddenly there was a challenge! Could the Iron Warriors defend their fortification against assault specialists the Blood angels??? Game on!!!
Mission Victory Point Zones for the Blood Angels Reminder the Iron Warriors mission is simply Purge the Alien awarding them 1vp for every unit slain.
Here is a better and closer picture of the amazing battle field we will be playing on. Brilliant work by our friends at JMD Scenery who will also be sponsoring our No Retreat 2 event next month with two new awesome boards! The Blood angels will deploy behind the fence approaching the fortress from that table edge. No units on any side may deepstrike in this mission. The Iron Warriors deployment zone will be all 4 boards on the fortress side they will also be deploying first, there will then be a roll off to see who starts after both armies have finished deploying. This is so cool! Excited???
Ok here we go! The Iron Warriors start deploying in a defensive position hoping to get first turn and thin the red line down a bit. The attackers have 500pts extra due to the Iron warriors having the fortified position. Love these models painted by Bandua Wargames
Here is a different view of the finished deployment. The defence is led by two Hellbrutes which could be assaulted on first turn, Second line is a Chaos lord and two units of Fearless Marines. Lets see how this goes!
It’s the Blood Angel boy’s turn to deploy. On the left we have Lawrence the artist who painted the awesome Blood Angel force and on the right Steven G the level 3 Tactician, level 4 Fluff Master, level 5 Bard and level 6 Beard Wearer. With not a lot of deployment zone its just a matter of what units go on either side. They did deploy their death company but later on decided to leave it in reserves in the Stormraven. Also a great view of the defence line on the Iron Warriors side.
The Angels start to deploy as close to the deployment zone as possible creating a red line all across the board. It looked great!
The Blood Angels deploy their Scouts behind enemy lines giving an instant 2vp …if they survive the game that is….
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) ….and with a great toss of the dice Steven and his Blood Angels win the first turn. Lets do this! Steven immediately starts to move his assault marines forward unto the breach. Very important first turn for both players as the Blood Angels need to hit hard and the Iron Warriors need to hold the first line as much as possible.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) Loving this picture! You can really feel the advance of the Blood Angels as Steven moves his forces forward ready to assault and fire all they have at the hazard striped scum. Both rhinos have also moved flat out. Great sight of what the Iron Warriors would see at this exact moment as they ready their guns to fire.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) Dante the man himself leads the charge forward! Librarian and Sanguinary Priest close by for some extra support. This will pack a punch when (if?) they hit in combat.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) The assault squad on the left flank fire their meltaguns at the fierce Hellbrute but luckily for Steven (again sorry for confusion as each armies leader is called Steven hey even I have difficulties!) one of the Melta Guns fail to hit and the second one only glances removing a Hull point off the mechanical beast.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) On the other side things aren’t so lucky as this time both Melta Guns hit and manage to blow the Hellbrute into smithereens! Painful to see such gorgeous models removed from play and I really wanted to see this Hellbrute in assault action with his two power fists! But on the plus side I get to say smithereens…
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) Both Rhinos and all the rest of the units that are not in charge range fire at the Squad on the first floor managing to kill 2 Marines. Now time for the assault phase…. Bolters to the right of them, Bolters to the left of them, Bolters in front of them, Volley’d and thunder’d; Storm’d at with shot and shell, Boldly they flew and well, Into the jaws of hell, Flew the Blood Angels.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) The assault squad pile into the damaged Helbrute hoping to glance the walker to death with some krak Grenades if not it will have to be the Sergeant and his melta bomb to step up and lay the machine to rest.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) Striking at +1 initiative from the Baal Strike force proves deadly for the Iron Warriors Hellbrute as they strike first and wreck the Walker with too many Krak Grenade glances even though the Power Scourge did -3WS to the unit.
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) With no more assaults in range Steven G passes the tape measure to Steven P to start his first Turn. Not a very powerful first turn from the Blood Angels and a lot to hit back with from the Iron Warriors shame to see two Helbrutes destroyed, really wanted to see these things in combat. Well there’s always a next time…. The Mutilators move forward into the Red tide, will they prove their points???
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) The Nurgle Marked Lord detaches himself from the Marine unit and moves towards the Assault squad! Fearless sight! “I will have to do this myself”
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) With most of the Iron Warrior units staying in a defensive position Steven starts his shooting phase first using the Burning Brand of Skalathrax on the Assault squad killing a total of 5! That ap3 flame is deadly and so cool! A must take!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) KABOOM!!! The Vindicator fires its deadly large blast at the Sanguinary Guard but some very nice cover saves sees only one removed with 2 Assault marines from the Squad beside Remember no FnP rolls due to the double strength 10! KABOOM INDEED!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) The Fearless Iron Warriors squad fire down at the incoming red tide killing 1 assault marine and in typical 40k Fashion the plasma gun explodes killing one Chaos Marine. That’s what you get when you don’t service your weapons in 10,000 years! Hahaha!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Havoc Launcher Blast directly hits the assault squad killing none as power armour proves strong this time around. Quite a nice little extra on the rhino S5 AP5 blast twin linked is pretty smart!.
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Well that was easy…. The Lord annihilates the assault unit in combat with rerolls to hit (Veterans of the long war) and rerolls to wound (Shred) and attacking first removing the last 4 Marines and consolidating forward 4 inches. Epic Receives no reward on the boon table sadly. Bring me more foes, these are broken!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) The Mutilators also assault in and opt to use the deadly marine killer lighting claws as well as hitting at the same time the Assault marines fail to wound after wound after wound are saved by Steven’s tough 2+ save. The mutilators in return wreak havoc as they easily slay 3 Marines. The Blood Angels fail their morale check and fall back 3D6. Luckily the Mutilators can’t sweeping advance.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Strike from the skies!! The Blood Angels reserves come in straight away becoming a major headache. again I have to say such a cool paint job by Lawrence our paint monkey slave, I mean artist in residence…..
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Once more into the breach dear brothers once more! The assault squad moves closer to the Vindicator hoping to this time stop it in its tracks before it fires its deadly large blast once more. Awesome picture!
Then we spent about 45min listening to this bearded legend teach us about why the Horus Heresy is so cool! Thanks for the lesson Mr Fluff! Always so cool to get a Warhammer History lesson.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The Assault squad that lost a combat last turn move up again towards the Mutilators hoping to this time do better.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Dante and his squad move up towards the Chaos Lord who has just burned and shredded an assault squad. I can just imagine the blood bath around that lord. Look at that paint job! wow! “For The Emperor and Sanguinius!”
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) After forgetting about them on the first turn (As they were so well hidden!) Steven fires upon the Iron Warriors on the Wall with the scouts but fails to remove any from play. This squad is now sitting in a 2pt zone; will other Steven target them in the next Phase?
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The newly entered Storm Raven fires all it has at the Vindicator but luckily it has some cover saves as 25% is obscured as seen in the picture. The lascannon shot is saved but the Melta Shot goes through blowing up the Tanks primary weapon and removing a hull point. That’s devastating for the Iron Warriors as that Weapon was very important for them to remove the punch of the goody two shoes marines.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Using Power of the Machine Spirit he fires one of his missiles at the Helbrute holding the back line and manages to penetrate it and get a Stunned effect on the table. That means Steven has to roll on the “stupid” crazed table later on.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Dante and his unit try and assault the isolated Chaos Lord but the dice gods deny this with a 4. One more chance for the Lord to slay some more Blood Angels in the following turn.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Epic sight as the Blood Angels below jump over the fortification walls and assault the unit defending it. The Blood Angels lose one man due to some good shooting from overwatch, what a cool cinematic move by Steven. Also a great Hammer of Wrath has one Iron Warrior thrown off his position to his death.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The Assault Squad again try to take these Mutilators down but they again prove deadly as they pass all their 2+ saves and then strike back with power fists removing 4 more assault marines! WOW! who said these guys were rubbish? Steven doesn’t think this at this moment in time. Never underestimate your enemy especially when they have T5 (Nurgle) for some extra survivability
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) In true fashion the Iron Warriors Champion issues a challenge which is accepted by the Blood Angels Sanguinary Priest. The Priest strikes first and with 3 fatal blows removes the champion with ease……spilling two wounds into the rest of the unit , this combined with some more great rolls sees the unit totally wiped out by the other assault marines.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Reserves arrive!! Game changing units arrive from reserve for the Iron Warriors; two Heldrakes are now swooping the skies! This can really do some damage to the approaching red line.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Powerful and fearless Lord moves up in pure Chaos fashion readying his weapons hoping to again make his foul gods happy.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) A tactical fallback for the last Remaining Hellbrute as it moves back 6 inches away from any assaults in the next turn.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Iron Warrior Marines squad move up towards the newly disembarked Marines hoping to charge in. The Champion pointing his powerfist towards the enemy is a sight to behold.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The first of the two Helldrakes fires its Baleflamer at the consolidated assault marines which have completely forgotten what was coming in from reserves! The deadly flamer proves its name as it removes 5 marines from play.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Last Iron Warriors line of defence fires all it has at the Blood Angel marine squad in front killing 2.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) Again the Lord opens fire with his Burning Brand of Skalathrax but this time its 2+ armour which this unit has so no more easy removing from play marines. Hitting and wounding 5 but only slaying 1 as Steven only misses 1 2+ save followed by a look out sir on the Sanguinarys priest 3+ armour.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The fearless Lord charges in straight away issuing a Challenge! The shiny golden god himself, Dante steps up for this epic fight. Lord v Lord!
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) Again the Mutilators prove how lethal they are against marines in combat even though this time one of them loses his last wound. Still attacking at the same time they again mince more blood angels and make Steven remove another 5 from play…ouch and failing their leadership…..again and falling back.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) Dante strikes first but amazingly doesn’t slay the Lord by himself as Steven passes 3 of 4 wounds allocated on his Lord. The Lord attacks back but the Sanguinary guards 2+ armour is to strong for his ap3 lighting claws to which they attack back and remove the 2 final wounds on the Lord removing him from play……
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The start of turn 3 see’s Raphen’s Death Company and Lemartes disembark from the Storm Raven! Epic sight again! “Our blood is weak, our victories failures. In death, we repent.”
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Steven again starts to move his forces this time closer to the second objective point/line
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) RAM!!! Steven rams his Rhino into the side armour of the Vindicator removing a Hull point! So many ppl forget to do this including myself…. Tank Shock for the win! Very Blood Angels thing to do..
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Storm Raven who is now skimming chooses his next victim (the last Helbrute) and unleashes all its firepower upon it leaving nothing but a pile of smoke!
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Assault marines again try their luck and move towards the Mutilators, they fire their weapons and finally manage to remove a wound off one of them.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Scouts again cover fire from their infiltrated position but Steven’s saves again prove too good as none of the Marines on the Wall are killed.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Marines on the other side forget about the Chaos marines in front…..Dante will deal with them…. and they move towards the Rhino on the far flank they ready their grenades as they move towards it.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) For the emperor!!! Dante and his retinue shoot then charge into the Chaos Space Marines. Such cool models!
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Lemartes and Raphen’s Death Company also charge into the other Chaos Space Marines who are the last line of defence before the Blood Angels get into the 2pts Zone. This is getting very interesting but I’m sure these two units will prove their name “and points” lol and remove these marines from play with ease.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Marines manage to assault in and some Krak grenades do the trick as they glance the Tank to a stop. Who needs melta Bombs!
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Dante and his unit again prove unstoppable as the Chapter Master goes first and slays all three Marines, The champion being removed first after issuing a challenge. May I just add here that the Librarian has only manifested one psychic spell in three consecutive turns failing all but one!
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Will it be this time? It certainly has to be! Three units now charging in trying to lay these mutant beasts to rest! The assault squad charging in through the rear with the Marines charging in from the front with the help of a Sanguinary priest. The assault marines hitting first due to the +1 Initiative from the Baal Strikeforce formation. Needing 5’s 2 wound is costly for Steven’s blood angels as only 5 wounds manage to wound the Mutilators of which all! yes again! ALL! 2+ saves are passed! Where are those AP2 weapons when when you need them! The Mutilators then attack back…..
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Each Multilator attacks a separate unit and they manage to slay 5 more marines (3 Assault marines and 2 normal marines) The Reroll on the Veterans of the Long War proving vital! They again win combat as Steven fails his leadership needing a 4 or less! WOW! Iron Within, Iron Without!
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) Back to the Iron Warriors now. Both Heldrakes opt to skim as if they would carry on flying their 18″ minimum move would make them pass over all the enemy units.
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) The Rhino again opens fire at the fleeing Space Marine unit and with the help of the twin linked havoc launcher manages to kill one astartes.
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) The Mutilators move up behind the marines trying to catch their prey….
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) The Heldrake fires its baleflamer at Lemartes and Raphen’s Death Company. Some good look out sirs and FNP rolls sees only 3 DCs burnt to ashes. The Other Heldrake fires its Hades Autocannon at the Storm Raven making it jink but failing to penetrate or even glance the machine with a poor roll from Steven.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) The Marines who have just wrecked the Rhino move up towards their next ordered target making good use of this turn as they can also assault the now skimming Heldrake.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) The Marines who have just wrecked the Rhino move up towards their next ordered target making good use of this turn as they can also assault the now skimming Heldrake.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) Great hover skills by the Storm Ravens pilot places him behind the winged mechanical engine as he fires his full load out at the beast…..but needing 6’s to hit makes the task a bit difficult as only one melta shot managers to hit and penetrate and Steven passes his 5+ invul save! Amazing stuff!
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) Wait what? Finally after 3 epic turns of waving off all comers some Bolter shots manage to do the trick as the Blood Angels finally manage to bring one of the Mutilators down. Finally Steven rolls some 1’s on his saving throws must have been an easy 15 rolls without a single 1 in the past 2 turns.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) Give these guys a medal! Again they make the charge… a 9 inch charge to be exact not only do they reach the Mechanical beast but they also manage to blow the Heldrake to thin air. That was an awesome fireworks display! “By the Blood of Sanguinius!”
Turn 4 (Iron Warriors) Steven’s 4th turn and with not much on the table and the mission too far gone to be accomplished and with too many points on the Blood Angels side Steven just did as much damage as he could by flaming the Unit who had just blown up the other Heldrake. Steven hits, wounds and removes 4 more marines from play before shaking his hand and giving the game to the Blood Angels. What a game! Amazing Battle! Blood Angels – 8 Iron Warriors – 3

Steven G: Who says Mutilators are sh!t? Those b*stards single handedly turned my right flank into red confetti. The Chaos Lord on the opposite flank killed almost an entire assault squad by himself, make note: fear the Burning Brand of Skalathrax. Overall, the Blood Angels did what they do best, die horribly to ranged fire then repay the damage with interest in melee… Excepting those damn Mutilators. I don’t think I made any real mistakes on this game, the nature of the mission and the terrain meant my guys would have to bunch up leaving them easy prey to AP3 templates and AP2 pie plates. Seeing the Demolisher scatter clean off the Sanguinary Guard was a huge relief! I had to keep charging those Mutilators if only to keep them from charging me and pray that Steven rolled some 1’s… Which he didn’t. Overall, a fun and bloody game was had by all. Man of the match? No idea to be honest, Dante killed 6 Iron Warriors before they knew what hit them but his failure to kill the Chaos Lord by himself in a challenge was underwhelming. I think the best performers were the humble tactical squads, incinerating traitors with copious flamer/heavy flamer templates and sticking krak grenades up Helldrakes tail pipes. These guys always deliver! Worst performer was, without a doubt, the Librarian. He did nothing! All his powers either failed to manifest or were denied. Waste of points. Can’t wait to have a less biased game against Stevens Iron Warriors (he had 400 points less!) I honestly think the result very different next time. FOR SANGUINIUS!

Steven P: Well most has already been said by Steven Amazing game once again with some epic battles and turns.unit of the game by far were the Mutliators who said these guys aren’t good? Another special mention to the fearless Lord who tore up a whole Assault squad before charging into Dante, how epic can it get! Thanks again to the whole team for setting up this amazing game and board. Both armies looked beautiful and I really enjoyed every minute of playing it. I will get my revenge!

Iron Within, Iron Without!



  1. I really love reading these reports, they are beautiful and full of everything I want from a battle report. I wish you guys had a Patreon where I could support the great work you do and I would totally back at a level where I could get PDF versions of the regular releases.


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