‘No Retreat 2’ International Tournament


We at SN Battle Reports just held our second 40K tournament of 2016 on the Rock of Gibraltar and it was fantastic and perhaps even better than their previous one (if that is at all possible!).

So for the first time with ITC accreditation we hosted a 30 man independent international Warhammer 40k tournament at the amazing self contained Europa Retreat Centre in Gibraltar. It again proved to be the perfect venue for this sized event and we quickly worked out that there definitely is room to expand in the future should we need to!

The tournament was a great success attracting players from Spain and the UK including a great number of 40k players we had been watching on YouTube and other social medias for ages. The No Retreat I Champion Lawrence from Tabletop Tactics returned to defend his title using his amazing Dark Eldar . And he brought backup in the form of Beard and Chef also from Tabletop Tactics. Also along from the UK were James and Tristan from Siege Studios and the amazing Aceface! It was like watching our favourite YouTube Channels live! A great mix of our best local players and the best Spanish players in the region also attended all of whom had an amazing time and most of whom stayed overnight at the retreat.

The tournament was held over two days and each player had five games. The rules for army composition and missions can be found at www.snbattlereports.com Basically it was a restricted, strict WYSIWYG, fully painted and based, 1750 point army tournament using the ITC FAQ.

It was hoped that the restrictions we made allowed for fun games where fluffier armies may have at least some opportunity to shine and so that the armies would look more like classic 40k armies which is what SN Battle Reports is all about. This worked and it was great to see the so called weaker armies rank up against the top tier ones and the fact that we had 3 Sisters armies in our 30 starting lists! 10% Sisters! What other ITC tournament in 2016 can boast that!
For a bit of fun as well as having a Silver Spoon for last place, Players player award, Best Army award (sponsored by Kromlech) (for the army voted by the players as best painted), and 5 special SN awards for what we as a team thought were (in our opinion) the armies that best met our vision as the perfect looking 40k force) we also brought back the the highly coveted (and controversial?) Silver Spork! The winner was easy to pick this time! (Eldar scatter laser jetbike spam… and from a SN founding member! The shame!

In order to make this a fully immersive experience the SN team prepared some beautiful tables for the games none of which would look out of place in one of our battle reports. Line of sight blocking terrain was evident throughout and a couple of new tables made their debut including the awesome Ork Mekyard supplied by Wargame Terrain Factory and the hot hot hot lava terrain by Iron Keep and some lovely mats from GAMEMAT.eu and Frontline Gaming.
The tournament also had a painting competition with some fantastic entries which took our breath away. It was great to see so many wonderful pieces and entries from people who don’t play “competitively” but love the hobby and the Games Workshop universes. We had some great independent judges to decide on the winners from our sponsors E-minis and Saccone and Speed, the local model soldier and tabletop societies and past winners who were not entering particular categories.

No Retreat Tournament Awards

1st Lawrence Baker (UK) (Tabletop Tactics) Dark Eldar (Yes, he successfully defended his title!)
2nd Joseph Yome (Gibraltar) Dark Angels
3rd Nick Rodriguez (Gibraltar) (SN Battle reports) Craftworld Eldar

The Silver Spoon: Ethan Pizarro (Gibraltar) Dark Eldar (so Dark Eldar first and last eh?)
Players’ Player Award: Dave Williamson (UK) (Another successful defence of a title!)
Players’ Award for Best Army (sponsored by Kromlech): Toby Liddard (Ork) (UK)
Cheesiest Army (the Silver Spork): Nick Rodriguez (SN) (Craftworld Eldar) (Gibraltar)

SN Awards:
Dave Williamson (UK) Space Marines
Toby Liddiard (UK) Orks
Lawrence Baker (UK) Dark Eldar
Alex Enriles (Gibraltar) Death Korps of Krieg
Manolo Barbero Leon (Spain) Blood Angels

No Retreat Painting Competition

Best Painted Single Miniature: Manolo Barbero (Spain)
Best Painted Monstrous Creature:Manolo Barbero (Spain)
Best Painted Unit: Manolo Barbero (Spain)
Best Painted Vehicle: Kevin Warwick (SN) (Gibraltar)
Best Painted Diorama: Roy Perez (Gibraltar)

Finally the whole SN Team (Steven P, Nick, Lawrence, Steven G, Kevin and Julian) would like to thank everyone who attended to play and help make such an amazing event. In particular thanks to those who made the effort of coming to Gibraltar from abroad for the tournament, it was great meeting you all. Also thanks to the generous people that sponsored the event and prizes such as. E-minis, Bandua Wargames, GAMEMAT.eu, Wargame Terrain Factory, Element Games – Wargaming Webstore, Iron Keep Studio, Saccone & Speed, Gibtelecom, Frontline Gaming, Spartan Miniatures and Kromlech.eu

Thanks also to the many people who helped set up the venue and tidy-up afterwards!
If anyone here is interested in an invite to our next event (numbers are limited) drop us a message on our Facebook page or email us on snbattlereports@hotmail.com

































Best Tournament Army Winner Toby Liddiard (UK) SN Award Winner


SN Award Winner Alex Enriles (Gibraltar)


SN Award Winner Dave Williamson (UK)


SN No Retreat 2 (3rd Place) Nick Rodriguez (Gibraltar) SN Battle Reports


SN No Retreat 2 (2nd Place) Joseph Louis Yome (Gibraltar)


SN Award Winner Manolo Barbero León (Spain)


SN No Retreat 2 (1st Place) SN Award Winner Lawrence Baker (UK) Tabletop Tactics


Special Merit Award Vehicle Category Anderw Dickerson (UK)


Special Merit Award Vehicle Category Alex Enriles (Gibraltar)


Special Merit Award Unit Category Tristan Whitehead (UK)


1st Place Vehicle Category Kevin Warwick (Gibraltar)


Special Merit Award Unit Category Carlos Blanco (Spain)


1st Place Unit Category Manolo Barbero León (Spain)


Special Merit Award Single Figure Category James Otero (UK)


1st Place Single Figure Category Manolo Barbero León (Spain)


1st Place Monstrous Creature Category Manolo Barbero León (Spain


Special Merit Award Single Figure Category Carlos Blanco (Spain)


Special Merit Award Unit Category Sean Cormac Canning (UK)


Special Merit Award Unit Category Alex Enriles (Gibraltar)


Special Merit Award Monstrous Creature Category Roy Perez (Gibraltar)


1st Place Diorama Category Roy Perez (Gibraltar)









Best Tournament Army Toby Liddiard (UK)


Players Player Award Dave Williamson (UK)



SN Battle Reports Published by Steven Pardo Page Liked · 9 hrs · Edited · Allowed on Timeline .. The Silver Spoon (Wooden Spoon Award) Ethan Pizarro (Gibraltar) Dark Eldar


No Retreat 2 Runner-up Joseph Louis Yome (Gibraltar) Dark Angels


No Retreat 2 Winner Lawrence Baker (UK) Dark Eldar Tabletop Tactics








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