Battle Report (White Scars vs Raptors)


The throaty roar of Astartes bikers combined with the bark of boltguns and concussive thuds of detonating ordnance came together in a symphony of war. In the eye of this storm of fire and noise crouched a figure who exuded an air of icy calm at odds with the maelstrom of violence that enveloped him. With unhurried grace, Chapter Master Lias Issodon reloaded his custom boltgun, Malice, and sighted down her omniscope sending a mass-reactive bolt through the eye lens of a speeding traitor biker’s at a distance of four hundred metres. Kill confirmed. He slowly swung Malice around searching for new targets to present themselves, dispatching them with the same merciless precision that marked the biker’s demise. The grey and scarlet armoured Ashen Huntsmen countered the Raptors punishing fire with lightning hit-and-run warfare for which they had justly accrued such fame when they had served the Emperor as the Storm Riders. The two chapters, once sworn brothers now mortal foes, made war at opposite sides of the spectrum. The Raptors, as true sons of Corax, fought with a detached mien, prioritising planning and clever deployment, maximising the use of all available forces against the chinks in the enemies dispositions bringing about their foes defeat with the minimum amount of effort to better preserve their strength for future campaigns. The blood of The Khan ran hot through the veins of the Ashen Huntsmen, crying “Uukhai” with delight as they surged forward like a viper to strike the enemy with venom, only to recoil before their victim had even registered the bite, whooping and howling all the while. They would not halt until all their prey had been run to ground. The circumstances of their fall from grace rendered even more tragic by the ease with which they could have been avoided.

Left to wage an unending war against the stellar empire of Warboss Killagutsmasha, unsupported and forgotten by the byzantine bureaucracy of the Adeptus Munitorum, their savage pride not allowing them to withdraw until their assigned hunt was brought to a victorious conclusion. For two centuries they had tried to inflict death by a thousand cuts to a beast that reconstituted itself with a speed that outstripped its losses. The tectonic pace at which the Imperium moved was highlighted when at last reinforcement arrived in the form of the renowned Raptors chapter, 217 years after the Storm Riders had begun their campaign. The Raptors were thrust into a furious three-way war between themselves, the Orks and the Storm Riders, who had renounced their oath of fealty to the Imperium that had abandoned them and hailed themselves as the Ashen Huntsmen. Lias Issodon had prioritised their elimination for as dangerous as the Orks were, a renegade Astartes chapter was a far more terrible threat, and doubly so one which was skilled in the art of rapid movement and lightning strikes… If the Ashen Huntsmen were not stopped here, before they could disentangle themselves from their xenos foes, then they could run rampant throughout the sector, destabilising the vital arterial trade routes that ran all the way to distant, sacred Terra. With that thought uppermost in his mind, Lias Issodon shouldered Malice and lifted its scope lens to his eye brining the crosshairs to bear on a MkIV armoured helm in storm grey livery. He gently exhaled and in that interminable moment between breaths he carefully, almost reverently, squeezed Malice’s trigger sending a kraken round racing towards yet another target.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Points: 1750
Mission: Crusade (3 Objectives)

Chapter Tactics: White Scars

Librarian: Lv2, Space Marine bike; The Hunter’s Eye

4 Scouts: 4× Space Marine shotgun; + 1 Scout Sergeant (Space Marine shotgun)
• Land Speeder Storm: multi-melta

4 Scouts: 4× Space Marine shotgun; +
1 Scout Sergeant (Space Marine shotgun)
• Land Speeder Storm: multi-melta

Stormtalon Gunship: Skyhammer missile launcher

Stormtalon Gunship: Skyhammer missile launcher

(Stormlance Battle Demi-Company)

Kor’sarro Khan: Moondrakkan

2 Space Marine Bikers: 2× grav-gun; + 1 Biker Sergeant

4 Tactical Marines: flamer; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

4 Tactical Marines: flamer; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

4 Tactical Marines: flamer; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

Command Squad: 4× grav-gun; Space Marine bikes; Apothecary

4 Devastator Marines: 4× grav-cannon and grav-amp; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant
• Razorback: twin-linked lascannon

Chaptar Tactics: Raptors

Lias Issoden

Captain: storm shield

9 Tactical Marines: plasma gun; plasma cannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-plasma)
• Rhino

9 Tactical Marines: grav-gun; heavy bolter; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant (combi-grav)
• Rhino

4 Sternguard Veterans: 2× combi-melta; 2× heavy flamer; + 1 Veteran Sergeant (combi-melta)
• Drop Pod

4 Space Marine Bikers: 2× flamer; + 1 Biker Sergeant (combi-flamer)

2 Devastator Centurions: 2× grav-cannon and grav-amp; + 1 Centurion Sergeant (grav-cannon and grav-amp; missile launcher; omniscope)

Land Raider Redeemer: multi-melta

4 Devastator Marines: 2× missile launcher (flakk missiles); 2× lascannon; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant


Xenos and Humans! Boys and Girls! Our Reports are back! After an absolutely amazing No Retreat 2 event and a nice couple of days rest (believe me we needed it, we aren’t as young as we used to be) we are back to “business”. 🙂 So what better way to start the new month than to use one of the terrain sets that was custom made for the event by our friends at Wargame Terrain Factory (the amazing guys that built us our amazing crashed ship set that we love so much). And wow this set is amazing and not only looks good but is very playable as well! And we have more! What? I hear at least one of you ask! Lucky you should ask… this report is about to get bigger and better as we are going to have our great dictator the one and only (thank the Emperor there is only one of him!) Steven against The Chef from Tabletop Tactics! Yes! SN v TTT! I know who my money is on…. 😉 As you have seen Steven is using his lovely Raptors whereas the Chef is using the list he used as No Retreat 2! This is going to be EPIC!
So after a bit of thought and a long look at both armies and the terrain we decided to go for the Crusade mission. Three batches of crates scattered across the battlefield in three different locations. Here you can see one of them exactly in the middle of the battlefield. This was a great location to have one as all terrain was to be used with the ruins rule so a 4+ cover guarding the objective. Should help with all the firepower that’s coming to the tabletop!
Here you have another of the objectives just on the other side of the battlefield nicely painted by Lawrence (apologies to Lawrence for stacking them… :O but we thought it added some character to it and helped LOS blocking…). After all three objectives were placed we rolled for night fighting (no night fighting) and we then rolled to see who would go first. After the first roll of the game it was Mike “The Chef” that won and opted to deploy first. Hold on to your seats this is going to be epic! (Insert Epic Music here.)
So here we go…. Mike starts to deploy his very cool and clean strikingly schemed army splitting the army straight away in two. He first deploys his command squad and one of his Tactical Squads in a Razorback on one side closest to the Fence and forest. Note that all his army will scout move after infiltrators and for those of you who do not know what his formation does here you go…. Stormlance Demi Company Clear and Sweep: In the Shooting Phase, can reroll misses against enemy units controlling an Objective Mobile Firebase: In the Shooting Phase, after resolving their attack, a unit can redeploy D6″, or 2D6″ if Bike or Jump type. This can be used to embark on the units Dedicated Transport, even if they have disembarked this turn, provided that all members of the unit end their move within 2″ of the Transports access points. Units making this move cannot assault this turn Yep we will surely see some amazing shenanigans from these traitorous renegades (boo hiss!) (Hey I have to support Steven don’t I?)
The other half of the army deploys on the other side immediately capturing one of the objectives. Not in this picture is the other Razorback with the Grav Devastator squad just on the other side of the terrain to our right.
Mike hands over the tape measure to Steven and so the Raptors start to deploy. Our great leader the wise and generous Steven deploys his Reedemer just in front of the 3 man bike squad and Razorback. Even though it’s a transport Steven opted not to deploy any units inside. We are sure he has reasons for that… In Steven we trust!
After both armies are deployed we have the second roll off this time for infiltrators. Lias Issoden giving himself and three other units Infiltrate gives Steven an awesome chance to get his Grav Centurions into range first turn. With this in mind Steven decides to deploy them on this ruin after winning the roll off and getting the change to deploy first.
Mike’s turn now, he infiltrates one of his Land Speeders into the ruin and pre measures his next move. Damn him and his so-called “Tabletop Tactics”! SN don’t need no Tactics… (ok I may have found a slight problem in our style here, can I change sides now?) No? Ok… Mike then moves his forces forward using the Scout special rule from the White Scars Chapter Tactics. (More darn Tactics on this Tabletop!) You can also see Lias “The Grim” and his devastators deployment just at the bottom of the picture getting in what is hoped is a great position of the whole battlefield deployed on the Ork Rig.
Now for some fun! SN can do Tactics too! An amazing rule of Lias’ (set out below) means 8 hits on the enemy command squad before the game even starts! MuaHaHA! Luckly for Mike a combination of Power Armour and FnP rolls sees only two veteran bikes removed. Better than nothing though! Infiltrate, Isolate, Destroy: If an army includes Lias Issodon its controlling player may select a single enemy unit, Monstrous Creature or vehicle that has been deployed onto the table. After any Scout redeployments have been made, but before the game begins, the chosen unit suffers D6+3 wounds with no AP value if a squad or Monstrous Creature, distributed as shooting hits (assume the attack has originated from the closest unit in Issodon’s force). If the target is a vehicle, it suffers D3 rolls on the Haywire table instead.
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) After suffering some casualties the Librarian, Warlord and his unit move up closer towards the enemy. The Razorback covers them from the side by also moving forward into the incoming enemy
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike also moves his forces on the other side moving his small bike squad up into Grav range to hopefully target and immobilise the Landraider. The Razorback follows close behind for some extra support.
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike starts his shooting phase with some great rolling managing to roll a 6 to glance the Landraider making it immobilised and lose a hull point. This is already a game changer as this amazing tank will not be able to use his flamers as Mike will surely not get close enough to the tanks strong strength 6 ap3 templates. Not a great start for the great Steven… And he was doing so well…
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) The infiltrated Landspeeder moves up and shoots at the Rhino behind the ruin but in true melta fashion it fails to hit. (Why does this always happen? Why does Plasma always get hot? Why do terminators always die to lasguns?) At least Steven was happy again.
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) With nothing else in range two of the Veterans from the command squad fire their grav guns at the same rhino hitting with all shots but amazingly failing to roll any 6s! Steven you lucky man! The Emperor protects!
Turn 1 (Tabletop Tactics) The awesome shenanigans begin after disembarking from the rhino and firing some shots at the Centurions (but failing to wound) the unit jumps back in its rhino for some extra cover. I love this formation! (But what do they think they are? Eldar or something? 😉 )
Turn 1 (Raptors) Time to hit back! Steven’s turn now and his Veteran and Captain filled drop pod get a direct hit landing just in front of the command squad and Razorback. This is going to get messy isn’t it? Loving that Captain and his Burning Blade….
Turn 1 (Raptors) Hoping to bring down as many renegade marines as possible Steven opts to disembark his units from his rhinos and have as many shots towards the enemy as possible. Awesome sight!
Turn 1 (Raptors) View from the other disembarked squad ready to fire all it has got towards the command squad or so it seems… Amazing paint jobs on these Raptors no wonder they are Steven’s favourite army.
Turn 1 (Raptors) Burn Heretics! (Just for the fluff of the story). Or, if you want to get personal, “Time to burn the pastry!” Does that even make sense? Who cares? 😉 Steven starts his shooting phase in style flaming the command squad with two heavy flamers hitting 8 times and wounding 3. But Mike’s saves are great as none are removed. The Veterans then fire their Meltas and manage to pierce through the first bike which is removed from play. The two other tactical squads fire all they have towards this lethal squad which have Ignore cover Grav guns because of the Hunters Eye on the Librarian. Steven really needs to deal with this squad asap. Some more great shots by Steven sees more Veterans wounded to which another one dies leaving just the Warlord and the apothecary alive on that side of the Razorback. The other Squad however can only see the Librarian and opens fire on him some great skilled shooting by them sees wound after wound passed onto Mike to save, Mike, not opting to look out sir as he needs that Apothcary alive, tries to Jink and FnP his Librarian as much as possible but too many wounds and some poor rolling by Mike sees the Librarian removed from play.
Turn 1 (Raptors) The Centurions, who have moved up closer to the ruin’s edge, fire down onto the Bike squad just able to see 2 of them and only fire with two of them. Steven Opts to fire with his Sergeants weapons towards the Razorback hoping to Immobilise it with his omniscope splitfire rule. Steven fires but fails to roll a 6 even with the reroll but the other Centurions manage to remove the two bikers from play leaving the squad with just one. Not the best of turns from Steven as he did need to finish off some units but failed to do so. Lets see what turn two has in store for us.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) I’m so excited about this turn it’s a make or break situation for both armies at the moment… The first of Mike’s reserves comes in using the outflank rule. He deploys the Land speeder and scouts just beside the Drop pod giving that flank some extra support.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) 1 of 2 Stormtalons also come into the battlefield from reserve luckily the -1 reserve roll from Lias issoden doesn’t permit the two from coming in. Awesome shot of the Storm Talon manoeuvring into position.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike disembarks his Devastator grav squad just in front of the newly disembarked Raptors seeking revenge for their fallen Librarian……… Ouch this is going to hurt isn’t it! Great paint job on the Gravs Mike!
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) Great view of Mike’s second assault on the raptors and it is looking like they have totally surrounded the Captain and all other Units on this flank. Interesting to see how this goes…..but to tell you the truth is doesn’t look too good for Steven. But I still have faith in our glorious one to uphold the honour of SN against the renegade TTT interlopers! (Did I say that right boss?)
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) The apothecary and Artan “Khan” move forward into the heart of battle. Love this shot! So much going on just imagine this actually happening bikes crossing the battlefield all those marines coming out of the tanks hatches….Amazing!
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) The scouts disembark out of the Land speeder and prepare to assault what looks like the Rhino. Krak grenades anyone?
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) A great shot from one of the Razorback’s Lascannons below manages to hit and wound the Devastator squad to which Steven fails his 2+ cover save (Lias gives the unit shrouded)…
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) The lonely biker moves up and tries his luck one more time as he fires his Grav Gun towards the Land raider but he doesn’t succeed this time as no 6s are rolled. Brave lil’ fella isn’t he. Bless. Shame he is a heretic…
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) Fire at will! (Which one is Will?) The Storm talon and all tactical Marines fire at the Stern Guard and Captain. Mike targets them with his flamers first, the Captain passing most of his look out sir rolls.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) After firing all they have and removing all 5 Sternguard Veterans, with some excellent shooting and not too excellent saving throws by Steven, all the Marines again embark on their transports….Awesome use of Oyster Cards for unlimited travel…
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike targets the now oh so lonely Captain with all three Lascannons. The first 2 roll and wound but are saved by the Captain’s Storm Shield but too many powerful shots prove too much as the Captain doesn’t move fast enough. One of the shots passes through his Storm Shield instantly killing him. Wow wasn’t expecting that.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) The Cerberus launcher fires at the Plasma squad killing 3! A very under used weapon in my humble opinion. To make matters worse they fail their initiative test for the blind test.
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) With nothing else to fire at the Plasma tactical squad Steven rolls for his leadership to which they fail!……….and run off the board! Steven’s face priceless…. Steven’s mind….Ouch!
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) Yep exactly what I thought 12 Grav shots towards the Tactical squad in front sees the whole squad easily removed from play. Mega Ouch! To make things even cheekier they then embark into the Rhino again Haha! Maybe they are elder under the power armour after all? hmmmm…
Turn 2 (Tabletop Tactics) The Scouts assault the rhino and with the use of their Krak grenades (We played before the new draft FAQ hit before someone asks…) they manage to wreck the vehicle….. What a bloodbath! Just quickly scroll back and look at how much of Steven’s Raptor force was on this side of the table… which the only thing surviving now is the Drop pod…. Brutal! Mike you naughty naughty boy. Will you be our new leader. I think you broke our Steven and we can’t afford a new one…
Turn 2 (Raptors) For the Emperor! This isn’t over yet! Steven shouts! (Actually he didn’t, he left the room and cried for a bit, we lured him back with promises of cookies and cake… *spoiler alert* the chef has not supplied us with any cookies or cake!) Steven rolls for his reserves which fail to come in even with a reroll! Things just don’t get better for our dear leader do they? He moves his Centurions forward even closer to the ruins edge to get some line of sight on the units below. Just look at the scenary amazing work by Wargame Terrain Factory make sure you check these guys out!
Turn 2 (Raptors) The Centurions fire at the Rhino below making it a wreck with ease. Finally some luck on Steven’s side. Mike places the Tactical unit in cover behind the wreck and passes his pinning test.
Turn 2 (Raptors) The Devastator squad fires at the Warlord and Apothecary below hoping to finish them off, only three shots manage to hit and wound but Mike is on a roll as all Jink saves are passed “Like a Boss”.
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) More trouble for Steven at the start of turn 3 as a second StormTalon comes in from reserves after failing to come in on turn 2.
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike sporting his awesome Tabletop tactics Tshirt moves his Strom talon towards the other Rhino and Lias’s squad giving him options to who to fire at.
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) The second Scout unit disembarks and it looks like Mike’s next target is the Drop Pod….we shall see Btw cool to see Scouts carrying shotguns it’s been ages since i last saw them armed like that. Kudos Chef!
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) Again Mike disembarks his Grav Devastators and other Tactical squads from their razorbacks as he thinks about who to target next…. The Storm Talon behind opens fire on Lias and his Devastator squad wounding the unit numerous times but this time Steven’s cover saves are excellent as all are passed. Hooray! He then decides to go for the rhino and get one more easy unit out the way and it’s an easy job as 3 6’s on the glance roll is more than enough to make the Rhino a smoking wreck. They all then embark again on their transport….loving these shenanigans aren’t you?
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) The Marine squad that lost their transport from Grav cannon fire move up towards the centre Objective hoping to secure it in the next turn.
Turn 3 (Tabletop Tactics) The two Scout squads assault the lonely drop pod removing two hull points with the use of their Krak Grenades
Turn 3 (Raptors) Reserves Incoming! For the Emperor! Finally some hope for Steven and his Raptors! Loving this photo…. “Stop blindly obeying the words of the book and look at the situation. You have completed your training, but you must now learn to apply it. Regurgitation is not the answer, simple analysis and thought must be used to solve the problem!” — Captain Maodes Karib, Raptors 5th Company
Turn 3 (Raptors) With the enemy Warlord at their feet (more or less lol) the Heavy Weapons team just about see the unit and fire everything at the Command squad hoping to at least bring down the Apothecary and remove the feel no pain from the Warlord.
Turn 3 (Raptors) The Centurions again split fire the Sergeant targeting Mike’s Flyer but sadly fails to hit and the other two fire at the Marines below. Luckily for Mike they can only see 3 Marines and with the rule which states you can only kill what you see those three marines are easily removed from play but the other two survive another day….for now. Mike then passes his leadership test.
Turn 3 (Raptors) What I thought would never happen an immobilised vehicle using his template weapons….. Big mistake by Mike as no jink and ap3. The Template wounds once and again “like a boss” Mike passes his FnP roll on his apothecary… awesome stuff. Could have cost him! (Targeted unit on the other side of the Rig)
Turn 3 (Raptors) Three flamers from the bike squad target the scout squads in front hitting 8 times on one squad and 4 on the other. Again some good armour save rolling from the Chef sees only 4 removed in total the rest of the bikes fire their bolters and remove a further scout.
Turn 4 (Tabletop Tactics) Mike moves his Storm Talon straight forward directly in front of the Centurions. The craft readies his weapons to fire its full load at them.
Turn 4 (Tabletop Tactics) An amazing Melta shot from the Land Speeder sees the Drop Pod explode into nothing but a crater taking one scout with it in the blast.
Turn 4 (Tabletop Tactics) What we have all been waiting for even though I hate seeing Bikes on the top floor of buildings it is a legal move and to tell you the truth it is a epic sight! The Warlord and his Apothecary move up to the top floor and shoots the squad with their Twin linked bolters but some 2+ saves from Steven sees no Raptors removed from play….. Now to the assault phase, The unit assaults with no problem and no hits from overwatch The Warlord issues a challenge which Lias accepts, wounds are spilt on both sides but no wounds are allocated on any of the Warlords.
Turn 4 (Raptors) Back to the Raptors. Steven manoeuvres his bikes into firing position making sure the flamer is in range. They manage to slay two scouts leaving only one scout remaining.
Turn 4 (Raptors) The Centurions again fire at the Storm Talon but this time its the full unit not just the Sergeant, Mike Jinks but no 6’s are rolled to hit.
Turn 4 (Raptors) The Bike unit assaults into the lonely scout finishing him off with ease after a great hammer of wrath. SQUUEESH!….road kill
Turn 4 (Raptors) Back into the assault phase we go again. The Warlords lash out mega hits on each other as power sword and power sword clash (it’s over 9000!) but Lias’s Artificer armour and Artan’s higher toughness again prove too strong. ….but wait the apothecary lashes out a great hit on one of the devastators piercing his close combat weapon right through the marine’s chest slaying it on the spot. The combat is lost by the Raptors…to make matters worse Steven fails his leadership test, Mike fails to sweeping advance (even if they cant kill them) and Lias and his unit run down missing out the table edge and being destroyed by just 2″. Well that was close! Taxi for Steven!
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) Turn 5 now and possibly the last so Mike is not risking it, His storm talon goes into hover mode and moves up beside the Crates objective
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) Again the Devastators disembark with their amazing shenanigans…Go Eldar!….. wait these are not Eldar lol Lias is in trouble……
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) This looks familiar…. again Mike surrounds the only unit on this flank and readys his troops to shoot. This looks like the end. This is not pretty. I can’t look…
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) The Marines and Storm Talon fire first removing three bikes from play…..
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) The two land speeders finish the unit off with some amazing shots from their Melta guns as Steven fails his last jink save. Steven removes the last bike from play……
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) The Grav Devastators try and finish Lias but luckily Steven manage some nice rolls with his Shrouded saves seeing him wounded but not killed. Will Lias be able to fall back, escape his death and at least allow SN to keep a miniscule grain of dignity?
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) Artan and his apothecary (who I still can’t believe is still alive) assault into the falling back Lias. Again an epic fight as Lias pulls out his Power sword but Artan this time is too fast as he swings his sword with two fatal blows slaying the Chapter Master in a glorious duel to the death (Yes Steven rolled two ones!)
Turn 5 (Tabletop Tactics) With just the Centurions alive on the Raptors side and all three Crates captured by Mike’s forces Steven calls it a day and shakes Mikes hand to an excellent game. May I be the first to hail our new Dictator the amazing Chef. I always had faith in you! You Rock! (What? We have to keep Steven? Ok) May be the first to repledge my loyalty to Steven the glorious dear leader!! 😉 White Scars: 11 Raptors: 0
Mike “The Chef”: Well after an absolutely atrocious first turn, the Ashen Huntsmen managed to pull back a victory. As glad as I am that Kahn/Artan (my captains name) managed to behead Lias in combat, it was the humble Tactical and Scout squads that won the day, valiantly holding the right flank and then counterattacking with much greater force than I could have ever hoped for! Without wiping out Steve’s Tactical Squads and Sternguard, I think the game would be been a lot tighter. I was hoping to cripple them, but wiping them all out was huge, and then to one shot the Captain just added to the brutality of it all. Stinker of the match? The librarian. He made the Ld10 unit with re-rolls Fearless for a turn…yay? Such is the way of Psykers, fickle as they are. MVP(s) were probably the Grav devastators – they dealt with both vehicles and troops alike, and were overall solid throughout. Special mention to the Apothecary who basically followed Kahn/Artan around all game putting him back together after heavy weapons fire! If I were to change anything it would be to have just played slightly better on the LOS, as it cost me some easy kills, and may have resulted in stuff running away, not what you want even with Marines. Overall however I’m very happy with the armies performance, the Stormlance Demi Company is very powerful with the shoot and move, especially to re-embark, and gives great protection and manoeuvrability to small units. Never discount lots of troops in an objective based game!
Steven: Well I wasn’t expecting this whopping to tell you the truth I knew exactly what my force could pull off and was quite confident to start with. It was really exciting to finally have Tabletop Tactics on our page this combined with a great player and amazing new board was just beyond my expectations. The game started failrly slow on Mikes side with me doing more damage than him on turn one, but it was turn 2 that was the game changer seeing my right flank crumble like that was shocking and took me by surprise this combined with my reserves not arriving on turn 2 was a hard knock on my side. All in all great gaming and tactics by Mike and what a great player and sport its what the game is about loving that scheme on his army and that formation is great a must try for all you White Scar players. “Before seeking victory, first make yourself invulnerable to defeat.” Special mention to Mike for playing the game after 3 very tiring days and again to Wargame Terrain Factoryfor the amazing terrain which I visualised and they made a reality. Well that’s 1-0 for Tabletop Tactics and we look forward to our next challenge! Make sure you all visit their youtube and Facebook page for the best Video Batreps on the net!


  1. Great content! Its always a pleasure to see the Raptors.

    Just a side note, there’s a typo in the first paragraph; “Chapter Master Lias Issodon reloaded his custom boltgun, Malice, and sighted down *her* omniscope”

    • I noticed that, too; however, I think it’s referring to Malice’s omniscope, since men tend to refer to most things (cars, boats, guns, etc.) as “she.”


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