Battle Report (Khorne Daemonkin vs Iron Warriors)


Casualty read-outs and status reports continued to scroll through Haesulth’s retinal display. Defeat always tasted bitter but to be forced to withdraw from his own fortress… for a son of Perturabo it was unbearable. Already those Khorne-worshipping dogs were defiling his demesne with their blood daubed banners, their voices thundering with fanatical praise to their brutal God. No. Defeat tasted bitter, but today it would not be Haesulth the Ironbound that would taste it. No sooner had the faintest outline of a plan began to form in his mind than he quickly began bellowing orders via the vox. His forces had been depleted but not destroyed, the opportunity for vengeance would be the beacon, the rallying cry to arrest their flight and reform to face their foes once more.

Haesulth’s words boomed and crackled as his squads began forming an ever growing battle line, vehicles gunning their engines in eagerness to redress their earlier drubbing. To launch a counter attack against an enemy that outnumbered him and that had the advantage of fortifications was, Haesulth knew, suicidal. But, his foes were Khorne’s favoured, defence was anathema to them especially when they were buoyed by their earlier victory. All the Iron Warriors had to do was to form a line of battle and make the semblance of a counter attack to draw the undisciplined mob out into the open. Already, he could see the first crimson armoured warriors begin to appear at the cities edge. They were coming. The Iron Warriors would be ready for them, eager to pay back the blood spilt.. with interest.

Points: 1750pts
Deployment: Hammer & Anvil
Mission: Purge the Alien
Special Scenario: For every enemy unit on the opposing players half of the table (other side of the fence) at the end of the game the player receives 1vp.


Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

8x Bloodletters

8x Chaos Cultists: Autopistols

8x Chaos Cultists: Autopistols

Fast Attack

Heldrake: Hades Autocannon

Heldrake: Baleflamer

Heldrake: Baleflamer

Heavy Support

Maulerfiend: Lasher Tendrils

Soul Grinder: Phlegm Bombardment

Gorepack Formation

3x Chaos Bikers
Champion: Bolt Pistol, Close Combat Weapon, Melta bombs
Biker: Meltagun
Biker: Meltagun

3x Chaos Bikers
Champion: Combi-Melta, Close Combat Weapon, Melta bombs
Biker: Meltagun
Biker: Flamer

8x Flesh Hounds

8x Flesh Hounds

Chaos Lord in Terminator armour: lightning claw; sigil of corruption

Sorcerer in Terminator Armour: combi-bolter

4 Chaos Space Marines: meltagun; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol)
• Chaos Rhino

4 Chaos Space Marines: meltagun; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power fist)
• Chaos Rhino

4 Chaos Space Marines: meltagun; + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power fist)
• Chaos Rhino

4 Chaos Space Marines: + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power weapon)
• Chaos Rhino: havoc launcher

4 Chaos Space Marines: + 1 Aspiring Champion (plasma pistol; power weapon)
• Chaos Rhino: havoc launcher

Helbrute: twin-linked lascannon; missile launcher
Helbrute: twin-linked lascannon; missile launcher

Heldrake: baleflamer
Heldrake: baleflamer

Chaos Vindicator: siege shield; combi-bolter

Will you look at this beauty of a table!!! <3 After two weeks of hard work selecting the chosen 32 players out of 61 applications from all over the globe for the exclusive No Retreat 3 tournament in October, (trust me it was hard work) we are now back to what we do best! Battle Reports… Boom! …..and here you have it, an amazing setup by the team making good use of these custom made (by us) Khorne banners that fit perfectly with the ruins. This, combined with the amazing trees by Studiolevel makes it a perfect board for a fight to the death between our studios Iron Warriors and Chris’s KDK. Hold on to your seats guys, this is going to be an awesome ride!!!
Just had to take an extra picture of these fantastic ruins supplied to us by Escenorama
We are ready to start…. We roll for night fighting and on a 4+ there will be darkness on turn one!
With Chris and his Daemonkin winning the roll-off to see who would get to choose whether to start or not, he decides to go first and starts to deploy his amazing KDK army in his deployment zone.
With not much space in his deployment line due to the obstruction of ruins and other units, Chris deploys some if his units further back the line just behind the hounds.
Here is a view from the other side of Chris’s deployment. Such a cool shot and so very Khorne! You can really feel the Khornate army rushing forward into the enemy! Amazing. Cant wait for this to kick off!
Here come the Iron Warriors….. Steven starts to deploy, interestingly he is also very close to the deployment line….. He starts by deploying three of his rhinos on one flank carrying three squads of marines. These will pack a punch when they all disembark at the same time. Love the paint jobs on these Iron Warrior tanks.
The badass Vindicator deploys in the centre of the table giving some cover to the Lord and his Sorcerer who are now a unit together… Hmmm how will this work out?
Here is Steven’s final deployment and you can see that he has also chosen to deploy as close to the enemy as possible… I guess he is going for a counter attack. This will be interesting. Both Shooty helbrutes stay a bit further back giving some much needed covering fire.
Turn 1 (Khorne Daemonkin) With Steven and his Iron Warriors failing to steal initiative on the roll of a 5, Chris starts to move his forces up the Battlefield. Epic! Bloodthirster already scoping possible targets for his colossal axe!
Turn 1 (Khorne Daemonkin) With most the KDK units rushing up the battlefield its time for some shooting….I actually think its the only thing that can shoot……. The Soul grinders phlegm bombardment fires at the Rhinos catching all three under the blast (Big mistake by Steven) Luckily Chris’s scatter dice don’t hit and the blast scatters onto only one of the rhinos and even better for steven it fails to even glance… so much for ordnance…
Turn 1 (Khorne Daemonkin) With nothing else in range to shoot he opts to run with the rest of his units. Who let the dogs out?!!
Turn 1 (Khorne Daemonkin) Another great picture here capturing the full force of the Daemonkin charging forward into the enemy! As you can see the bikes at the bottom have sped off into the first fence that divides both armies whilst top hound squad has already began crossing it! I’m so excited!!!!! WAAAGH…
Turn 1 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Bloodletters also run out from inside the Ruin creating a great threat to Steven’s Marines. If these creatures get into combat with those Iron Warrior marines they will prove deadly. Loving those swords too!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Straight on the counterattack and trying to hit as hard as possible from the start, Steven Disembarks two of his units from the first two rhinos moving them up towards the red wave. Iron Within, Iron Without!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) On the other flank the two other squads also disembark from their rhinos that’s 4/5 units now disembarked and ready to unleash hell on the red enemy line!!! Chris take your hands out of your pockets! you should be excited like me!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) This is how Steven’s forces look like after the movement phase. The Sorcerer and Lord making good use of the Demolisher which has moved forward using it as cover whilst the Helbrutes stay back and target their first enemy unit. Looks so cool how the Daemonkin army is creeping out of those ruins in the distance. what a sight that is! Those banners adding to the awesomesauce!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Steven gives his Sorcerer Warp Speed in the Psychic phase and then moves on to the shooting phase straight after. The first Marines, which he thought were in melta range to target the soulgrinder, was not so Steven instead targeted the Blood Letters who had just ran out of the building. Some great shooting here and with the support of the 3 rhinos behind firing their combi bolters they manages to remove 8 bloodletters from play.
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) The vindicator fires its deadly blast targeting the last hound and luckily also catches the Maulerfied (Clever Steve) it lands a direct hit and manages to kill the closest 2 hounds but a good cover save from the fence and night fighting see’s Chris pass his 4+ on the maulerfiend.
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) These two marine squads fire all they have at the approaching Blood Thirster, amazingly removing 2 wounds off it after Chris gets some horrible rolls! The two rhinos behind them and their havoc launchers fire at the Hounds infront removing one from play and sending it back to the warp. “From iron cometh strength! From strength cometh will! From will cometh faith! From faith cometh honour! From honour cometh IRON!”
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Chris places his wound counter on the Blood Thirster…. 2 wounds down and already not looking great for Daemonkin!
Turn 1 (Iron Warriors) Finally the two helbrutes fire at the soulgrinder manging to hit it twice with their lascannons but some great cover saves from chris again only sees one go through, which only managed to glance its Daemonic hull!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) Here come the Drakes!!!! Using the warlord trait that allows Chris to reroll his reserves, all three Hell Turkeys…. sorry Heldrakes come in creating instant havoc for Steven and his Iron Warriors. With so many marines outside of their vehicles this is surely gonna hurt!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The third Heldrake stays further back making good use of his Hades Autocannon range.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) Chris (who is sporting his No Retreat 2 t-tshirt 🙂 ) starts his movement phase again moving his blood crazed red line forward into the fray!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Blood thirster vaults over the fence leading his hounds into the heart of the enemy. DAEMONIC- ENGINE, BEAST AND MONSTROUS CREATURES SEEKING OUT BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The hounds are just inches away now from the newly disembarked Marines. The wolves are at the door! Aoouuuuu!!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) Well that was close…! Chris again scatters off hitting only one of the rhinos, penetrating it and getting a stunned effect on the table. Chris again fired his Phlegm Bombardment this time opting to go for the Vindicator and trying to clip both the Lord and Sorcerer. Trying to score cheeky insta-kills I see…
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The first Heldrake targets the newly disembarked CSM unit and as easy as that: The whole squad is removed from play…. ouch.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The second Baleflamer Helldrake fires the deadly template onto the target in front…..wasn’t a very smart move by Steven to disembark his troops this time was it……. (Stevens face said it all, I think he has grown used to be the one burning than the one being burned!) This time all but one of the marines are turned into ash.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The third and final helldrake fires his hades autocannon at the closest rhino removing 2 hull points off it and stuns it for the next turn. Shame this Gun isn’t ap3 would be much more useful and would compete more with the baleflamer and with BS 3 leaves much to be desired.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Bikes move through the gap in the fence and let their bolters rip into their foes slaying 2 marines!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) On the other flank the exact same thing happens, the bikes break through the fence and target the marine squad in front also removing 2 from play, 3+ saves…..
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) Now for what khorne do best….. get up close and personal and make things bloody. The Blood thirster and his D-axe charges into the Vindicator!! Bye bye little tank….
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) Release the hounds!!! The dogs charge into the enemy! The red line are finally in! This is going to be brutal.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) More havoc on the other side as the Hounds charge into the rhino on the other side….
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) HOLY EMPEROR!!! The Bloodthirsters D-axe hits a total of 5 times……but wait what……..? Chris rolls 5 1’s on the D table. Not a great start by Chris in the assault phase! Shocking! You seriously can’t go by statistics these days.. haha. “There is no peace. There is only time wasted between battles.”
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Khorne hounds do their job as they easily wreck the rhino tearing into metal like a hot knife through butter, the lone bloodletter close behind.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The bikes charge into the marines but some excellent saving throws from Steven sees the Champion make it through the enemy’s first attacks. He then fights back smashing his foe with his power fist and winning the challenge.
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Champion then rolls on the Boon table and receives a blessing from Slaanesh! Masochism – Feel no pain. Pull out the gimp mask!
Turn 2 (Khorne Daemonkin) This is how it looks like at the end of Chris’s turn 2. As you can appreciate Khorne has overrun the middle of the board and it isn’t looking very good for Steven I’m afraid. Hopefully the much-needed reserves come in and level up the game a bit more.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The start of a very important turn for Steven as it’s only turn 2 and he already has suffered a lot. Luckily for him both Heldrakes come in from reserve creating a sight to behold over the board as five winged daemon engines duel for control of the skies. Will the flamers be as effective on the daemons of khorne?
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The second Helldrake comes in looking for his first kill which looks like its going to be the hounds who have just wrecked the Rhino below. Awesome picture! Awesome paint job!
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) EPIC!!!! The Chaos Lord and Sorceror move up towards the beast! Preparing to assault? I bloody hope so! This is going to be insane! In the psychic phase the Sorceror fails his warp speed 🙁 but manages to power up his instant death force staff.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The last marine squad disembarks and straight away targets the hounds in front that have also wrecked a rhino on this flank
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Iron Warriors start to open fire. This is their only hope to start thinning down this unstoppable wave of fury! The heldrake gets an amazing roll and Chris removes a total of 4 hounds of which one only had a remaining wound.
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Vindicator tries his luck (If this scatters it will hit and possibly insta-kill the Warsmith and his sorcerer) Hoping for a hit the Gods gift him with one and the deadly blast manages to remove a further wound off the Khorne beast leaving it with only 2 wounds remaining! Great cover fire! Now lets see what happens in the assault phase…
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The recently gifted champion manages to slay the last remaining bike…………… This guys on fire! THIS ERRAND IS BENEATH ME!! Iron Within, Iron Without!
Turn 2 (Iron Warriors) The Lord & sorcerer charge into the wounded Blood Thirster!!! IM SO EXCITED!!! The Lord & Sorcerer strike first, The Lord swipes his Lighting claw but the Beast is too tough and the Lord barely scratches his armour….will the Sorcerer bring down this beast and sent it back to the warp?… The sorcerer hits a total of two times and wounds once! If Chris fails his save this Blood Thirster is no more! Sadly or maybe not… Chris passes his save and amazingly the beast fights back with his D axe! Ouch this is going to hurt…wait I did say this last time. The Blood Thirster hits and wounds 5 times! but with no 6’s rolled Steven gives the wounds to the Lord which he passes with 4 invulnerable 4+ saves. The wound then goes through but luckily for Steven only wounds 1 time on the D3 roll.
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) Time to spend those blood tithe points… Chris chooses to spend them on some Blood Crushers for some extra mobility, he summons 3 of them but sadly they mishap with a risky deep strike and they get sent back into reserves. At this point I’m considering myself lucky!!
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Maulerfiend crawls up into his next victim… will it be the Vindicator or the Helbrute? Which one would you go for? Love this model such a cheeky face!
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) Chris finally moves his Cultists forward trying to get an extra Vp by moving over the fence.
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Helldrakes start to move into their next key positions vector striking as they do so. The first one vector strikes one of the Iron Warrior Heldrakes removing a hull point.
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) The soul grinder fires its phlegm bombardment at the newly disembarked marines getting part of their rhino at the same time. The blast hits and wounds all marines but some good cover saves only has one removed from play. The rhino gets immobilised.
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) With not much shooting left in Chris’s army its straight onto the assault phase…….im sure some more stuff had guns to fire but….Blood for the Blood god!!!! The maulerfiend opts to assault the Vindicator first with ease this mechanical beast rips the tank to bits this thing is a beast in combat!
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) Ok so here we go again with The sorcerer still having his Force in action this combat is going to be very cool all we need is some good rolls and the Beast can be slain. Again hitting first the Sorcerer and Lord try their best giving it all they have but the Blood Thirster is just to agile and tough as no wounds are inflicted this time. However the beast has had enough and with a couple of deadly swings this time round the Lord and his Sorcerer are removed from play after too many 6’s from the D axe “Blood for the Blood God! Skulls for the Skull Throne!”
Turn 3 (Khorne Daemonkin) This is how the battlefield looks like at the end of Chris’s turn 3, Not looking good for Steven! will he have time to counter attack??
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) In one last desperate attempt Steven again moves his forces closer to the VP zone targetting the first thing he sees.
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) One of the Helldrakes moves towards the left flank and flames the Cultsists that moved forward in the previous turn…. They shouldn’t have come out to play lol
Turn 3 (Iron Warriors) Steven managers to burn and slay 6 cultists making them flee back after failing their leadership test. With nothing else to do Steven quickly throws the tape measure to Chris to start his turn 4 and pray to the gods this doesn’t get any worse.
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) Maybe this time around… Chris places his ongoing reserves back into play but again the Gods curse him as they suffer another mishap and get thrown into the warp again. Shame really wanted to see these guys in action!
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) With some Blood Tithe points to spend Chris opts for some more Bloodletters and deepstrikes them straight into the VP area. Just what Steven needed more headaches………
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) Chris starts his movement phase again moving his three heldrakes into more key positions one of them hovering, pointing towards the rear of one of the Iron Warrior’s Heldrakes. Loving this board. Just imagine the destruction going on! The Iron Warriors still holding the line….but for how long! BTW Chris has no legs???
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) Epic sight from the skies!
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) The soul grinder opts to fire its skyfire harvester cannon and try and bring down one of the flying Iron beasts. Steven decides not to jink in this case. The Soulgrinder hits and penetrates twice! But some awesome rolling form steven see’s both his 5+ invul saves passed! Go Iron Warriors!
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) The Maulerfiend who is unstoppable at the moment assaults and glances the hellbrute to death. However it loses a hull point from a fantastic overwatch lascannon shot by the helbrute just before he is ripped into scrap metal.
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) Matters for Steven go from bad to worse as on the other side of the Table the Bloodthirster rips the other Helbrute to iron filings! This is so painful to watch!
Turn 4 (Khorne Daemonkin) Look at this badass madness! This is how the end of Chris’s turn looks like…. LOL total domination of Khorne all over the place with most of Steven’s forces up in smoke, no longer on the board or not in very good positions. Lets see what happens! Still have hope?

With not many options left Steven decides to call it a day. It was painful from the start and was getting worse and worse so really its the best thing to do.

Chris: That was a tough game for Steven. My force is very fast moving, and using Hammer and Anvil deployment, rather than Dawn of War, meant the armies were packed in, so when I hit his line, I hit hard. I’m happy the Bloodthirster finally caused some damage in a game (he usually just dies very quickly), but he also did manage to completely fluff up killing the vindicator, rolling 4 ones on the D table! Overall, a good game on a fantastic table, I love the scenery that SN has, and am very lucky to be able to play on such tables at the tournaments they host.

MVP? I’d have to go with the Bloodthirster, somehow managing to dodge the instant death from the Force Weapon on the sorcerer, then taking both him and the Chaos Lord down.

I would like to thank the SN team for inviting me for a game, and for all the work they put into their battle reports. They’ve come such a long way since they started nearly 2 years ago. I look forward to hopefully appearing in another batrep in the future

Steven: ……….OUCH! just got hit by a truck! A Khorne truck! That was brutal from the word go! I tried to deploy further up than usual just to hold the line a bit better and try and get some of my units into his deployment zone if possible but… it didn’t work all his units were to fast and when they hit they hit hard. I was lost straight away in what to do making big mistakes on my first and second turn. I should have deployed further back and left my marines inside their transports until needed as those hell turkeys really broke me down fast. Epic battle by all means with the Warsmith and sorcerer charging into the bloodthirster with some great rolling on both sides to make it very interesting. Well I have certainly learned from this game and still looking for the right list and tactics to use with my Iron Warriors (Any advice from Chaos players welcome…please don’t make it cheesy) but I have lost my last three games with them.. sadly its a lot to do with the Chaos codex which is far too expensive in pts and nothing really to compete with.

All in all a very good game with a fantastic set-up. Can’t wait for the next game!




  1. The KDK is such a good army and I love their rules, very fluff based. Poor CSM though, really showing their age and how they seem to have been forgotten by GW. Overall a good battle report as usual, cheers.

  2. Not sure what the Iron Warriors plan was, probably never played against KDK before? Also, the list was pretty weak so the result was pretty clear before the first dice was rolled imo…

  3. Great game- although a tough one for the Iron Warriors! If there was one thing I’d change, I would definitely give that Lord some more teeth and forget the lighting claw ect. Juggerlord with spawn would give some much needed speed, even if it isn’t the most fluffy option. Or more like it…drop the Lord and take another sorcerer to buff some mauler/forgefiends! (Cheap and cheerful cultists as bubble wrap for vehicles/objs wouldn’t hurt either 🙂 )


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