Battle Report (Imperial Knights vs Nurgle Daemons)


Ardrestia’s splayed foot crashed into the grey rock disturbing great clouds of rust particles that blanketed nearly everything on this once teeming imperial world. Through the swirling red dust the hunched forms of Ardrestia’s brother knights errant could be glimpsed as they too patrolled their sectors, omniscopes and sensors struggling to pierce the metallic gloom. Lightning briefly illuminated the distant silhouette of Neoveneh Hive… or its bones at any rate. The once-imperious mega structure was now a ruin, its central spars climbed to half its original height, other structural columns and beams stuck out at odd angles giving it the appearance of deep sea carrion that had been picked clean by the eyeless things of the deep. Neoveneh and the four other hives on Odrysia were nought but rust now. Innumerable tons of metal rendered down to a fine red dust coloured the surface and suffused the lower atmosphere in a choking pall of metallic entropy.

The galaxy was full of the ruins of these ancient structures, of cemetery worlds where the bones of distant civilizations were all that remained of once proud and powerful peoples. But Odrysias doom was not ancient. The last Astropathic communication was catalogued not three solar months ago. The silence that followed that routine communiqué was deafening. A world of six trillion souls, silent as the grave. Now Ardrestia and her lance cohort from house Aquineas stood sentinel over one of the few man made objects on this blasted world that had not been subject to millennia of unnatural aging. The massive inquisitorial runes emblazoned on House Aquineas’ knights gave light to their allegiance and also to the unholy enemy they faced. Many were the agents abroad in this galaxy hostile to human life that could have brought such crushing ruin to man’s domain, but using means forbidden to all but its members and thralls, the Inquisition had seen the truth of Odrysia’s doom and had acted swiftly to bring holy retribution upon them with every asset at its disposal. Ardestia’s head swivelled left, her slaved battle cannon echoing its movements, scanners struggling to make sense of false returns and ghost echoes thrown up by the eddying mass of particulate metal.

Nothing living could survive for long here. Perhaps Astartes in their battle plate… Perhaps. The distorted voice of Himeros piped up over the vox, “Movement, 300m to my front.” “This planets atmosphere is a metallic soup! My sensors only pick up movement! It’s the damn dust, trust your eyes, not your instruments!” retorted Anteros angrily. “Confirm, movement. Visually identified. 290m. Terra!” Himeros’ exclamation was immediately followed by the painful, ear splitting whine of her thermal cannon charging up and firing. A miniature sun erupted on Odrysia’s surface, obliterating the cloud of corrosion that had obscured Himeros’ target. The scene chilled Anteros to the core. All the legions of hell were being vomited forth from the swirling red dust in which the faces of capering daemons could now clearly be seen. “Throne! On Himeros! Fire at will!”

Special Mission: Defend at all Costs.
Objectives (Imperial Knights) Protect and defend the 3 Supply piles for a total of 5 turns, 3vp for every Supply pile still on the table by the end of the game. (Nurgle Daemons) Endless Swarm rule arriving from both Dawn of War deployment sides, 3vp for every supply pile destroyed by the end of Turn 5 or destroy all three Knights before the end of the game. (Supplies 2hp each armour 8 all round)

Points: Imperial Knights 1140pts
Nurgle Daemons 1355pts
Deployment: Special Mission Deployment

Knight Paladin
Relic: Helm of the Nameless WarriorKnight Errant

Knight Errant

Vindicare Assassin

Great Unclean One
Psychic Ability: EnduranceHeralds of Chaos
• Herald of Nurgle: Exalted Locus of Contagion
• Herald of Nurgle: Exalted Locus of Contagion
• Herald of Nurgle: Palanquin of Nurgle; Exalted Locus of Contagion
• Herald of Nurgle: Palanquin of Nurgle; Exalted Locus of Contagion

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Instrument of Chaos; Icon of Chaos; Plagueridden

Here we are again, very excited to be using the new WIP studio room for the first time.The SN crew, once again preparing an amazing table using our awesome Escenorama Buildings mixed with our studio gas pipelines and finished off for the first time ever, with an awesome mat supplied by the amazing guys from it couldn’t get any better! ……well actually it does get better, its a special mission Battle Report! Boom! Our new Studio Imperial Knights take on our Nurgle Daemons in an epic showdown of guarding to the death! An ongoing Nurgle infestation horde will do everything in their power to remove the imperial’s supplies from this guarded city by these three impressive Knights! Guys, I’m telling you…you’re going to love this report! Lets do this!
The Objectives: fuel, ammo, food and water supplies to be guarded by the three Knights. It is crucial that they succeed as supplies will not arrive again for a good long while.
This being a special mission the Knights go first as they are guarding the centre of the battlefield. Mark starts to deploy in a very tricky conditions as he does not know what is coming from each long table edge so without much speculation he deploys his Vindicare on the tallest ruin he can find having great view of most of the table, if not all of it.
The three knights are positioned in a very simple back-to-back tactical deployment; one guarding the centre perimeter whilst the other two guard each side and wait for the Nurgle horde to arrive. As vox announcements have now said they are very close by. ‘I will uphold the honour of my house, our brotherhood gives me strength. I will show no mercy to my foes, none shall withstand my fury. I will defend the sanctity of Sacred Mountain, no enemy shall tread Alaric Prime unpunished. I will never forsake my oath, only in death does duty end.’
…….They have arrived Nick starts to deploy his pestilent Nurgle hordes on each side splitting them up quite evenly and attaching his heralds to specific units.
Nice picture from above as both armies are deployed and ready to start. As you can see the horde is very close by so the Knights will have to prioritise their targets well. An awesome sight to behold… We actually couldn’t stop staring and talking about this epic moment, but then it was time to snap out of it and let Nick try and seize the initiative. This could be a game changer…. ………………But not today, he fails on the roll of a 4. The two armies also roll for their Warlord traits Nick receiving a reroll on the Warp Storm whilst Marks Warlord Knight receives plus 1 attack making him have an amazing 5 plus D3 attacks on the charge! Nick rolls for his Psychic Ability receiving “Endurance”. We also roll for Night Fighting but Nick does not get his wish and the sun starts to rise.
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) Mark starts his movement phase, moving his Warlord Knight and brother in arms towards the table edge hoping to bring down the biggest threat, the Great Unclean One. Can he do it?
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) After thinking about it a bit more, he also moves his third knight to the same side seeing as it is the side that will pose a much larger threat. What a face off already! This is soo cool!
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) Time to purge some unclean! Mark starts his shooting phase by firing his Exitus rifle at the Great Unclean One. A perfect sniper shot sees it pierce the daemons tough hide and makes it lose 3 wounds in total as Nick fails his 5++ (remember this shot ignores cover.)
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) The mighty Knights open fire on the units before them. Not the best of volleys sees a total of 9 plague bearers turned into rotting mulch by the knights deadly blasts and heavy stubbers. The pipelines were a great help as most of the front rank of daemons received a 3+ cover thanks to shrouded and the pipes.
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) What we’ve all being waiting for! Lets see these mechanical goliaths show us what they’ve got in combat. Some very lucky rolls by Mark sees two Knights make their assault distances. The Knights send a plague bearer back to the warp with their deadly S10 hammer of wrath. Attacking first with a higher initiative and the Warlord getting an amazing 6 attacks on the charge, they slay another 9 plague bearers in total from the two units they charged.
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) Say what?!?! The Plagueridden manages to hit and remove a hull point thanks to his weapons touch of rust.
Turn 1 (Imperial Knights) The Knights start to stomp at initiative 1. They live up to their name as both units are wiped out. GO KNIGHTS!!
Turn 1 (Nurgle Daemons) After quite an interesting turn by Mark (shame the third knight didn’t make the assault) Nick starts his slow movement phase as the horde moves forwards towards the objectives. With Nurgle daemons not being able to run due to Slow and Purposeful, it’s straight into the assault phase…
Turn 1 (Nurgle Daemons) …the Great Unclean One chooses his first victim and charges straight in. EPIC! They both attack at the same time with initiative 4, the knight inflicts 2 wounds onto the Great Unclean One. Nick gets up to his regular shenanigans however and saves both on his 5++ after no 6s were rolled on the D table. Nick opts to smash and its a great choice as the Knight suffers a total of 4 hull points after Nick rolls a 6 on the penetration table followed by another 6 on the D3.
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) Mark starts his movement phase again, moving his right flanking Knight towards the herald on his palanquin. Mark shoots the knights deadly melta blast at the unit in front sending three more daemons back into the warp. Now he crosses his fingers to try his luck at assaulting.
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) The Vindicare tries his luck again. This time sniping the herald on the palanquin. He hits and wounds, but once again Nick passes his 5++. Heresy! Faulty ammo perhaps?
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) The Warlord Knight assaults the deadly Great Unclean One providing much needed help to his brother Knight who is now severely damaged.
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) The Warlord Knight assaults the deadly Great Unclean One providing much needed help to his brother Knight who is now severely damaged.
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) Once again all units attack at the same time, this time however the Great Unclean One isn’t quite as lucky as before and he fails to remove any hull points from either Knight. In return the Warlord’s Destroyer Chainsword ends the Greater Daemon with ease after rolling two 6s on the D table.
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) This combat, being quite even, as the Knight only hits once and removes one plague bearer, and in return, loses one hull point with a blow from the herald’s touch of rust. The Knight then stomps only once, rolling a one on the stomp table causing no wounds. This makes for a drawn combat. (Touch of rust make for glancing hits on 6s)
Turn 2 (Imperial Knights) Mark consolidates two of his three Knights towards the oncoming enemy on the other side of the battlefield.
Turn 2 (Nurgle Daemons) The rotting stench gets even stronger as the servants of Nurgle swarm this side of the battlefield. What a sight! AWESOME! “Indeed, the very process of construction and creation foreshadow destruction and decay. The palace of today is tomorrow’s ruin, the maiden of the morning is the crone of the night, and the hope of a moment is but the foundation stone of everlasting regret.”
Turn 2 (Nurgle Daemons) The units that were removed on the opening turn, arrive again with this missions special endless swarm rule, creating a massive headache for Mark. (Remember units that have newly arrived from reserves may not assault)
Turn 2 (Nurgle Daemons) Warp Storm! Nurgles rot! (how appropriate) Nick is able to reroll to see if it affects enemy units due to having instruments but only affecting one knight. Rolling one 6 to glance the knight as touch of rust eats away at the metallic hulk.
Turn 2 (Nurgle Daemons) After Nick moves all his forces forwards, its back to the assault phase where the herald and the Knight trade blows once more. Crazy stuff as the Herald survives the wrenching onslaught from the Knight followed by a not-so-deadly stomp. Making this assault phase a draw for the second time. This isn’t good for Mark as he really needed that Knight’s firepower in the following turn…
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) With that Knight locked in combat, the other two move into tactical positions, one guarding the objectives whilst the others tries to flank the swarm.
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) The Warlord fires its two battle cannon blasts wounding a total of 12 times with its impressive BS5….
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) …Nicks Heralds positioning costs him his life as a few of the plague bearers in front of him suddenly drop dead, placing him in the line of fire. Two of the remaining plague bearers attempt to bravely take the hits for their master but are too slow as Nick rolls two ones on his Look Out Sirs. Some bad luck makes for a dead Herald as both 5++ saves are then failed too. Nick has The Plague lord abandoned you?
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) Big guns never tire, as the Knight fires his full loadout at the closest unit.
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) Both Knights charge at the plaguebearers, ready to rip into them. The hasty knights begin to rust as they lose a hull point each.
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) Finally, the Herald and his palanquin are sent back to the warp. After an impressive display of martial prowess, the Knight pulverises the Herald rolling a 6 on the Destroyer table. “Well that was easy, could you not have done that before” – Mark mumbles
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) The giant mechanical structure raises its foot and brings it down with great force making a disgusting green paste of the remaining plaguebearers. Amazing freehand work on the Knights banner
Turn 3 (Imperial knights) Both Imperial Knights consolidate forward trying to block off the entrance making the Daemons have to move through cover if they go directly towards the Objectives.
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) Amazing sight as the second endless swarm units again arrive via the long deployment edge, Nick Opting to go for the other side now with his Great Unclean One. “Buboes, phlegm, blood and guts! Boils, bogeys, rot and pus! Blisters, fevers, weeping sores! From your wounds the fester pours.”
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) …and again Nick moves his forces forward straight towards the towering knights as they again ready their rusty weapons to assault in and try and bring one of these Imperial Knights down!
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) Warp Storm! Khorne makes an appearance on the battlefield! Nick rolls a 6 on both the Vindicare assassin and Imperial Knight! Missing the vindicare but dealing a hull point on the imperial knight!
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) Nick assaults in…. hoping to grind down this unit once and for all as he is the only knight on the battlefield at the moment with full hull points and wreaking havoc everywhere he goes. He makes the charge only barely, The knight hitting first and slaying 3 Plague Bearers.
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) One hull point left…. with one hull point remaining Nick assaults in and hopes to land at least one 6! “Entropy is all-consuming, fed by all struggles against it. Thus, even to hope is to despair. So despair, and in your desperation, find purpose.”
Turn 3 (Nurgle Daemons) As expected nick landed just one 6, out of many dice… meaning the imminent death of the technological terror, the rust eating through his legs and causing him to crumble under his own weight! And it’s Good-Knight from him…
Turn 4 (Imperial Knights) The remaining 2 knights see their comrade fall to nurgles rot and respond by moving towards the ravening horde “Honour through fealty”
Turn 4 (Imperial Knights) Again the Vindicare fires at the Great Unclean One which has again respawned this time on the other side of the battlefield giving the Imperial assassin a clear easy shot. The shot hits but the Great Unclean One’s tough skin again proves its name as the shot fails to wound.
Turn 4 (Imperial Knights) Point blank battle cannon….. I wouldn’t have it any other way.. The Warlord Knight fires his battle cannon at one of the herald units dealing a significant amount of wounds and plowing though the palanquin of nurgle killing the herald and unit..
Turn 4 (Imperial Knights) and yet another draw! due to some frankly rubbish rolling on marks behalf the D-sword cannot seem to hit the in comparison puny herald failing to wound him even with its stomps!
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) Slow and Purposeful…. The Great Unclean One lopes forward….
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) so close, yet so far! The slow moving nurgle cant seem to get in to base to base with the objective to start destroying it!
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) Warp Storm! THE DARK PRINCE THIRSTS! The Chaos god Slaanesh makes an appearance on the battlefield dealing a whopping 2 hull points worth of damage on the Warlord Knight!!
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) She who thirsts also managed to deal some significant damage to the camping Vindicare.
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) The ever-living herald is finally stomped into the ground! left in a pile of dead maggots and intestines! The knight consolidates and prepares his targetting systems! That was satisfying!
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) SLAY THE WARLORD! The Plague bearers lumbers in rotting away the warlords support struts causing him to crumble and detonate his plasma core! killing 3 plague bearers of the unit behind the warlord!
Turn 4 (Nurgle Daemons) This is a roll which Nick wished he would have had every assault phase! needing one 6 to kill but getting 5!
Turn 5 (Imperial Knights) BURN DAEMON! The melta blast fired at the Plague bearers in hope to kill and remove them from base to base with the objective. Mark rolling a hit meant 5 Bearers were purified by fire! The Knight then assaulted in but failing to deal any damage mark rolling poorly to wound meaning nick was left with 1 invul save to make which he passes.
Turn 5 (Nurgle Daemons) The objective is right in Nurgles grasp but only one is in base to base contact, each objective having more than 1 hull point means things look bleak for the God of Decay.
Turn 5 (Nurgle Daemons) THE WARP IS CALM! The battle field on the other hand not so much! Nick assaults the imperial knight on both sides in attempt to strip it all the way down to zero!
Turn 5 (Nurgle Daemons) Attacks pouring in, Mark killing off 2 Plague Bearers means 4 less attacks for Nick but will that make a difference?
Turn 5 (Nurgle Daemons) A sour taste for nurgle and an all to familiar sight for Nick.. out of 15 dice, no sixes means a resounding victory for the imperium as the Thunderhawk gunships arrive in time to retrieve the cargo!
Turn 5 (Nurgle Daemons) The victorious knight stomping away at the remaining putrescent host whilst Thunderhawks bombard the the noxious beasts back into the warp sealing the gates. FOR THE EMPEROR!
Nick: Well my first game vs a pure knights army and I believe using an army which knights are quite vulnerable against! Though the mission was difficult as I couldn’t assault the objectives, having to move into base to base being so slow, and the knights ping ponging back and forth keeping me perfectly at bay, meant I had only one choice….. KILL EM ALL, but alas my rolling was less than spectacular and left much to be desired!. If there is something we can all agree on is that these Awaken Realms models just look fantastic and even better on a battlefield ! and what an amazing mat by our friends at NURGLE IS LOVE! NURGLE IS LIFE! ALL PRAISE THE PLAGUE FATHER WITH THE CORPSE OF DEATH!
Mark: That was fun! Controlling only four models in a battle may sound kind of dull, but when most of those models are towering killing machines you cannot help but have a blast. I admit that when I was told every one of my opponents models will glance a Knight on a roll of a six I got kind of nervous, but the Knights performed gloriously for the Emperor and for their first ever battle. Controlling three Knights really was a fantastic experience which was all the more incredible because of my worthy opponent who was nice enough to provide them with a never ending horde of rotting Nurgle filth to fight. He managed to bring down two of the Inquisitions Knights and would have easily killed the last one had the game not ended. Thankfully my Assassin was smart enough to stay far enough away from the horde, and the smell. Big thanks to the SN team for providing such an amazing battlefield for my Knights first battle. Equally huge thanks to the Awaken Realms team for painting the Knights so beautifully. This is the second bunch of models they have painted for me and I am sure people can agree they have done an incredible job. The helpfulness and understanding of the team as to what I wanted was brilliant and I am very pleased with the final result. Already planning what the next batch of models will be…………I guess I could always do with a few more Knights….


  1. As a demon player I would say there was a lot you could have done with that list to improve it. If you knew you were fighting knights then I would have removed the heralds with their loci. The knights mostly have s8 or higher firepower so FNP doesn’t help and none of the other loci work on vehicles.

    Without any deep striking done by you the icons and the instruments seem pointless. That could have been a method of getting total board saturation.

    As for the GUO I would have invested more in him. Greater gifts would have possibly given him armorbane and at the worst gotten him a touch of rust weapon. Also ML 3 feels like a must to try and get warp speed and iron arm. You could have paid for that with the loci alone.

    If you needed to get somewhere fast plague drones and daemon princes with wings would have helped and they can still harm knights.

    Just some thoughts for next time.

    • Hi Michael thanks for the comment this was a special mission report and as it was a ongoing swarm we wanted the Hq’s to be as basic as possible as for deepstrinking we also said this was not allowed if not it would have been far to easy for the Nurgle side. As for the Loci we just added them for some extra saves against the stubbers. we are in the making of painting up some Daemon Princes for some 2+ jink save shenanigans lol


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