Battle Report (Deathwatch vs Harlequins)



Sepulchral darkness rent the actinic lightning, the ozone afterbirth of every strobing flash stung the eyes, the very air hummed with barely contained power setting ones hair on end. The power of matters unmaking, its rude shunting through the turbulent warp and its final and violent reassembling in a far away distant place. Teleportation. Amongst the rarest of all archeo-tech. Its powers and processes unfathomable to all but a select few in the priesthood of Mars. It was enough to strike awe and terror into the average imperial citizen, but the beings standing on the quad teleportarium dais were, if anything, even more awesome and terrible than even this most arcane science. Over two score of beetle black Astartes leapt out of the surrounding gloom with every arcing discharge of electricity, standing as still as statues, weapons held ready at their breastplates, menacing in their stillness, a promise of violence barely contained by the most stoic discipline.
His face illuminated by the acid-green glow being given off by the tactical readout displays that blistered profusely from the strategiums servitors blocky mechanical torso, Watch Captain Bandon’s brow furrowed as he studied the tactical runes. a full forty six of the Emperor’s very finest waited on his command to unleash all hell on their target. But Bandon was troubled, part of him wanted to order the attack immediately to relieve the noble Sons of Sanguinius that even now fought and died amongst the xenos wraith-groves. That Astartes blood should be spilt by arrogant Eldar whilst he watched on was almost too much to bear, that one of those Astartes was a former comrade returned to his chapter… He set his jaw and remembered the mission.
Sensini had been a Watch Captain himself when he had served the long watch, he would understand. Would he though? Would he understand that he and his men were bait? Bait for one of the greatest targets in all the Ordo Xenos’ kill-dossiers? He would have to. The greatest witch of Eldar-kind was coming for Sensini, perhaps in vengeance for his collapsing of the Ormenis IV webway branch, perhaps for whatever secrets he had learnt in his kill teams four year odyssey as they fought their way back to realspace through the xenos twilight dimension. It mattered not. The Eldar were capricious and too fathom their reasons invited madness.
The runes that marked out the Eldar started moving, quickly, lithely. Aftery toying with the Blood Angels they were now moving in for the kill. Amongst the runes was one that caught Bandon’s attention. THERE! Unmistakable! Eldrad Ulthran himself had taken the field. “Now!” he roared. The arcane generators whine began to intensify to a nearly unbearable pitch and with a sound like tearing silk and a flash of un-light three of the four dais stood empty. “Report!”
“Partial malfunction of teleportarium array my lord, other ground units transited with minimal deviation. It’ll take five minutes for the teleportariums generators to spool up to capacity again.” stammered the tech adept at the control pulpit.
“Five minutes? The battle will be over in half that! Get me and my kill team down there NOW! Bandon roared the last word and the tech adept visably cowered. “I’ll… I’ll try and re-route auxillary…”
“I dont care what, just do it!” His men were fighting and dying without him against one of the most powerful witches in the entire galaxy and all he could do was boom at some lowly adept who’d barely had his first mechadendrite installed. He willed himself to redirect his wrath, he would satiate it with xenos blood.
“Auxillary power re-rooted! We can…”
An explosive bang marked the kill team’s departure. The tech adept sighed in relief. He almost pitied whatever the Astartes were killing. Almost.

Deployment: Dawn of War
Points: 1500
Mission: Purge the Alien & The Relic (Special: Needs two models to move)

Eldrad Ulthran

Cast of Players – Death Jester: Inriam’s Spectre – Shadowseer (Mastery Level 2, Neuro Disruptor, Mask of Secrets)
– Company of the Threefold Stranger

Cegorach’s Jest
– 2 Skyweavers (2 Zepherglaive, 2 Haywire cannons)
– Troupe Master, 5 Players (4 Caresses, Starweaver)
– The Serpent’s Breath

Cegorach’s Jest
– 2 Skyweavers (2 Star Bolas, 2 Haywire cannons)
– Troupe Master, 9 Players (Cegorach’s Rose, 7 Harlequin Kisses, 2 Neuro Disruptors, 1 Fusion Pistol)
– 2 Voidweavers (2 Prismatic Cannons)

Black Spear Strike Force


Watch Captain, artificier armour, power sword, storm bolter


Aquila Kill Team, 8 veterans, level 2 librarian (pyromancy)

Aquila Kill Team, 6 veterans, 1 veteran with plasma gun, 1 veteran with heavybolter and infernus shells, 1 terminator.

Aquila Kill Team, 5 veterans, 1 veteran with flamer, 1 terminator, 1 terminator with chainfist.

Aquila Kill Team, 7 veterans, 1 terminator, 1 terminator with assault cannon.


Dreadnought, missile launcher, assault cannon.

FAST ATTACK (independent of formation)

4 Bikers, 1 biker with power sword.

8 Vanguard Veterans (Illegal unit, max 5 vanguard per unit. See post battle report.)

Ok guys, the wait is FINALLY over! Apologies, but it’s been quite stressful these past few weeks, hosting our No Retreat 3 event. But here we have it, Harlequins Vs Deathwatch, on this beautiful board created by Wargame Terrain Factory (created for our No Retreat events). I highly recommend you check them out if you are interested in purchasing some awesome terrain. The Deathwatch were also rec… See More
In today’s mission, the relic will be represented by the Blood Angel Captain Sensini. He is guarded securely by his entourage of Blood Angel brethren whilst they wait for reinforcements to arrive. However in order to move the Blood Angel Captain it would require 2 models in base contact, and neither of them would be allowed to fire during the process.
For this scenario the Blood Angels are deployed at the centre of the board surrounding the “relic”. If they are able to escort him off their own table half the Deathwatch/Blood Angels would gain an additional 5 points to their Kill point total. 3 points bonus would be added to either sides kill points to whoever is capturing him as a regular objective.
Steven deploys his Deathwatch bikers along the flank to interfere with any Harlequins who might be trying to do the very same.
The Dreadnought and Vanguard Veterans are positioned at the centre so that they can offer some immediate support to the Blood Angels. The remainder of the Deathwatch forces are held in deep strike reserves.
Julian counters the Deathwatch Bikers flank with a deadly unit of caress-armed Troupes within a Starweaver. Who will be able to claim hold of the eastern flank, time will tell.
Eldrad sets himself up at the centre of the deployment zone with his sight set firmly on taking hold of the Blood Angel Captain. He is attached to the Cast of Players formation which in turn is also granting him crusader for the extra movement when they run.
Thanks to Eldrad’s warlord trait, the Harlequins were able to grant scout to their eastern flank and thus, secure an early advantage there. He also failed to steal the initiative and so it’s over to Deathwatch’s turn 1! I’m so excited!!! this looks awesome!!!
Turn 1 (Deathwatch) Steven advances his bikes in the hope to kill one of the units in rapid fire range for first blood.
Turn 1 (Deathwatch) The rest of Steven’s forces move up to protect the Blood Angels who are falling back with the objective. The Harlequins will have to react quickly if they are to stop Sensini from being escorted off the board
Turn 1 (Deathwatch) The bikers fire their bolters at the Skyweavers, and despite having 2 wounds each, Julian still managed to whiff all of his rolls to give the marines First Blood! The Dreadnought also shot at the unit with Eldrad in it and was able to kill 3 players and insta-kill their Troupe Master! Suffer not the alien!
Turn 1 (Harlequins) The Troupes armed with Caresses spring out of their Starweaver, laughing psychotically, ready to take revenge on their fellow Harlequins who perished moments before.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) The remaining forces hurtle themselves towards the enemy at full pace as they are aware that time is ticking. They must hurry if they are going to have a chance at stopping the Blood Angels from evacuating.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) Eldrad successfully casts fortune on himself and his unit, while also dooming the Blood Angels.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) With the unit doomed, the Voidweavers were able to kill six members of the unit with their prism blasts and shuriken cannons.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) Eldrad and his unit were able to grant the adjacent Troupe unit crusader. Thus both units were able to get their roll of a six for running. All the more important to get in combat early, as they wouldn’t survive very long exposed in the open.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) The Troupes fire their shuriken pistols , and thanks to bladestorm, took out two of the bikers quite comfortably.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) The Skyweavers fire their blasts at the Dreadnought, knocking off two of it’s hull points while also taking out another Blood Angel.
Turn 1 (Harlequins) Eldrad and the two units of Troupes run aggressively to close the gap between them and the Deathwatch (or perhaps they were being suicidal, we have yet to see)
Turn 1 (Harlequins) Julian charges the bikers and a tidal wave of caress attacks proved too much for them to survive. (Note: We are aware that charges from scouting units is illegal, although there is some debate whether the unit in the transport are also affected by the same rule. Despite all that it was a genuine oversight from Julian)
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) Steven G gets most of his reserves rolls and deepstrikes close to Eldrad. This does not bode well with the Harlequins as they are within rapid fire range.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) Another of the units deepstrikes next to the Troupes who wipes out the bikers. Another act of revenge on the eastern flank.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) Steven G moves his significantly damaged Dreadnought towards Eldrad. Can Eldrad survive the impending doom staring him in the face
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) The Vanguard Veterans launch themselves ahead so that they may wreck havoc on the Harlequins deployment area.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) Just by firing their pistols, the jump pack equipped marines, kill off one of the Voidweavers.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) And the Eldar shenanigans begins! Steven G fired everything from the two units that deepstruck next to Eldrad and even with all the rerolling 1s to hit and wound, Eldrad still managed to tank every single wound with fortune and some insane rolling. Wow!
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) The Dreadnought had a bit more luck with his firing as he was finally able to inflict a single wound on Eldrad after his crazy saving rolls previously
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) The whittled down unit of Blood Angels had one last trick up their sleeve when they fired their combi-flamer killing four of the Players off.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) The Librarian and his Marine bodyguards were able to completely obliterate the caress wielding Troupes to reclaim power over the flank.
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) With all things getting a little desperate for Steven G and his struggle against Eldrad, he charged into combat with the Dreadnought. The Troupes went first and were not able to even scratch the Dreadnought. Up next was Eldrad himself and…
Turn 2 (Deathwatch) BOOM! Even with only his two attacks, he was still able to get that last penetrating hit and wreck the walker!
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Julian veers one of his surviving Troupe units over towards a mass of Deathwatch marines accompanied by their Librarian.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Eldrad turns his focus on the Deathwatch Kill Team as his potential next choice of victims. The Skyweavers also participate to try and lock the second unit. Over in the psychic phase the Shadowseer successfully casts Peal of Discord, which is a 9″ nova causing 2D6 concussive S4 hits. Unfortunately for the Harlequins, the Deathwatch were able to dispel it as it would have meant that 3 of their units would have suffered from it. Eldrad once again casts his staple power fortune to increase his survivability, which has been working extremely well so far.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) The Serpents Breath fires his prismatic Ap3 blast and shuriken cannon at the Vanguard Veterans and managed to kill off half the unit quite comfortably.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) The other Voidweaver fired at the same target, and left them standing with only two survivors.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) After a tactical withdrawal from the Starweaver, it took aim at the Librarian’s unit removing two Deathwatch marines.
Turn 2 (Harlequins): Julian chose to fire with the unit of Troupe’s pistols as opposed to closing the gap with their run and assault rules. A combination of two Neuro Disruptors and Shuriken Pistols killed off another four marines. It’s not looking good for Steven’s Deathwatch unit and their only hope now is if Julian fails his assault charge. On another note just look at that terrain! Wow!
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Skyweavers next, and after firing their Haywire cannons at the enemy in the hope of lowering their numbers for the assault, they were unable to kill a single model as Steven passed all his armour saves.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Over to the assault phase, the Harlequin Troupes reach their target with ease with their 10″ charge. This might not end well for the Deathwatch.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) The Librarian and his unit tried to survive the whirlwind of attacks, but the sheer amount of them, coupled with some S6 Ap2 wounds proved too much for them to handle. As a result the marines were wiped out and the Troupes consolidated back in the direction of the objective.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) This time there wasn’t as much luck on the Harlequins side when the Skyweavers lost 3 wounds from overwatch! The one surviving jetbike did cause a couple of wounds but was crushed to death in return.
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Eldrads’ assault was next, as even with the Deathwatch inflicting four wounds from overwatch, Eldrad was once again able to tank them all! WOW! Some durable space elves?!
Turn 2 (Harlequins) Most of Stevens’ unit was killed off from the Eldar, and Julian was able to save all of the hits on the Harlequins themselves, insane! Steven did however pass his morale check, even with the minus two from the Shadowseers mask of secrets.
Turn 3 (Deathwatch) Steven passed his last remaining reserve roll and was able to deepstrike his Captain and unit in for some very much needed support.
Turn 3 (Deathwatch) In what could very well be the Blood Angels marine’s last moments, he bravely advances closer to the enemy.
Turn 3 (Deathwatch) Steven fires with his lone Blood Angel, along with the Deathwatch Captains unit and were able to wipe out the Troupes bar the Troupe Master, surviving with only a single wound.
Turn 3 (Deathwatch) Steven’s only unit to have survived an assault moved themselves closer to the Voidweaver, as well as the Vanguard Veterans. They fired at the Voidweaver, and even with Julian using their four plus invulnerable from their mirage launchers, it was too much to ask, and the vehicle was wrecked.
Turn 3 (Deathwatch) The units stuck in combat continued to duel it out, but the Deathwatch were killed before they could strike at all.
Turn 3 (Harlequins) With Eldrad now free from being locked in combat, he is able to draw himself closer to the objective. He was able to once again give his unit Fortune and doom the Deathwatch Captain as well.
Turn 3 (Harlequins) Julian’s Shadowseer cast Peal of Discord with his last remaining dice, but Steven once again denied it.
Turn 3 (Harlequins) The Starweaver came out of hiding and was able again to pepper off three more marines.
Turn 3 (Harlequins) The Eldar shot with Neuro Disruptors and Shuriken pistols to kill off a Terminator, a marine and wound the Captain. They did try and go the distance with a long charge, but failed and were left where they started.
Turn 3 (Harlequins) The Troupe Master however was able to charge his target and and kill off the last remaining Blood Angel entourage model.
Turn 4 (Deathwatch) The Captain detached himself from the unit so that he can go toe to toe against the Troupe Master himself. He was able to kill him off with just his Storm Bolter.
Turn 4 (Deathwatch) Steven fires the rest of the unit at Eldrad, but as you might have guessed, he passed all of his saves once again!
Turn 4 (Deathwatch) The Heavy Bolter did fire at the same unit, but this time Eldrad wasn’t there to tank the hits. Therefore he was able to kill the last remaining Players, while wounding Inriam and leaving just the characters together.
Turn 4 (Harlequins) Eldrad, Inriam and the Shadowseer all move together over the Captain , ready to kill off anyone in their way.
Turn 4 (Harlequins) In a rare sight, the Serpent’s Breath got in a position where he could use his aft weapon on the Captain. The Captain was able to pass his saves, but the remaining Vanguard Veterans were obliterated from the Prismatic Cannon.
Turn 4 (Harlequins) : The Eldar barge through the Deathwatch barrier with ease turning their focus on the Captain.
Turn 5 (Deathwatch) The Captain valiantly confronts Eldrad. Would it be possible that he could do what the rest of his forces couldn’t?
Turn 5 (Deathwatch) An epic collision of characters is over due, but no one was able to inflict a single wound.
Turn 5 (Harlequins) The Serpent’s Breath moves himself over the objective and fires at the last surviving marine unit
Turn 5 (Harlequins) The Deathwatch could not survive the firepower and are removed from play, leaving only their Captain alive.
Turn 5 (Harlequins) The characters continue their duel it in a epic battle. Inriam was killed, and the Captain was wounded again and left on his last wound. We roll to see if the game continues, but it does not. Harlequins: 8 Kill points Linebreaker Relic Total: 12 Deathwatch: 7 Kill Points First Blood Total: 8 Harlequins win!
Steven: Time for excuses. I had 24 hours notice to prepare for this bat rep but I only saw the army and made the list 30 minutes before we deployed so apologies for any mistakes in there (specifically the 8 man vanguard squad. My bad. Sorry!) Excuses out of the way? Well, mostly… DAMN YOU ELDRAAADDD! Seriously, that beast tanked 20+ shots with his ridiculous re-rollable 3++ and then one-shotted the dreadnought in melee! My turn 2 was the fulcrum on which the battle would swing, unfortunately it swung for the Harlequins. Even when only 3 of the Aquila Kill Teams showed up from reserve I was confident that the game was mine. Eldrad and his mini deathstar were as good as dead and Julian knew it. He was chain smoking, sweating and joking about conceding at this point. 2 bad scatters, 20+ saves and one dead dreadnought later and it was me that was chain smoking, sweating and joking about conceding. I think my plan was sound and I only really made two mistakes wth the positioning of a few models that had little impact on the game as a whole. Eldrad was a beast, single handedly turned what should have been a one sided slaughter into a bloody slog that ended as a Harlequin victory! So many dead! Julian was, as always, a blast to play against and a real gentleman in both impending defeat and in eventual victory. Again, sorry about the mess up with the Vanguards. Chalk it up to n00bishness.
Julian: Eldrad… Have I told you I love you… Eldrad was a beast and pretty much single handedly won me this game. I used to run Eldrad in practically all my Eldar games from 2nd Edition up to 5th, but I lost interest in fielding him since. Maybe it was due to the fact that the last time i used him I failed the first 5 wounds he had to make (with fortune!). Much to Steven’s demise, that was certainly not the case today! He tanked it all, while at the same time his Harlequin brothers were being blown to dust around him. I sincerely believed the game would be lost by turn 2, but I guess that’s 40k for you; even when you think the odds are stacked against you, inevitably a portion of the game is handed to the dice gods. Those dice gods were definitely on my side today! I did love this game because it seemed all so unpredictable and I never knew when (or if) my luck would run dry. Steven is a great opponent and we did have a lot of fun in the process. I’m sure if we were to repeat today, the results would have been rather different. Great game and I look forward to the next one!


  1. Great report! Always love to see Harlequins (I’m a Harlequin player myself) and I just lost to a Space Marine guy so it’s nice to see those prismatic cannons fwopping vanguard vets. I failed to bring them in my game and lacked a lot of AP!

    The report also inspired me with the Company of the Threefold Stranger. Against marines it looks pretty damn good, even though I was very worried that the wargear was suboptimal. A power sword on the TM is much more reliable than a Caress (my old bread n’ butter), and Neuro Disruptors eat marines for breakfast. The only problem was that they couldn’t run and charge… but if you replace a Troupe in a Masque Detachment they’d be able to run, charge, AND shoot in the same turn… right? Gotta try that next game 🙂

    Some rules questions…
    Crusader gave an extra 3″? Do you mean that the 2nd run dice was +3 compared to the first one? Or does the 2nd dice count towards the run distance? I’ve not been very experienced with Crusader. Also, I don’t think the Cast of Players crusader buff rule applies to allied Harlequins… it just says “Eldar and Dark Eldar”. Unless Harlequins count as Eldar, I don’t think it works on nearby Harlequins.

    • Thanks for the positive comments, it means a lot to us and we are glad to be of a good unfluence to our fans.

      With regards your question about the Threefold Stranger, I believe that in a masque they will be allowed to run, shoot and assault in the same turn. That is the impression i’ve got as well.

      About crusader, it was phrased poorly. I did imply that the 2nd dice was 3 more than the first (basically a 3 and a 6). I do believe you are right that it doesn’t seem to convey it to other harlequins however. That is an oversight from our behalf, but it just makes sense that it should if it does for eldar and dark eldar haha. Good spotting nevertheless

  2. Your terrain is impressive, I would like to build something like that, is there any tutorial to follow for this elder structures?

  3. Lovely battle report. Although I do suggest some wider shots, so we can get a feeling of the entirety of the battle.

    Also: would you care to elaborate how the Harlequins are battleforged – mentioning a few formations names certainly seems like it.

    • The army was not battleforged as Eldrad was not in a detachment or formation. The Harlequins were however grouped into 3 formations (one Cast of Players and two Cegorach’s Jest’s)


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