‘No Retreat 3’ International Tournament


WOW! Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better!

Just finished wrapping up our third No Retreat here at SN and we are lost for words.They just keep getting bigger and better. Up to a comfortable 36 players this time around and once again the Europa Retreat Centre proving the ideal location for such an event.

Overall a huge success once again, more so than before. This time attracting players not only from the England and Spain, but also from Sweden, Ireland and Luxembourg! Some new celebrities as well as some more familiar faces including guys from Scattered Dice, Tabletop Tactics, Siege Studios, Greetings from the Warp, Geeks40k, Aceface and Andy Wardle himself!

The (in)famous No Retreat reigning champion, The Spider, Lawrence Baker from Tabletop tactics returned once again to defend his title. He manages to do so yet again with his Dark Eldar, despite the higher standards in competition.

Following our format from previous No Retreats, the event was held over two days with each player having 5 games, three on the Saturday and the remaining two on the Sunday. Army composition rules remained more or less the same for the most part and can be found at www.snbattlereports.com . In short,1750pts, strict WYSIWYG, and a high level of painting across all the armies including basing of models. ITC FAQ and rules enforced.

Although we believe that there will always be room for improvement, the current rules have proved to make for some fluffier armies with mostly pleasant themes ensuring that the event as a whole really stays true to the hobby and remains fun for all. Some fun awards again (maybe for the last time) including the Spoon, last place, and the Spork for cheesiest army. SNs very own Nick did us proud again and took home the spork where as Ethan just about missed the spoon by one place (Harlequins Ethan?! Really…?) which was taken by Javier and his beautifully painted Tau.

As always we held a painting competition although this time was a little different. We had the absolute pleasure of having Andy Wardle help us choose the winners!

A big thanks to all of our sponsors for helping us make it all possible. Escenorama, Atomic Terrain, Hazard Manufacture, GAMEMAT.eu and Wargame Terrain Factory are to thank for the terrain filling an amazing 18 stunning tables. For the prizes, we have; Element Games – Wargaming Webstore, Bandau Wargames and E-minis to thank for generously helping us out. Saccone and Speed graciously gave us a hand with all the drinks, and obviously another thanks to the Retreat Centre for providing us with the perfect venue.

Last but by no means least, we would like to send out a huge, HUGE thanks to all those who participated and followed us throughout the weekend. We love what we do and do it for the hobby as well as hobbyist. It means the world to us to see our passion reciprocated in such force. It wouldn’t be possible without you guys.

No Retreat 3 Tournament Awards

1st Lawrence Baker (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Dark Eldar (Yes, he successfully defended his title…again!)
2nd Chema Triguero Morilla (Spain) Chaos Daemons
3rd Yannick Fuchs (Luxemburg) Dark Angels

The Silver Spoon: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Players’ Player Award: Richard Hope (England) (Geeks40k) Space Marines
Players’ Award for Best Army: John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Cheesiest Army (the Silver Spork): Nick Rodriguez (Gibraltar) (SN) Craftworld Eldar (Title Defended!)

SN Awards:

Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain) Tau Empire
Jamie Robson (England) (Tabletop Tactics) Space Marines
Matthew Marlow (England) (Greetings of the Warp) Space Marines
John Causton (England) Craftworld Eldar
Fredrik Carrasco (Sweden) Elysian Drop Troops
Andy Wardle (England) Space Marines

No Retreat Painting Competition

Best Painted Single Miniature: John Causton (England)
Best Painted Monstrous Creature: Javier Martinez de las Heras (Spain)
Best Painted Unit: James Froggat (England)
Best Painted Vehicle: John Causton (England)




  1. Good to see John Causton doing grand at the event, hopefully be able to follow him out to the next event, will have to start getting some painting in to match all the gorgeous models on show (the miniatures, not the rest of you )

  2. Edited* Good to see John Causton doing grand at the event, hopefully be able to follow him out to the next event, will have to start getting some painting in to match all the gorgeous models on show (the miniatures, not the rest of you haha)
    *tongue in cheek emoji disappeared


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