Horus Heresy Battle Report (Imperial Fists vs World Eaters)


Castellan Zargo eased the grip on his half drawn bolt pistol, his gauntleted fist shaking with furious indignation barely held in check by his trans-human discipline. He was shocked to discover that he had reached for his side arm. The object of his ire cowered before him, her waxen skin taking on an even more unhealthy hue through the terror she felt towards the avatar of humanities manifest destiny to claim the galaxy through blood and fire which stood before her. Though physically blind, her aether-sight betrayed his anger and disbelief.

Truth be told, she felt the same. The entire galaxy had been turned on its head. “Repeat that for me mistress Xing’nou.” hissed Zargo through clenched teeth. His oversized pistol reholstered yet still gripped. The astropath licked her dry lips, trying hard not to choke on the bitter content of the message she bore. “My Lord Castellan, the message bore the correct cypher rituals and the unmistakable mind print of Lord Dorn himself. It is authentic.” Zargo took a step forward, dwarfing her trembling form in his towering Imperial Maximus plate. For the first time in his two hundred years of service to the VIIth Legion he was uncertain.”

Points: 1400pts

Deployment: Vanguard Strike

Mission: Mission:(Age of Darkness) Onslaught

+ HQ +

Legion Praetor [Artificer Armour, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo, Master of the Legion, Melta Bombs, Paragon Blade, Plasma Pistol]

+ Elites +

Legion Destroyer Squad [Jump Packs, 4x Legion Destroyer Space Marine, Missile Launcher with Suspensor Web and Rad Missiles Only]
Legion Destroyer Sergeant [Phosphex Bombs]

Legion Quad Launcher Support Battery [Legion Rapier, Shatter Shell]

Legion Terminator Squad [Legion Terminator Sergeant, Legion Terminator Squad, 4x Legion Terminators, 4x Power Fist, Cataphracti Terminator Armour with Combi-bolter and Power Weapon, Teleportation Transponder]

+ Troops +

Legion Tactical Squad [9x Legion Tactical Space Marines]
Additional Wargear [Bolters, Legion Vexilla]
Legion Tactical Sergeant
Power Weapon [Power Sword]
Standard Wargear [Bolt Pistols, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armour]

Legion Tactical Squad [14x Legion Tactical Space Marines]
Additional Wargear [Bolters, Legion Vexilla]
Legion Tactical Sergeant [Power Fist]
Standard Wargear [Bolt Pistols, Frag and Krak Grenades, Power Armour]

+ Heavy Support +

Leviathan Siege Dreadnought Talon
Leviathan Siege Dreadnought [Grav-flux Bombard, Leviathan Storm Cannon, Phosphex Discharger, Twin-linked Volkite Caliver]

+ Legion +

Legiones Astartes [ VII: Imperial Fists, Loyalist]

+ HQ +

Legion Praetor [Artificer Armour, Digital Lasers, Iron Halo, Master of the Legion, Mastercraft PF, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist]
Warlord – Paladin of Glory

Legion Centurion [Artificer Armour, Conversion Beamer, Refractor Field] Consul Forge Lord

+ Elites +

Apothecarion Detachment
Legion Apothecary x 2 [Artificer Armour]

Legion Quad Launcher Support Battery [2x Legion Rapier, Shatter Shell]

+ Troops +

Legion Tactical Squad [10x Legion Tactical Space Marines]
Additional Wargear [Additional Chainswords/Combat Blades, Legion Vexilla]
Legion Tactical Sergeant [Artificer Armour]
Combi-weapon [Combi-weapon: Plasma]

Legion Tactical Squad [9x Legion Tactical Space Marines]
Additional Wargear [Additional Chainswords/Combat Blades, Legion Vexilla]
Legion Tactical Sergeant [Artificer Armour, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword]

Legion Tactical Support Squad [Legion Rhino Armoured Carrier, 6x Legion Space Marines, Plasma Guns, Support Squad, Additional Chainsword or Combat Blade]
Legion Sergeant [Artificer Armour]

+ Heavy Support +

Legion Vindicator Siege Tank Squadron
Legion Vindicator Tank [Extra Armour, Laser Destroyer Array, Twin-Linked Bolter]

+ Legion +

Legiones Astartes [World Eaters]

Firstly Merry Christmas to all of you and all the best for the new year! Hope you got all the Warhammer you asked for! So, here it is, after years of anticipation our first Horus Heresy batt-….YUP you read it right…our very own Horus Heresy battle report. There is no better reason to warrant us to bring out our favourite battle board for such an momentous occasion with not one, but TWO brand new Horus Heresy armies! Ladies and gentlemen, loyalist and traitors, buckle up and prepare yourselves for one hell of a ride!
For those of you who are just like us, we can’t get enough of seeing this board. Within the photo you can see the trail of dice marking out the Vanguard deployment zones. Before we start off just acouple of special mentions. Firstly to Kevin for painting his last few units during Christmas period solely for this game. Spartan Miniatures for their amazing commission painting of our Imperial Fists; make sure to check them out. Last, but not least, to the whole SN Team for their commitment to starting out our new series of Horus Heresy battle reports. We’d also like to take a moment to explain our thought process in regard to the points limit. We are starting small, yes, we know it’s Horus Heresy, but we wanted to ease you, and ourselves into it and try to build it up over time.
Steven wins the roll off and opts to deploy first; he chooses the side with the imperial statue being the loyalist that he is. They then roll for night fighting resulting in a four and thus begin the game in darkness….
Using the onslaught mission’s special staged deployment, Steven places his only heavy support first making sure that he is well covered by terrain, giving him some extra survivability from being shot at. He wouldn’t like to be taking any unnecessary risks at this point. Steven would be receiving a 3+ cover save if obscured due to the addition of night fighting. On a side note, what a fantastic paint job by Spartan Miniatures!
Steven deploys his largest tactical squad in the centre of the table, attaching his Praetor for extra durability and a dash of awesomeness! “There is no enemy. The foe on the battlefield is merely the manifestation of that which we must overcome. He is doubt, and fear, and despair. Every battle is fought within. Conquer the battlefield that lies inside you, and the enemy disappears like the illusion he is.”
A sight to behold, Stevens final deployment. A line of power armour and bolters. Just can’t wait for this battle to begin. For Dorn! …and for Andy you know who you are
Another imposing view, more destruction, this time a lot more up close and personal in style. Bring on the chain axe galore! Again, we just must mention the paint job that leaves you in awe. Kevin you beauty!
Taking full advantage of their range, Kevin’s Vindicator and Quad Launcher Support Batteries take the backline ready to rain down fire on Stevens forces.
tactical squad making use of the battlements as they look down over the battlefield. What a sight! Lets get this started!
The objective markers are placed by each player in their opponents deployment zones. Great pre-painted terrain pieces by one of our sponsors GAMEMAT.eu Make sure you check out their new range of pre-painted terrain. www.gamemat.eu
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The Legion Destroyer squad makes its way towards the opposing forces a full 12 inches, readying their weapons and rad technology to fire upon the oncoming enemy.
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The larger squad move forth firing at the same unit but failing to cause any casualties. Power armour proves to be too durable and withstands the torrent of bolter fire.
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The Leviathan moves forward, respecting the destructive capabilities of the Vindicator Laser Destroyer Array, but only allowing itself to draw line of sight to just two marines.
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) Steven catches sight of Kevin’s objective, which was not being protected. He weighs out the risks and rewards and in the end decides he rather make a run for the point than to use the squad for more shooting. The squad makes its way along the flank in an attempt to sneakily take the objective
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The Destroyer squad unleash some bolt pistol shots and fire their rad missile on Kevin’s tactical squad before them, instantly removing two marines after the blast scatters three inches off.
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The Leviathan makes use of his Storm Cannon to fire upon the two marines that he manages to see and dispatches them with ease thanks to Kevin’s failed Feel No Pain rolls.
Turn 1 (Imperial Fists) The Quad Launcher fires its strength 8 shatter shells upon the Leviathans biggest threat, the Vindicator. It manages to hit three times, but scores just a single glance on the tank. Kevin sports a cheeky smirk as the fear dissipates.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Kevin begins his movement phase in true World Eater fashion by moving everything forward towards his enemy. Sights like this make all the hard work worthwhile; just look at the armies on this board. On the right we can clearly see the sneaky tactical squad making its way towards Kevin’s objective on the left.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Moving his Rhino six inches forwards, Kevin then disembarks his Tactical Support squad and attached Apothecary. In the distance Kevin’s other Tactical squad and Praetor moves towards the arched entrance with what seems to be the Leviathan in sight, sounds a little crazy to me! “This death is ours. We choose it. We deny you your victory.”
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Moving into a more tactical position, Kevin’s unit opens fire on Steven’s Destroyer squad causing seven wounds in total. Much to Kevin’s dismay, Steven makes all of his saves resulting in a sad, yet shocked Kevin, who was hoping for some casualties in the attempts of a failed leadership.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) This is going to hurt, a squad full of plasma! Kevin’s support squad practically unleashes hell on the poor marines before them. PEW PEW PEW!
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Total overkill! The brutal squad lives up to its name as they slaughter the Imperial Fists. The unit suffers nine casualties causing a leadership test to be taken that Steven easily passes thanks to the Preators Leadership of 10.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) With so many plasma shots, there is a price to pay Kevin! Three of the marines feel the heat and for one of them it proves to be just too much.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) The squad that seemed to be heading towards the Leviathan turns towards the same squad adhering to the Preators commands. They open fire managing to take out two more marines.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Kevin’s Centurion, who was very quietly sitting towards the back, fires up his conversion beamer aiming at the Leviathan. He manages to hit and penetrate the Leviathans heavy armour. Steven fails his invulnerable and….(please don’t)…
Turn 1 (World Eaters) …..IMMOBOLISED! Kevin rolls a four with his AP 1 beam stopping the mechanical monstrosity in its tracks, luckily, just in front of the objective, still in a position to defend it.
Turn 1 (World Eaters) Kevin fires his quad launcher support batteries shatter shells at the opposing quad launchers. He deals five wounds but the Imperial Fists duck down as the shells land shrugging off the blast now covered in dust and debris.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Steven rolls for his Terminators in reserves but fails, they won’t be seeing the battlefield just yet. The Preators squad moves forth and opt to not fire their bolters as they will be trying to make a charge. Steven really wants his Preator to wreak havoc with his paragon blade.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Steven begins his second turn and the sneaky squad continue to do their thing, they move and run towards the objective. So close now!
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) The destroyer squad move forwards once again now practically toe-to-toe with the enemy. They fire with all they’ve got. The bolter fire claims a victim as the rad missile scatters off completely.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) The Leviathan proves to be useful even when immobilised. Seeing a few of the marines, it unloads its Phosphex Discharger onto the World Eaters creating a nightmare for Kevin as blast after blast hits its target hitting a total of twelve times.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Eleven wounds caused the barrage and crawling fire rules playing huge part in the carnage as the whole unit except for the Preator are removed from play even with the help from the Apothecary who also sees his last battle.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Stevens Storm cannon is also unleashed onto the lone Preator who sees five wounds come his way. Kevin passes all but one of his saves thanks to his artificer armour. What a shame, who knows what sort of destruction the Leviathan would have been capable if not for his immobilisation. Even yet he manages to dish out the pain! What a monster!
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Steven makes his six inch charge, the world eaters fail to hit any potential overwatch shots and the combat begins…
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) The Preator leads the assault and maintains his Imperial Fist honour, issuing a challenge which is accepted by the World Eater sergeant, named the orphan by Kevin (It’s a long story…). The Preator swipes and cleaves 6 times missing with only one. He then somehow only manages to make three wounds which are very surprisingly saved by Kevin and his Feel No Pain….Really?! Attacking back the World Eaters manage to take out a marine. Then, the powerfist wielding Imperial Fist, scores a direct hit on one of Kevin’s marines, taking him out. The combat therefore, results in a draw…not exactly what Steven was hoping for.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) Steven’s destroyers assault and a quick shot sees one of them fall to overwatch.
Turn 2 (Imperial Fists) The Imperial Fists challenge once again but sadly the World Eater is not having any of it . He is quickly taken care of by Kevin’s sergeant. Below on the ground, not much occurs even with the help of the units Rad Grenades giving the enemy unit a -1 toughness in combat, Steven is then forced to take a leadership test which he passes resulting in the units remaining locked in combat.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) This is beginning to look rather grim for the World Eaters as most of Kevin’s troops have been destroyed or are locked in combat. Steven also still has a unit of Terminators in reserves, itching for a fight. Kevin’s wounded Praetor fixes his gaze upon the combat and makes his way towards it. Will there be a clash of leaders.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) The laser destroyer overcharges and fires towards the immobilised Leviathan. It hits twice, it glances and penetrates once. A false sense of hope for a moment as Steven passes the glance only to fail the penetration with his invulnerable save.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) A six sees the shot land squarely on the Leviathans Grav-flux Bombard. The incredible gravitational forces causes the hull of the machine begin crumpling under its own immense weight. Becoming more like paper the metal collapses into a single point as the weapons core melts down creating a small singularity causing it to implode and disappears into an infinitely small point of antimatter.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) Kevin makes good use of the barrage rules on the quad launchers whilst firing at the sneaking Imperial Fists which where hidden away out of sight. A total of seven wounds are inflicted and Steven fails three of them.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) Kevin’s Centurion fires at the Imperial Fist quad launchers but fails to score any hits as the blast scatters off. ‘Death is nothing compared to vindication’
Turn 2 (World Eaters) Due to the three casualties, Steven must make a leadership test. He first fails spectacularly on a twelve but thank the Emperor, he has a Legion Vexilla allowing him to re-roll! WHAT!! He manages to roll a ten failing once again. The squad runs back and out of the game changing the course of the game dramatically.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) That we’ve been waiting for, epic combat! The Praetor makes it into combat, it’s time for a true clash of power
Turn 2 (World Eaters) Finally we see the destroyer squad meet their demise. The extra close combat weapons on the World Eaters prove to be worthwhile.
Turn 2 (World Eaters) It’s time to deal some crazy damage…right….? Stevens Praetor lashes out at his enemies but somehow, only manages to hit one out of five attacks. He succeeds on his to wound roll but once again Kevin manages to pass his Feel No Pain! ……and not a single Instant death roll of a 6 again. HOW?!
Turn 2 (World Eaters) Much to everyone’s surprise, the World Eaters show the Imperial Fists how its done. The Praetor’s power fist deals four wounds easily removing the marines from the fight. With two wounds remaining its time for Steven’s Praetor to toughen up. Alas, he joins his marines as a single failed invulnerable save instantly kills him.
Turn 3 (Imperial Fist) Finally some good news for Steven. Can’t believe I’m saying that now, things looked very much in his favour at the start of turn two.
Turn 3 (Imperial Fists) The streak continues…..his Terminators scatter a little too close to the World Eater rhino causing a mishap. Things couldn’t get much worse as he rolls a one, destroying the unit.
Turn 3 (Imperial Fists) With only this quad launcher on the table Steven sees the battle through. Out of pure spite, the crew fire at the Vindicator once again in an attempt to remove its two final hull points. In a turn to forget he only manages to remove 1 hull point despite the help of the sunder rule.
Turn 3 (World Eaters) Kevin’s plasma squad move forward readying their weapons. They aim to wipe out the last of the Imperial Fist forces. Ooh is that a sneak peak at the new No Retreat IV players template from their goodie bag?
Turn 3 (World Eaters) Just to be sure, the Praetor moves and runs towards the objective.
Turn 3 (World Eaters) Kevin moves his Rhino up close towards the objective.
Turn 3 (World Eaters) The tactical support team line up and execute the quad launchers crew. Suddenly an eerie silence falls upon the battlefield and all gunfire ceases. Nothing can be heard except for the blood dripping from the Imperials Fists Praetors head being held up high by the World Eaters Warlord in the distance. Our names may be forgotten, and our bones crumble to dust, but our deaths will echo through the millennia to come
The spirit of the hobby at its finest! A great morning of gaming between two friends, two amazing armies and one amazing board. Finishing it all off with a sporting handshake. May the hobby always be the winner.
Steven: Wow what a start to our Horus Heresy battle reports. Really love this game and how it’s able to change so drastically from mid way through a turn. I remember Kevin mentioning the game was mine early on and I, quite daftly it would seem, nodded in agreement. My turn three was a total players nightmare, one of those times where you manage to do absolutely nothing still can’t believe how my Preator did nothing those FnP rolls by Kevin really changed the game that unit should have been so dead!. In the end though, its what makes the hobby what it is and we can’t help but love it. Can’t wait for the rematch I’ve been promised and also for more Horus Heresy battle reports! One more final special mention to Reece from Spartan Miniatures for his excellent customer care and awesome painting can’t wait to expand on this army! Don’t forget to visit his page. “Primarch-Progenitor, to your glory and the glory of him on earth!” I Have to give a special thanks to our intro writer Steven Garcia who prepared his latest piece for this report on the day of his daughters birth! That’s dedication for you! Congratulations Steven and Leti on the birth of beautiful Valentina.
Kevin: Wow! That was a real roller-coaster of a game! There was a point, I think midway during turn two, that I said to Steven that I thought he had the game in the bag, his Leviathan was sat on an objective, I had nothing to defend mine, he still had terminators in reserve and it seemed my marines had turned up with lasguns instead of bolters! However, I hadn’t counted on Khorne smiling and everything going my way from then on. Steven’s sneaky tacticals decided to rout off the table (even with a vexillia), his Leviathan exploded (Steven, that’s twice in two games now that my Vindicator has removed that beast, I swear vindicators aren’t usually that good!), my tactical support squad sergeant surviving two combat rounds in a challenge with Steven’s Praetor until my Praetor ambled along and instant killed the opposing warlord (Sgt. Huelfano (the orphan) needs a promotion!) and the terminators getting lost in the warp. The way these games flow is what makes this hobby so great and why I so much enjoy the opportunities I get to play and hobby with Steven and the other SN lads. They always put on a great game and every battle I have with them is always a hobby highlight! Steven you deserve a rematch. Name the place and time! Sgt. Huelfano and my vindicator laser destroyer are waiting…





    • I agree. That table looks really nice. Show it off some more! Oh. Could you make it so the pictures can be clicked on and enlarged? Again, everything looks so good, it deserves to be shown off.

      • Hey thanks! sadly the website format doesn’t allow the picture to be enlarged but you can always see reports on our facebook page at a higher quality

  1. Fantastic battle report, iv been keeping up with them for a while but usually read them on Facebook, just found this comment section so will be sure to comment more now 🙂

  2. Great report with an amazing table and some great armies.
    Wondering how you guys like the new traitor legions rules? I know that at least some of you are chaos players. Especially interested in seeing the KDK army done as World Eaters with codex daemon allies.


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