‘No Retreat V’ 40k International Tournament Rules & Info


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Closing date for applications is the May 7th 2017 to which applicants will then be notified shortly after whether or not they have been successful and granted entry. 



Europa Retreat Centre, 11 Windmill Hill Road, Gibraltar, Gibraltar Click here for directions


Doors open: Friday 22nd Sep 17 @13:00

Tournament begins: Saturday 23rd Sep 17 @10:00

Tournament ends: Sunday 24th Sep 17 @20:00

Event Ends: Monday 25th Sep 17 @14:00



Maximum players: 36

Minimum age for tournament: 18

English is the official language of the Tournament.

Ticket Price: £75 (Non Refundable)

Ticket includes exclusive event T-Shirt, free goodies, free entry to painting competition and a shuttle service from the airport to the venue. Water, tea & coffee are also free at the venue for ticket holders.

Overnight packages are the following:

£35 per night for a single room

£25 per person a night for a double room (£50 total)

Overnight packages are for the Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights. If you intend to spend any more nights, before and/or after the event, please contact us directly to arrange to see if this is a possibility.

Also note that as the location is a licensed premise, all guests wishing to stay over must be at least 18 years of age. For additional information, or if you are intending to stay over with somebody who is not participating within the tournament, please contact us at snbattlereports@hotmail.com

Also note that as the location is a licensed premise, all guests wishing to stay over must be at least 18 years of age. Only alcohol bought at the venue can be drank at the Retreat Centre.


If you are interested in applying you must email us at snbattlereports@hotmail.com with a short description about yourself and 5 high quality photos of you miniatures. If you do not have any photos of the army you wish to bring, then you can supply us with photos of other models you have painted, or that are being painted for you, if you are getting them commissioned elsewhere. Emails must be sent before May 7th 2017 in order to be entered into the selection process. The SN team will then evaluate all applications and pick the 36 players we wish to see at No Retreat V and send them some custom made exclusive invites (Pics on Instagram).

Entries must be in the following format:

  1.  Name:
  2. Age:
  3. Army:
  4. Whatsapp Number:
  5. Address:
  6. Country:
  7. Hobby Background and Description about yourself:
  8.  +5 high quality photos


Full rules pack available below

NRV Rulespack


Fri 22nd Sep 17

14:00 – Doors open (Players can meet, greet & play friendlies)

20:00 – Meet & greet at nearby club with drinks and burgers

Sat 23rd Sep 17

10:00 – Tournament starts – Introduction

10:30 – 13:15      Game 1

13:15 – 14:30      Lunch

14:30 – 17:15      Game 2

18:15 – 21:00      Game 3

Sun 24th Sep 17

10:30 – 13:15      Game 4

13:15 – 14:30      Lunch/Break

14:30 – 17:15      Game 5

18:00 – Awards Ceremony

Mon 25th Sep 17

14:00 – Doors close



All army lists are to be validated and must be submitted to snbattlereports@hotmail.com by Saturday the 12th August 2017, the latest. Army lists must be submitted in both battlescribe .rosz filetype, and a battlescribe exported .html file. If this is not possible we also accept word documents or pdfs as long as all the wargear and points are listed clearly. We do not accept Quartermaster submissions.

There will be Prizes and awards for both tournament and painting competition winners.

Please remember that tickets are non-refundable.

Previous event photo albums can be viewed on our Facebook page.

If you are interested in signing up or require any further information, please contact snbattlereports@hotmail.com.

Learn more about the ITC here: www.frontlinegaming.org







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