Battle Report (Space Wolves vs Chaos Daemons)


With a scream of a thousand tortured souls, Kairos burst through the skein that separated the mortal world from the Empyrean. Multihued aetheric fire clung to his wizened form until he extinguished them with one mighty flap of his kaleidoscopic pinions. Straightening to his full height he flung both his heads back and screamed, emitting no true sound which only the most perverted and arcane science could measure. The scream resonated painfully in the souls of all living things within a hundred leagues. In its wake it left whispered lies that would continue cursing the survivors for days. Kairos’ heads swiveled in opposite directions taking in the snow covered panorama before him. Both heads blinked and nodded in maddening near perfect synchronicity, as if both approved of something equally but had arrived at the conclusion a split second apart. The Fateweaver raised his great staff above his heads as he began to squawk unwords of power in the same slightly unsynchronised manner. The staff became wreathed in balefire that changed hue from pink to indigo, the power contained within obvious to all but the most base life form. As the incantation reached its crescendo, Kairos brought down his staff upon the now warped rock, a thunderclap of released energy tearing apart reality, birthing nine blazing portals shaped like giant unblinking eyes framed by iridescent feathers. From them vomited forth an insane cavalcade of impossible beings that writhed from one form to another vexing all attempts to discern their true shape, if any such thing existed. As the daemons gibbered and cackled a wolf howl cut through the cacophony. Other hunters joined in the chilling chorus. The Emperors finest were coming.


Deployment: Dawn of War

Points: 2500pts

Mission: Purge the Alien

Slay the Warlord: 3vp instead of 1vp



Formation: Wyrdstorm Brotherhood

Njal Stormcaller, the Tempest that Walks
Runic Armour
Rune Priest
Mastery Level 2
Power Armour
Bolt Pistol, Rune Axe

Formation: Deathpack

Grey Hunters
7x Grey Hunter
7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Boltgun
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader
Combi Melta, Power Fist

Thunderwolf Cavalry x6
Storm Shield x6
Thunder Hammer x2

Wolf Lord
Relic: Helm of Durfast, Thunderwolf
Runic Armour
Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

Formation: The Greatpack

Blood Claws
5x Blood Claw
5x Bolt Pistol, 5x Chainsword, Plasma Gun
Twin-linked Lascannon

Grey Hunters
Drop Pod
Storm Bolter
7x Grey Hunter
7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Boltgun, Plasma Gun
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader
Combi Melta, Power Fist

Grey Hunters
Drop Pod
Storm Bolter
7x Grey Hunter
7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Boltgun
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader
Combi Melta, Power Fist

Grey Hunters
Drop Pod
Storm Bolter
7x Grey Hunter
7x Bolt Pistol, 7x Boltgun
Wolf Guard Terminator Pack Leader
Combi Melta, Power Fist

Lone Wolf
2x Fenrisian Wolf
Terminator Armour
Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

Lone Wolf
2x Fenrisian Wolf
Terminator Armour
Storm Shield, Thunder Hammer

Long Fangs
4x Long Fang w/ Missile Launcher and Flakk
Long Fang Ancient
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

Long Fangs
4x Long Fang w/ Missile Launcher and Flakk
Long Fang Ancient
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword Wolf Guard Battle Leader
Power Armour
Bolt Pistol, Chainsword

Formation omniscient oracles
1 Lord of change – lvl 3, 2 greater rewards
Kairos fateweaverHQ
Herald of tzeentch- disc of tzeentch, Lvl 2, exalted reward
Herald of tzeentch- disc of tzeentch, Lvl 2
Daemon prince of tzeentch- Lvl 3, wings

11 pink horror- icon of chaos, blasted standard
13 pink horror- icon of chaos, blasted standard

Screamers of tzeentch x8
Flamers of tzeentch x5
Flamers of tzeentch x5
Flamers of tzeentch x4

Soul grinder of tzeentch – phlegm bombardment
Soul grinder of tzeentch – phlegm bombardment
Burning chariot of tzeentch

Hey guys, we’ve just returned from Warhammer Fest! A big thanks to everyone who came and said “Hi!”, means so much to us! Sorry for the break but we’re back now and what better way than by celebrating 9k likes with a special report on our 6×6 board with stunning terrain, including a fortress. We plan to bring you a lot more reports very soon….watch this space! If you enjoy what you see please support us by sharing our reports, liking and also commenting! We love the interaction between our fans and ourselves. Finally, enjoy this battle between the ferocious Fenrisians and dastardly Deamons!
With the Space Wolves winning the roll-off, they choose to go first. For added visual epicness they elect to deploy on the fortress side giving the battle a fantastic overall feel. Just to remind you all, as a Purge the Alien mission, 1 victory point is awarded for each unit completely destroyed but we have changed Slay the Warlord to 3 points as both combatants are particularly tough. Manolo begins by deploying his converted razorback on the right flank. This amazing model won best painted model at our international No Retreat 2. Hmmm where do the Marines actually transport on? lol 😉


One of Manolo’s two longfang squads take advantage of the fortress and their long ranged weaponry by deploying towards the back behind some cover.


The toughest part of the Spacewolf army deploys in the centre of the deployment zone. These thunderwolf cavalry try to leave as little distance between the enemy and themselves, preparing to scout move forwards.


Wow! What a spectacular sight! For the first time on our reports, Kairos Fateweaver himself, painted beautifully by Chema. Making good use of the crates in front, he conceals himself as best as he can as he is the deamon warlord.


The numerous part of the daemons force scatter themselves throughout the deployment zone. Love the classic horror models, especially with their almost psychedelic scheme. Apologies for the mischievous one at the front!


Turn 1 (Space Wolves) With Chema failing to seize the initiative, even with a re-roll from his HQs formation, Manolo begins to drop down from orbit. This alpha strike is of utmost importance as the deamons won’t have a chance of buffing themselves up in their psychic phase. The first pod arrives and immediately poses a threat to the heralds on their discs.


Turn 1 (Space Wolves) After scouting forwards the Wolf Lord leads his pack forwards towards the closest enemy. They hope to get close enough to charge next turn which should be simple enough. Chema really has to deal with this tough unit fast as they can also pack a massive punch once they get close.


Turn 1 (Space Wolves) The longfangs take aim with their lascannons and open fire at the Soulgrinder on the right and manage to penetrate twice but some lucky rolls see both of them saved. Tzeentch is watching over you Chema!


Turn 1 (Space Wolves) The pod and its passengers open fire with everything they’ve got. Some plasma and melta shots, along with a lot of bolter fire convince Chema to jink. Along with some look out sir rolls the damage was limited to two screamers. A decent start for the Space Wolves.


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) The denizens of the warp begin their advance. Here is a clearer picture of what the Chaos Deamons deployment looks like.


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) With a massive flap of its wings the Lord of Change flys forth, targeting the most threatening of the Space Wolf units, the thunderwolves. A wave of his staff emits a volley of flickering fire. 13 hits which wounded a total of 8 times leads to two wolves biting the dust…OUCH!


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) Seeing how well the multi-coloured fire had worked, Kairos attempts to copy his Lord of Change. His Flickering fire hits a few less times but still manages to cause 5 wounds, one more Thunderwolf cavalry is removed. This is turning out to be a good turn for Chema, the cavalry were amongst the most dangerous of the opposition.


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) The Warpstorm rages on and apparently that last psychic phase was not good enough for the dark gods. Chema is punished with a minus one to all of his invulnerable saves.


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) Chema orders his closest Soulgrinder to fire upon the newly disembarked Space Wolves. With relative ease, three are removed.


Turn 1 (Chaos Deamons) The Tzeentchian Prince attempts to manifest yet another flickering fire but rolls a perils. Failing his save, he takes a wound leading swiftly to a second as he also manages to fail his grounding test. Tzeentch doesn’t wish to make things easy for Chema it would seem! Awesome conversion here!


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Njal Stormcaller and his retinue drop down from orbit. The marines ready their bolters, taking aim as the air around Njals staff becomes thin and sparks start to crackle.
Turn 2 (Space Wolves) The first of Manolos infiltrators, a lone wolf, enters the fray with his sights set firmly on one of the Soulgrinders


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) The other Lone wolf takes a similar path along the other flank with his quarry, a Soulgrinder, before him.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) A unit outflanks but is unfortunate enough to arrive on the emptier of the board sides.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Njal swings his staff infront of him and summons the wrath of mother Fenris. Alas poor rolls meant that only three hits were achieved. The Grimoire however, saves the deamons from any harm


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Seeing him on the ground, the Thunderwolf Cavalry waste no time and rush to surround the Prince as best they can.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) The Razorback picks up the scent of the Souldgrinder and faces him. The twin-linked lascannons line up straight at him as the shot charges up….


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) BOOM! As bits of daemon flesh disintegrate and pieces of armour plating fly into the surroundings, Manolo picks up First Blood for killing the Soulgrinder.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Njals unit open fire at the heralds and their screamers. The jink saves go well and only one screamer is taken out with a wound also being allocated to one of the heralds.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Prioritising Slay the Warlord (as this scenario awards 3 points), the Long Fangs use their anti-air missiles in an attempt to take down Fateweaver. A total of two saves are forced and Chema only saves one of them.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) The outflanking unit try to fire some quick shots at the flying psychic beast and luckily enough manage to force another save which results in a wound.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) Taking advantage of the fact that a Prince fell from the sky, the Thunderwolves are prepared to do their thing as they charge straight at him without a second thought.


Turn 2 (Space Wolves) The Prince is challenged by the Wolf Lord who soaks up all of the wounds inflicted by the prince with his Stormshield. The thunderhammer wielding cavalry retaliate making the resilient demon hide look like wet paper. The Prince is banished to the warp for another thousand and one days


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) The Deamon reserves arrive and elect to appear as close to the two Long Fangs at the fortress as possible as it is them who are dishing out the pain to Chemas monstrous creatures with their high strength weapons.


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) What a sight! Chema commands Kairos and his Lord of Change to one side of the battlefield creating and epic scene as they fly over the Thunderwolf cavalry. WOW! <3


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) Arriving from the warp, a chariot appears close to the horrors hoping to provide some support. I just have to mention how much I like this colour scheme, think it really captures the Tzeentchian feel!


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) With a wave of his hand, Kairos unleashes a volley of pink and blue bolts of fire at the Thunderwolves but even the best of psykers are affected by the perils of the warp. The spell goes off but Chema rolls extremely poorly and gets very few shots which doesn’t manage to do any damage. The perils cost Kairos a wound.


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) The Warpstorm is fickle. As it swirls and thunders, a random enemy psyker is in for a bad day. Having to pass a leadership test on 3D6 or face the consequences and be turned into a herald, a Runepriest falls victim to the dark Gods power.


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) Two units of the Flamers of Tzeentch unleash a wall of flame at the Long Fangs and cook them in the tin cans they call power armour.


Turn 2 (Chaos Deamons) The Screamers take the initiative and assault the unit that would otherwise charge at them. The Screamers use their powerful mandibles to bite into two of the Marines impaling them. Revenge is served however as one screamer falls, resulting in a draw.


Get your amazing pearl white SN custom dice and custom wooden box. (For those interested in purchasing these dice and box you can order them now for £19.99 + Shipping PM for more details!) Now back to the report……


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) Having outflanked last turn the unit of Grey Hunters make their way along the battlefield. Off in the distance they hear terrible screams as the putrid smell of burning hair and flesh fill the air. They were now very aware that the dread flamers of Tzeentch were about, leaving nothing but smoldering pools of organic sludge in their wake.


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) The Long Fangs take aim at Karios. Confidently, Chema decides not to jink as it would diminish the results of his next psychic phase greatly. Two solid shots make contact with the great deamon but he manages to pass both 5++ saves leaving him unscathed.


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) This amazing Razorback plans on making the most of his twin-linked lascannon and fires at the flying Lord of Change. Chema opts not to jink as he values the possibility of a game changing shooting psychic phase too much. Thanks to the re-roll, Manolo scores a hit. He wounds and Chema fails his invulnerable, seeing the Lord lose a wound.


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) After having just taken out a Deamon Prince, the Wolf Lord is still hungry for some more combat and moves towards the unit of Pink Horrors close by.


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) This unit charge towards the Flaming Chariot in the hopes of getting some good use out of the powerfist.


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) The Wolf lord charges straight in to combat! What a sight! Although he is surrounded by Tzeentchian minions, who appear too large in number, the Wolf Lord swings his hammer in huge arcs whilst also bashing the Horrors with his shield. The Thunderwolf also wraps its jaws around one of deamons and shakes it around violently ripping it to shreds. All in all the Lord manages to take out 4 of these multi-coloured fiends, winning combat. Although they won’t run, they do suffer from Demonic Instability, causing a further 2 casualties. This is deffo one of my favourite photos in a long time! Remind me of one of my fav series The Walking Dead and its zombies!


Turn 3 (Space Wolves) Charging headlong into the chariot, the powerfist finds its mark as the chariot explodes in a fiery display of neon colours


Turn 3 (Chaos Deamons) Chemas movement begins once more as the famous Kairos flys forth, ready to unleash a torrent of deadly flame.


Turn 3 (Chaos Deamons) The flamers get into position, maximising the amount of damage they could possibly deal. Luckily enough (for Chema of course) the flamers manage to wipe all the Long Fangs out. The horrid stench, filling the air once more.


Turn 3 (Chaos Deamons) Combat continues as both side lash out against each other with blades and claws when finally the herald and his unit fall. The powerfist and Njal doing most of the dirty work.


Turn 4 (Space Wolves) Inching ever closer to the fight, the Grey Hunters now manage to land some shots and take out a single flamer. That’s still plenty of potential wounds he won’t have to roll saves for!
Turn 4 (Space Wolves) The unit embarked on the Razorback decide to set out on foot and open fire on the Pink Horrors once they are in range. The bolter shots manage to land cleanly on four of the deamons, taking them out easily. Note: We would like to mention that the reason you’re not seeing any Blue or Brimstone horrors is that we didn’t have the models to represent them. So, following the rules and the SN code, we decided not to use them.
Turn 4 (Space Wolves) Just a view from the Grey Hunters perspective as they fire over the trenches and fortress walls in an attempt to avenge their fallen comrades.


Turn 4 (Chaos Deamons) The flamers hover eerily towards the grey hunters and manage to land 9 templates worth of hits on them. With more than a handful of saves to make, the sheer number of rolls inevitably makes for one dead terminator and three more marines.


Turn 4 (Chaos Deamons) Kairos lands this turn and charges the drop pod and bringing down the weight of his staff, crushes it like a tin can. After this combat was resolved, both players decided to call it a game. Manolo saw that due to the size of the battlefield and the way his units were scattered, it would take him far too long to accomplish what he needed to in order to stay in the game with only one turn remaining with a possible other it was near impossible. Chaos Daemons: 9 Space Wolves: 6 Victory to the Chaos Daemons! What a great game and fantastic setting. We hope you enjoyed it. Now, to the player conclusions…


Manolo: The truth is that was a very fun game, two lists totally out of the ordinary! We have tried many different units that we normally never play and the truth is that it has been very fun! At the very start of the game, in my opinion, the game could easily have been won if the Thunderwolves had made their charge on turn 1. Even up until the 4th turn it seemed that I had more points but as always the Daemons are ever changing and he won the game by 3 points difference. It must be said that Chema is a tough player and playing against him is always a pleasure. The table and the scenery have proved to be a perfect arena for the battle and especially for my Space Wolves. In addition to this, as always SN have been great with us. So I greatly appreciate this opportunity to make another report with them and hope to return soon to make another !!! P.S. Chema, I’ll get you in the next match!!!!


Chema: The main problem I saw was the unit of Thunderwolves that could destroy any of my units without a problem, so I pulled psychic powers (primary discipline change that was 4d6 at S5). I risked a lot in the first turn. If Manolo’s charge had arrived, the tables would have been turned. Manolo is a very good player and knows how to get the best out of his army, but the psychic abilities of tzeentch changed the battle. I deep striked the Flamers to harass the Long Fangs, as they were hiding at the back of the battlefield and knew they would harass me the entire game. He will soon take his revenge in the new edition 🔥🔥🔥 Thanks to SN team for another great battle report, so spectacular!! So much quality in scenery and armies!!




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