Battle Report (Orks vs Blood Angels)


A wet snap and the diminutive greenskin tumbled to the ground, lifeless, its head pointing at an unnatural angle to the rest of its body. Its killer melted back into the shadows, wrapping the obscurity about himself like a second cloak. He moved surely and swiftly from one pool of inky darkness to another, the light seemingly retreating from him forming a moving island of blackness. The filthy xenos hovels began to grow and take more of a workshop-like appearance in scale as he approached the centre of the settlement.

Grots were thick on the ground and the cowled intruder slowed his hitherto speedy insertion, clinging to the edges of ramshackle buildings and ducking behind piles of scrap. The raucous sounds of Greenskin industry provided more than ample cover for his approach and the inevitable slaying of the odd Grot or dozen.

Though the xenos had no structured patrol routes or picket lines their sheer number and anarchic nature made infiltration even more hazardous than most Imperial facilities. Even the most thorough security system was still just a system. Timings, patterns, routes. All these could be learned and circumvented but the orks chaotic nature meant that there was no rhyme or reason to their movements, just the promise of mind numbing violence round every corner.

The shadowed figure crouched behind a pile of rusty debris, hazarding a glance over the lip of his meagre cover before he dived for the umbral murk offered by an open disposal culvert. That stolen glance had confirmed his suspicions. Dozens of hastily scrabbled together greenskin vehicles, their ramshackle appearance deceiving but their murderous potential was not to be underestimated. The gathering of so much xenos armour meant that the final push would come soon and shortly would come the mailed fist that would shatter resistance here and on a dozen more Imperial holdings throughout the sub-sector.

Such a realignment of Astra Militarum resources was not to his liking. Reaching into the voluminous folds of his tattered cloak he withdrew a gilt box inlayed with mother of pearl and rubies cut to resemble tears of blood. Such an over worked trinket, he thought. So gaudy, so unnecessary… He depressed the activation stud and hurled the transponder into the Ork vehicle park. In mere moments the artisans of that overwrought bauble would home in on its signal and bring death and fire from the heavens.

That the signal should be coming from the Trabizonian 47th in their attempt to retake the Pontic curtain walls would bother the Sons of Sanguinius not at all. Such a concentration of enemies would ensure their full commitment to the battle. A series of high altitude concussive booms reverberated throughout the scrapheap accretion under which he waited.

The scions of the IX legion of yore were as fleet as always in prosecution of their preferred way of war. In a single smooth motion he drew both his pistols and rolled out of his hide into a world erupting with fire and transhuman violence.

Deployment: Special Deployment

Points: 2000pts

Mission: Purge the Alien

Special Rules: Blood Angels can deep strike as from turn one.

Big Mek
‘Eavy Armour , Bosspole, Cybork Body, Killsaw, Kombi-weapon w/ Skorcha,
 Mekboy Junka
‘Ard Case , ‘Eavy Plates, 3x Big Shoota, Deff Rolla, Turret-mounted Big Zzappa
Boss Meganob, Pair of Killsaws
Meganob, Pair of Killsaws
Meganob, Pair of Killsaws
10x Gretchin  Runtherd, Grot-prod
10x Gretchin  Runtherd, Grot-prod
10x Gretchin  Runtherd, Grot-prod
Fast Attack
Fighta-bomba (FW)
2x Bomm, 2x Grot Bomm , 2x Rokkit
Grot Tanks x4 Rokkit, Big Shoota x2, Skorcha, Rockit Launcha
Heavy Support
Big Trakk
2x Big Shoota, Grot Riggers, Reinforced Ram, Supa-kannon
Deff Dread [120pts]
Extra Armour , Grot Riggers, 2x Power KlawKilla Kans
 Killa Kan Extra Armour , Grot Riggers, Skorcha
 Killa Kan Extra Armour, Grot Riggers , Rokkit Launcha
 Killa Kan Extra Armour , Grot Riggers, GC
Extra Armour , Grot Riggers , Kustom Force Field
Lord of War

Kill Krusha Tank
Big Shoota ,2x Grot Bomm , 2x Grot Sponson, 4x Rockit Launcha


Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack, Power Sword, Bolt Pistol

Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack, Power Sword, Bolt Pistol, melta bombs

Sanguinary Priest
Jump Pack, Power Sword,


Tactical Squad x10 Marines, Flamer, heavy flamer, combi flamer

Fast Attack:

Assault squad x10 marines, 2x melta guns, Veteran Sgt, power sword, melta bombs,

Assault squad x10 marines, 2x melta guns, Veteran Sgt, power maul, melta bombs, combat shield

Assault squad x10 marines, 2x melta guns, Veteran Sgt, power axe, melta bombs, plasma pistol

Heavy Support:

Storm Raven Gunship


Furioso Dreadnaught

Sanguinary Guard x5 Infernus Pistol, Chapter Banner

Lord of War:

Lord Commander Dante

So here we have it guys, our final 40k battle report using the 7th edition rules. It has been a great run while it lasted but after today we will promptly be introducing the eagerly anticipated 8th edition to our future reports. So with this in mind we thought it was about time we brought out our new studio Ork (Grot) army painted by the amazing Stiff Neck Studio to battle against the Blood Angels and give 7th edition it’s sending off. The team set up another fantastic board using the awesome Wargame Terrain Factory ork scenary and with this we’re good to go!
Our good friend John Causton did some amazing work with some of the scatter scenery being used today.
As the sun rises this Ork factory appears to be quiet. But it’s not long before the silence is broken when the Orks fire up their engines after receiving some intel that there is a chance of an approaching attack.
Julian sets up his Orks, castling around the Morkanaut taking full advantage of his Kustom Force Field so that all the surrounding units gain their 5+ invulnerable from shooting. The Orks are unsure where the Blood Angels will land but wherever that may be, the Orks will be ready!
Turn 1 (Orks) Julian advances with his whole army to gain some more ground, while making sure the Kustom Force Field is used to its max potential. “Slow and steddy boyz!” A couple of the grots were feeling ambitious and tried to wrap round the terrain to lay down some pot shots at Cypher.
Turn 1 (Orks) The 3 Grots try their luck, but as expected, none were able to penetrate Cypher’s armour.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) It’s time for Steven G to take a hold on this game and begin the Blood Angel’s alpha strike. Dante and his retinue of Sanguinary Guard, deepstrike aggressively on the Orks front line.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) The Assault Marines follow suit and deepstrike along the frontline as well. This is surely set out to be a bloody battle!
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) DATA REDACTED…..
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) Steven G fires his meltas from both assault units at the Killa Kans, but with some below average rolling, was only able to kill one off and knock a scorcha off another.
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) DATA REDACTED……
Turn 1 (Blood Angels) DATA REDACTED……
Turn 2 (Orks) Julian successfully rolls his reserve roll for the Fighta-Bomba, which is not the best news for Steven G as his units are still clumped together from their deepstrike.
Turn 2: Orks And there we have it, the Ork’s Grot Bomb payload is unleashed and lands directly ontop of the Marine Assault unit. Steven G has some terrible luck, and despite having his 3+ as well as feel no pain, he still managed to lose 4 Marines! Ouch!
Turn 2 (Orks) The Killa Kans move towards one of the Marine units, while the Grot Tanks move in single file to the other. There’s no holding back for the Orks, for they are Orks after all!
Turn 2 (Orks) The Morkanaut traverses forward to Dante and the Sanguinary Guard. There’s no messing about here, the Orks will never shy away from throwing themselves into close combat at any given moment.
Turn 2 (Orks) The Killa Kans, Grot Tanks and Gretchin also follow suit and advance as close to the Blood Angels as possible.
Turn 2 (Orks) Julian starts his shooting phase off with some combined fire from the Grot Tanks and Gretchin against the already weakened Marine unit. Again some more subpar rolling from Steven G sees another 3 Marines die off.
Turn 2 (Orks) The Orks don’t care about firing their big weapons in such close proximity to the enemy. So with that in mind the Morkanaut shoots his Kustom Mega-kannon at the Sanguinary removing one of them outright.
Turn 2 (Orks) The Kill Krusha Tank splits its fire between Cypher and the yet unscathed Assault Marine unit. Cypher was able to save his wounds, however the Marine unit was not quite as fortunate and lost 6 of their troops from a single volley.
Turn 2 (Orks) The Blood Angels are struggling to maintain their ground from the full force of the Orks firepower. They are in desperate need for some much needed reinforcements at this point.
Turn 2 (Orks) However, the Orks have not quite finished yet with their shooting as they load up the Big Trakk’s Supa-Kannon.
Turn 2 (Orks) The Supa-Kannon fires at the Assault Marines, but with some marginal scattering, 3 of them miraculously survived.
Turn 2 (Orks) With the shooting phase over, the Orks are still not done yet and the Morkanaut and Deff Dread both charge in to the Sanguinary Guard. This should be interesting!
Turn 2 (Orks) Up first are the Blood Angels. Unfortunate for them only the Sanguinary Priest’s melta bomb can damage the Morkanaut, which failed to make contact. Dante is also the only figure, aside from the Priest, who can damage the Deff Dread. Steven G lines up his dice and gets 4 hits. He is needing 6’s to glance and…
Turn 2 (Orks) Unbelievably he gets three 6’s killing the Deff Dread before he is able to perform any attacks! Wow! Julian did not anticipate that happening. It’s down to just the Morkanaut now, however Dante was able to tank the hits while only suffering a single wound. The Blood Angels were then able to break free from the combat with a successful hit and run roll.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The Blood Angels were able to bring in their flyer, a much needed reinforcement! Steven G flies very aggressively straight into the heart of the Orks forces, hoping to be able to survive the turn and drop in some crucial support.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The Sanguinary Guard know that something needs to be done about the Morkanaut as they will struggle to find a way to deal with it as the battle progresses.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) So with this in mind, Dante swings back to the rear of the Morkanaut to try and get a sneaky shot with his Inferno Pistol. He made contact, but the Kustom Force Field deflected the shot and no damage was taken.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) Steven G finished off his shooting phase with some abysmal rolling when he was only able to score a single glancing hit from his lascannons at the Orks Kill Krusha Tank. So he thought it was about time to try his luck at what the Blood Angels do best and start launching some assaults. His first decision was to get his already whittled down Assault Marines in contact with the Killa Kans. They did manage to explode one of the Kans and leave the last with one hull point while sustaining no casualties.
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) DATA REDACTED….
Turn 2 (Blood Angels) The last unit of Assault Marines charged the Grot Tanks, and despite them almost being wiped out, they still managed to kill off all the Grot Tanks, bar one being left with only a single wound. Dante and the Sanguinary Guard also charged themselves into combat with the Morkanaut, this time taking off 3 hull points thanks to Dante’s furious charge attacks. Dante also tanking all the Morkanauts close combat attacks in return with his 4+ invulnerable.
Turn 3 (Orks) Julian knows that if he can eliminate the Stormraven somehow he would be in a decent position to take this game. Therefore he moved the Fighta-Bomba over to try and get as much air-to-air-dakka as possible.
Turn 3 (Orks) The Big Trakk rolls out of the way and in comes some more brave (or suicidal rather) Gretchin to go face to face against Cypher.
Turn 3 (Orks) With most of the Blood Angels in combat Julian tries his luck with firing the Kill Krusha’s Tank Krusha Kannon directly at the Stormraven. Steven G jinks as was right to do so as Julian scored a direct hit! Unfortunately for the Orks the Blood Angels passed their jink save. If he hadn’t he was in for S10 Ap2 armourbane weapon, which would have had a good chance at blowing the Stormraven right out of the skies and does some serious damage to the passengers.
Turn 3 (Orks) The Gretchin couldn’t get any lucky pot shots at Cypher, so rather foolishly they charged and hoped for the best. Once again, it backfired and Cypher made light work of the unit. Although they were able to leave Cypher with a single wound, which in their eyes would have been a grand victory.
Turn 3 (Orks) The final unit of Gretchin charge into the Assault Marines and give the Killa Kan some much needed assistance.
Turn 3 (Orks) As seems to be the trend for the Orks this turn, the Gretchin fail miserably and end up fleeing the combat. The Killa Kan however remained unfazed and stayed in combat. The Morkanaut also landed all of its attacks at Dante, but Dante was able to shrug all the wounds bar one. Yes again!!! The only other success Julian had this whole turn was passing a single It Will Not Die roll for the Morkanaut.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Blood Angels begin their turn by hovering the Stormraven and disembarking the Contemptor Dreadnought in the centre of the Orks forces.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Tactical Marines also jump out of the Stormraven directly in front of Mekboy Junka’s vehicle, which had yet to score even a single hit against anything the entire game.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Steven G’s final reserve unit also makes an appearance deep striking behind the Kill Krusha Tank. This could turn into one hell of a bloody round against the Orks!
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Cypher….. DATA REDACTED…………
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) Things are well and truly getting messy now. The Contemptor Dreadnought and Tactical Marines both charge the closest vehicles in their sight.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) And here we have it guys, we wanted to end our final 40k 7th Ed. battle report with a bang, and we got far more than we expected. The Contemptor Dreadnought absolutely ripped to shreds the Ork’s Superheavy, but one might say a bit too well. The Kill Krusha Tank went apocalyptic and blew the daylights out of everything around it with a strength D blast landing on both of the Blood Angel vehicles! The Dreadnought took 12 hull points worth of damage!! That along with…
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) The Stormraven bearing 9 hull points worth of damage! Yup Julian rolled a 6 on the D table for each unit, madness! I guess it was a bit of poetic justice for Julian after the Flyer passed it’s jink save the previous turn. Now that was epic! The Tactical Marines made light work of Mekboy Junka’s vehicle glancing it to death in combat. Dante again took another wound off the Morkanaut, but all the other combats remained uneventful.
Turn 3: Blood Angels The Big Mek and Meganobz disembark from their transport and head in the direction of the recently deployed Assault Marines.
Turn 3 (Blood Angels) As a final blow, to what has already been a disastrous turn for the Orks, the Sanguinary Priest was able to kill off the Morkanaut with his melta bomb. In the photo we have Lawrence who is Steven G’s dice monkey, responsible for rolling all the best rolls for the Blood Angels today, taking much pride in his recent achievement, much to Julian’s demise.
Turn 4 (Orks) With things looking rather bleak at this point for the Orks, Julian still refused to throw in the towel without a fight. The Fighta Bomba moves again into position to drop another payload.
Turn 4 (Orks) The Meganobz continue their advance at the Assault Marines. They’ve witness all this death and carnage all around them and they don’t want to miss out in dealing some of it
Turn 4 (Orks) The Bomb is dropped, and considering it is only Ap4, it still managed to kill 6 Tactical Marines from a single hit!
Turn 4 (Orks) With combined fire from the Fighta Bomba, and close combat from the Meganobz, the Orks were able to whittle the Assault Marines to just 2 models. But even then the Blood Angels refused to fall back!
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) The few surviving Blood Angels got themselves in combat with the rapidly diminishing Ork forces. The Gretchins and Grot Tank were unable to survive, but the Killa Kan refused to die.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) The Sanguinary Guard had enough movement to bring them into combat with the Meganobz and make light work of them.
Turn 4 (Blood Angels) With the last Meganob facing death, that just left Julian with a single Killa Kan and a Fighta Bomba. Was there anything at this point the Orks could do!?
Turn 5 (Orks) Probably not! But that wasn’t going to stop Julian sneaking in a final kill. The Bomm was a success and they were finally able to kill off Cypher….or did they?!
Turn 5 (Blood Angels) However, would Julian’s Killa Kan that has been locked in combat for practically the entire game, manage to maintain his ground against the remaining force of the Blood Angels and their rage?
Turn 5 (Blood Angels) As you probably expected… No. The Sanguinary Guard just ripped the Killa Kan apart into a heap of smoldering scrap metal, and from there the roll for Turn 6 is made, but the game ends. Blood Angels Victory!

Julian: What an epic battle that was! I really thought the game was in my favour for the first couple of turns, however it was not meant to be today. Dante kept passing his 4+ invulnerables as if they were 2+’s. Personally I think that that was the main reason for the Orks downfall today, but that is not to undermine the fact that Steven G played a great game! I’ve never had the opportunity to play with Orks since 2nd edition, so this was a steep learning curve for me. Especially the fact that the list was not one you traditionally see Orks use, which was very cool in itself nevertheless. The highlight of the game for me by far was the apocalyptic explosion from the Kill Krusha Tank, which landed a D blast on the Blood Angel’s flyer and dreadnought evaporating them out right. It was a spectacular event to see when I rolled a 6 on the D table for each unit an watching the carnage unveil. I felt this was a great game to finish off my run of 7th edition 40k games. I would like to thank Steven G for being a great opponent, and Lawrence, despite Lawrence being responsible for Dante not dying the whole game. Again a special mention to Stiff Neck Studio for their amazing service with our commissioned ork army.

So until then, I will be throwing out my scatter dice and templates for the next 40k battle report as we will now be entering in the world of 8th edition. Excited is an understatement!

Steven: Well, that was certainly brutal! When Steven said he wanted a full deep strike list I jumped at the chance to make a good old 5th edition Descent of Angels force. Then some one said we should include <data redacted>. Turned up to find a board liberally sown with orky structures… “How in the f am I going to deepstrike into that?” After a stern talking to from Steven and much piss taking from Julian I manned up and did what any true son of Sanguinius would: I risked it for a biscuit. Even with Dante granting re-rolls two units failed to show up (including the double team supreme of Stormraven and Furioso) and tbh I thought I was done by the end of Julians turn 2 but the the Blood Angels love a good fight and with the shiny golden god (Dante) himself leading them they delivered BIG STYLE. Dante axing a Deff Dread to death, doing the same to a Morkanaught and then wiping out the warlord and his retinue… Like a boss. Major props to the Furioso for ripping apart the super heavy only to lose 12HP to the resultant D blast. Also <data redacted> performed really well, chewing through a mountain of grots to menace Julians right flank all on his lonesome. Major respect for Julian for making a real go of it with an army he knew NOTHING about. Seriously, never seen anyone refer to the rules so much! Great game in great company and a fond farewell to 7th edition from me. The last hurrah of the nipple wing? Watch this space.


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