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Here at SN we are excited to announce the launch of our new and improved website! It has been a while in the making, but we are very pleased with results and we are sure that you will love it too. Some of the things you can expect to see are as follows:

New and Improved Image Quality

As it stands we have been held back with the restricted image compression rates that Facebook provides, which has served us well for now, but it is now a time to branch out further. We will be hosting the images ourselves, so therefore aside from the greatly improved image quality, it will also fix the issue from the image links breaking when posting the reports on our website. We also understand that not everyone has access to Facebook, so this way our reports will be visible to anyone and will be viewable in full screen too if desired.

Online Store

A fully functioning online store with a variety of SN merchandise that can be bought by anyone. Make sure you check it out for some great T-Shirts, official SN Dice and other goodies.

Improved Structure

Even just browsing your desired battle report or article will be an absolute doddle now with our improved layout. Everything is just sleeker and easier on the eyes and I’m sure you’d find it great too.

Online Videos

Despite we are devoted to recreating battle reports visually through images (similar to the old school White Dwarf reports that were once seen), we will be releasing some videos of our own. Fans can expect more video interviews for our Initiative 10 series, amongst special No Retreat videos and much more!

Central Link

Through the new website you will be able to be hyperlinked to all official SN social media sites. They include Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, etc, so make sure you like, follow, and sign up to them too.

Data Crypt

Perhaps our biggest news and what we are most excited to announce is the official release of our new membership subscription area, the Data Crypt. For just £2.99 a month (£29.99 yearly subscription), members can expect to be given a lot more exclusive content. We will be releasing one battle report a month for free that anyone can view, however Data Crypt members will not only get to view the free battle report, but an additional 3 battle reports a month! Not only this, but members will also get access to exclusive SN articles that include Armies on Parade, Army/Unit reviews, and other similar content. We are very proud of the Data Crypt and we are positive you will love it too!



  1. We need to pay to view battle reports now? Seriously guys, warhammer is dying because people are trying to turn a much beloved hobby into any old business that cares nothing but for profits, I understand the need to make some coin but denying it to people unless they pay will have the opposite effect

    • Hi Oscar, thanks for your message. It takes us 14+ hours, yes 14 hours or more from start to publish in every report (not counting the preparation and arrangement making beforehand). It is not only time consuming (with time being precious in our busy lives, we all have full time jobs) which takes away from time spent with family but also very expensive as we need to pay our rent for the studio, buy lights, cameras, software, armies, terrain, pay electricity etc. We just need a little income, we have worked for 3 years on this project with over 60 free reports! You don’t have to subscribe unless you want more than one a month. You will still have your free monthly one like you have always had but we would very much appreciate the support. I hope you understand how important this is to us and that this is a fundamental step for us if SN is to continue as we know it.


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