Battle Report (Adeptus Astartes vs Chaos Space Marines)


The red lighting failed momentarily as another violent shudder rocked brother Erkhad in his restraint harness. His weapon did its best to buck free of his grip despite the mag locks, such was the ferocity of high velocity orbital Insertion. The roar of Somansis’ atmosphere doing its best to incinerate them through violent friction muted by his armours auto-senses. The lights flickered back on painting the vibrating interior of the drop pod crimson. “Final weapons check.” Sergeant Donitar calmly voxed as if this were nothing more than a parade drill, not a meteoric descent into a tumultous hell.

Erkhad wondered how many combat orbital drops the sergeant had under his belt. Hundreds, thousands? His hands flowed over his grav cannon with practised familiarity, checking power couplings and diagnostic readouts, noting that everything was exactly as it should be without being conscious of any of it. His mind replaying tactica schema that his squad had overviewed less that two hours previously. He knew his part as did every Raptor in the unfolding battle. “Ten seconds!”
The sergeant’s voice broke his introspection and he readied himself for the violence to come, locking his armour joints rigid without a thought as he tensed his over muscled frame and exhaled all the air in his three lungs.
“Five seconds! Brace brace brace!”
Erkhad’s world went completely silent as his armour automatically cut all audio inload upon the retro rockets firing, the din was felt within his diaphragm even if unheard. His body compressed under G-loads that would turn a human to mush as the drop pod decelerated from terminal velocity to an approach speed just inside the mortality limits of the Astartes held within.

A bone crunching impact of such violence that Erkhad was convinced that they’d been hit by titan ordinance. They were dead. All of them. Thats why everythings so still now… The explosive bolts holding the ramps of the pod blew in a sharp series of cracks, the sides falling away like a speeded up flower blooming. Erkhad’s split second of uncertainty was banished from his thoughts as he was up and running clear before his ramp had touched the ground. The rest of his squad forming up just as quickly.

“Targets! Fire at will!” Erkhad depressed the trigger..

Mission: No Mercy

Deployment: Dawn Of War

Points: 1500(ish)

And here we go for our first ever 8th edition Battle Report! Are you excited because we certainly are! For this special occasion, we thought we’d take it back to basics, with Space Marines vs Chaos Space Marines, or Adeptus Astartes vs Heretic Astartes to give them their proper names.

Deciding on the board and terrain, we went for the Jungle boards and Ruins, along with the bridge running along one side.

Without further ado, lets get a look at the army lists and get this fight under way!

Adeptus Astartes (Raptors) – 1502 points

Battalion Detachment

Captain: Power Axe, Storm Shield
Librarian: Force Stave, Bolt Pistol

5x Scout Squad: Boltguns, Bolt Pistols

5x Scout Squad: Boltguns, Bolt Pistols

5x Scout Squad: Sniper Rifles, Bolt Pistols

5x Scout Squad: Sniper Rifles, Bolt Pistols

5x Terminator Squad: 3x Storm Bolters & Power Fists, 1x Assault Cannon & Power Fist, Sergeant with Storm Bolter & Power Sword

Land Raider Redeemer: Twin Assault Cannon, 2x Flamestorm Cannons, Multi-melta

5x Devastator Squad: 4x Bolt Pistols & Grav-cannon and Grav-Amp, Sergeant with 2 Bolt Pistols

Drop Pod: Storm Bolter

8x Assault Squad: 7x Bolt Pistol, Chainsword & Jump Pack, Sergeant with Eviscerator & Jump Pack

Heretic Astartes (Red Corsairs, Khorne) – 1516 points

Patrol Detachment

Chaos Lord on Juggernought: Power Axe, Bolt Pistol

Daemon Prince of Khorne: Hellforged Sword, Malefic Talons, Warp Bolter

5x Chaos Space Marines: 3x Bolters & Bolt Pistol, 1x Heavy Bolter & Bolt Pistol, Aspiring Champion with Bolter & Bolt Pistol

10x Chaos Cultists: Autopistols & Brutal Assault Weapons

3x Chaos Bikers: 2x Bolt Pistol & Meltaguns, Champion with Boltpistol

3x Chaos Bikers: 1x Bolt Pistol & Flamer, 1x Bolt Pistol & Meltagun, Champion with Combi-Melta

Maulerfiend: Maulerfiend Fists, Lasher Tendrils

Forgefiend: 2x Hades Autocannon, Daemon Jaws

Heldrake: Baleflamer

Heldrake: Hades Autocannon

Starting the game, both players rolled a dice to see who could choose their deployment zone. Chris won the roll, and picked his side.
Steven then got to deploy a unit first, and elected to place his Assault Marines on the left flank.
Chris then set up his Chaos Space Marine unit opposite, ready to pump out some Heavy Bolter shots down the field. They continued to place alternating units, with Steven finishing first and securing himself first turn.
The Land Raider was set up in the center of the battlefield. Steven elected to place the Captain, Librarian and Terminator Squad within when placing the model.
The Heldrake perched on top of the bridge, armed with the rarely seen in 7th edition Hades Autocannon.
Scout snipers, lining up the Chaos characters with their powerful scopes. No hiding from these boys.
Cultists hiding under the bridge, ready to make the long run up the board towards those Snipers.
Chris set up his two characters just behind the marines and one unit of bikers to provide their buffs to the nearby units.

With set up all done, Chris rolled to Seize the Initiative, but failed on a 5. Onto Raptors turn 1….

Turn 1 (Raptors)

Steven kicked it off by moving the Assault squad and Land Raider up the board. The scouts on top of the bridge moved towards the Heldrake at the other end.

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