Battle Report (Adeptus Mechanicus vs Tyranids)

The unnerving, ululating wail of eradication beamers drowned out the constant buzz of galvanic rifle and radium carbine fusillades and the piercing screams of their xenos targets. The gleaming white cohorts of Metalica’s Skitarii held a living tide of needle sharp teeth and chitinous claws at bay with their copious and esoteric ranged weaponry. Warmachines and infantry  concentrated their fire exactly where it would do most damage, switching targets and creating overlapping fields of fire and kill zones with nary a word being spoken, all commands being transmitted instantly via data uplink and noospheric downloads. The force fought as one, its many individual components working together like a well oiled machine in a way that was most pleasing to the Omnissiah.
The swarm adapted, spores began to rain down upon the Mechanicus’ position, balistarii and dune crawlers turned their fire skywards in instant response. Fewer than one in five spores landed to shower the Skitarii with their bio acid payloads, the rest eradicated by accurate ground fire. This had been the Tyranid strategy all along, by diverting fire to address the threat of the spores the main swarm had been able to close the distance dramatically, a wedge of monstrous xeno forms charging towards the skitarii manned barricades.
Dozens of kilometres behind the front lines a coven of magos tacticae processed this information in real time, their cybernetically enhanced minds linked together by thrice blessed copper nano-wires that transmitted all tactical data from the sensoria of all Adeptus Mechanicus military assets straight into their networked minds, from the mightiest titan god-machines, to the lowliest weaponised servitor. The Tyranid strategy was detected, analysed, categorised, reviewed, compared to previous Tyranid strategies encountered by the Imperium, stored for further review and 62 effective countermeasures proposed to combat this tactic. All in 0.0386 of a second. The most efficient plan was adopted and orders for its swift enactment sent out via noospheric data burst 0.2449 seconds after that. The Skitarii lines shifted instantly, gaps forming to absorb the Tyranid thrusts, flanks extending and advancing to catch their foes in deadly enfilades. For the Adeptus Mechanicus war was a complex equation where losses and suffering were naught but variables so long as the equations answer was victory.
Mission: Big Guns Never Tire
Deployment: Front Line Assault
Points: 1500


++ Auxiliary Support Detachment -1CP (Imperium – Adeptus Mechanicus) ++

+ Elites +

Cybernetica Datasmith: Gamma pistol, Power fist

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Imperium – Adeptus Mechanicus) ++

+ HQ +

Tech-Priest Dominus: Eradication Ray, Macrostubber

+ Troops +

Skitarii Rangers: Omnispex
. 2x Ranger (Arc Rifle): 2x Arc rifle
. Ranger (Transuranic Arquebus): Transuranic arquebus
. Ranger Alpha: Arc maul, Arc pistol
. 6x Skitarii Ranger

Skitarii Vanguards: Omnispex
. 7x Skitarii Vanguard
. 2x Vanguard (Plasma caliver): 2x Plasma caliver
. Vanguard Alpha: Arc maul, Arc pistol

+ Elites +

Sicarian Infiltrators
. Infiltrator Princeps
Flechette blaster & Taser goad: Flechette Blaster, Taser goad
4X Sicarian Infiltrator
Flechette blaster & Taser goad: Flechette Blaster, Taser goad

Sicarian Ruststalkers
. Ruststalker Princeps
Transonic blades and Chordclaw: Chordclaw, Transonic blades
4X Sicarian Ruststalker
Transonic Razor and Chordclaw: Chordclaw, Transonic Razor

+ Fast Attack +

Ironstrider Ballistarii
. Ironstrider Ballistarius: Twin Cognis Lascannon

Sydonian Dragoons
. Sydonian Dragoon: Taser lance

+ Heavy Support +

Kastelan Robots
. Kastelan Robot: Incendine Combustor
Heavy phosphor blasters: 2x Heavy Phosphor blaster
. Kastelan Robot: Incendine Combustor
Heavy phosphor blasters: 2x Heavy Phosphor blaster

Onager Dunecrawler: Broad Spectrum Data-tether, Cognis heavy stubber, Icarus Array

Onager Dunecrawler: Broad Spectrum Data-tether
. Neutron laser & cognis heavy Stubber: Cognis heavy stubber, Neutron Laser

+ Fortification +

Aegis Defense Line
. Gun Emplacement: Quad-gun

 ++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Tyranids) ++

+ HQ +

Old One Eye: Monstrous Crushing Claws, Monstrous Scything Talons, Thresher Scythe

Tervigon: Adrenal Glands, Massive Scything Talons, Stinger Salvo, Power: Catalyst

+ Troops +

16x Genestealers

. 10x Termagant (Devourer)
. 20x Termagant (Fleshborer)

Tyranid Warriors
. 4x Tyranid Warrior: Rending Claws, Scything Talons

+ Elites +

Hive Guard
3x Hive Guard: Impaler Cannon

+ Heavy Support +

. Carnifex: Monstrous Scything Talons, Stranglethorn Cannon, Thresher Tail
. Carnifex: Monstrous Scything Talons, Venom Cannon, Thresher Tail
. Carnifex: 2x Two Devourers with Brainleech Worms, Thresher Tail

Trygon: Bio-electric Pulse, 3x Massive Scything Talons, Toxinspike

The SN Team spent their time setting up this awesome terrain for today’s battle report. With 8th edition still being quite fresh to us we’re looking forward to seeing how the terrain plays out in our future games and battle reports. Today we’ve themed the board to be a barren desert with the only real terrain features being some potential line of sight blocking, rocky outcrops.

This board features some great work from our very own Lawrence. The entire boards themselves were also done by him and I think you’ll agree his done a great job!


Some more of the fantastic terrain features created by Lawrence. It really sets the tone down to how desolate this desert planet really is. Love it.


The objectives for today’s battle are represented by 4 of these imperial crates. Louis won the roll off and chose to deploy the objectives second, meaning that it gave him the chance to place the last objective and to nominate himself to deploy the first unit.


Tyranids Deployment

Julian’s deployment consisted of him keeping the Trygon and the unit of Genestealers in tactical reserves to emerge later using the Trygon’s subterranean assault rule. The Hive guard get deployed in some ruins while on Julian’s right flank we see the tide of Termagants. It’s a great sight to see the Tyranid swarm all bunched up together now without the worry of being extra vulnerable to 7th edition blast/template weapons.


Tyranids Deployment

The other Tyranid flank sees the true powerhouse units all huddled together hoping to crush anything that comes in their path.


Adeptus Mechanicus Deployment

Louis’s deployment has him setup the Aegis Defence line across the centre of his deployment area. The Rangers and Vanguards man the frontline adding extra protection to the Kastelan Robots.


Adeptus Mechanicus Deployment

The Ruststalkers are setup on the flank facing the Tyranid Carnifexes so that they may guard the Dunecrawlers who’s main role is to eradicate any of the large bugs that come near them.


Adeptus Mechanicus Deployment

The Dragoon deploys on the opposite flank to bolster the Adeptus Mechanicus forces a little against the horde of Termagants.


Once both players had finished alternating their deployments, the battle was ready to commence. Julian had finished first and was therefore set to take first turn. That is of course unless Louis is able to steal the initiative.

Louis goes to pick up one of the Tabletop Tactics dice hoping to receive the luck of the Spider that has become a known occurrence in Lawrence’s games. He rolls and…


…it works! Louis successfully manages to steal the first turn off Julian with all the thanks going towards the Spider’s luck. Julian was banking a great deal in getting first turn so as to close the gap between the armies before starting to endure any potential casualties. Let’s see if Louis is able to capitalise on this opportunity.


Turn 1 (Adeptus Mechanicus)

Down to the movement phase and contrary to what Louis probably believed his tactics to had been, he decides to abandon the Aegis Defence line with his Vanguard squad so that they may be in rapid fire range. The Adeptus Mechanicus want to ensure that they inflict as much damage as possible in this alpha strike.

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