Battle Report (Dark Angels vs Red Corsairs)


The angelic statues reflected from the flames in the centre of the square, lighting their lifeless cold bronze facade with a warm orange glow. Relics of a time long past, an imperium of a different age, now long dead.

The beacon illuminated the courtyard, its flames seemed to fight against the surrounding darkness, defiant in solitary existence on this ruined world.

Staring into the flame, Huron Blackheart lingered, as if absent minded, pondering on histories past and events yet to come. The amber light lapped against his crimson red armour, making it seem alive. He was no stranger to fire, he felt a comfort within his soul to witness its flames licking the dark sky, admiring its destructive beauty.

“Approach.” Huron commanded, still staring into the heart of the fire. A hooded figure emerged from the darkness, moving slowly into the light of the amber hue.

The space marine stepped forward, but did not kneel as many others would have done in his position, whether it be from fear or respect for The Tyrant of Badab.

He pulled back his hood, revealing a long scar down his cheek from close encounters past, which caused a slight curl in his lip. He stood there, gazing up the ancient stone steps to the beacon, centered in this forgotten courtyard, glaring at the back of Blackhearts power armour.

“This better work Krator, or the Dark Angels hunting you will be the least of your concerns…” Huron said, refusing to turn and engage the mysterious figure.

“They will come, I have made sure of it, this beacon is the signal. They will leave Praxus Prime unguarded to come for me, I am their weakness… and your strength, Huron. The die is cast, our deal is done.” Krator replied, standing stoic at the base of the beacons platform, his robes draped across his own jet black power armour fluttered in a passing gust of wind that howled through the empty ruins.

Huron Blackheart quickly turned to face Krator, clenching his monstrous power claw, its servo-enhanced muscle fibres hissing with  restrained power, suddenly his whole hand burst into flame, reaching skyward almost to the peak of the surrounding ruins, a whirling vortex of fire.

“THIS IS MY STRENGTH YOU WHELP!” Huron roared at the Space Marine below, who covered his eyes with the sheer intensity of unexpected light, which danced in the air unnaturally as if possessed with a will of its own. “We had a deal!” Krator shouted.

The flames subsided to a low flicker as Huron began to walk down the steps towards Krator.
“Here is my strength Krator” Huron tapped his temple with his finger, “my intellect, my cunning, the Corsair fleet will engage Praxxus and plunder that fat imperial world of its riches” he smiled at the thought. “You, my dear Krator” Huron raised his arms, “You are merely a puppet in this game, a deal? Ha! You’re nothing but a desperate animal in search of a new owner.”

“Now, I own you Krator, you will kneel before me, and call me Master… and my gift to you? For your… loyalty? ” Huron chuckled, “I will crush these Dark Angels that hunt you like the animal you are.”

Left with little choice, Krator bent the knee to Blackheart. Better that, he thought, than the torment that awaited him at the hands of the interrogator chaplains. “As you wish, my Master…”

Deployment: Dawn of War

Mission: The Relic (Immovable)

Points: 1525 points

++ Battalion (CP +3) (Heretic Astartes) ++

+ HQ +

Huron Blackheart

Daemon Prince: Wings, Hellforged Sword, Warp Bolter

+ Troops+

Chaos Cultists: Autopistols and Brutal Assault Weapons

Chaos Cultists: Autopistols and Brutal Assault Weapons

Chaos Cultists: Champion with Shotgun, 8x Autoguns, 1x Heavy Stubber

+ Fast Attack +

Bikers: Champion with Chainsword and Combi-bolter, 2x Chainsword, Combi-bolter and Meltagun

Bikers: Champion with Combi-bolter and Combi-melta, 1x Chainsword, Flamer and Combi-bolter, 1x Chainsword, Meltagun and Combi-bolter

++ Vanguard (+1 CP) (Heretic Astartes) ++

+ HQ +

Chaos Lord: Khorne, Juggernought, Bolt Pistol, Axe of Blind Fury

+ Troops +

Bloodletters: Bloodreaper, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos

Bloodletters: Bloodreaper, Daemonic Icon, Instrument of Chaos

+ Heavy Support +

Forgefiend: 2x Hades Autocannon, Daemon Jaws

Maulerfiend: Lasher Tendrils

Havocs: Champion with Powerfist and Bolt Pistol, 3x Bolters, 2x Lascannon, 2x Heavy Bolter

++ Vanguard (CP +1) (Dark Angels) ++

+ HQ +

Belial: Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield

+ Elites +

Deathwing Champion

Deathwing Terminators: Sergeant with Storm Bolter and Power Sword, 2x Chainfist and Storm Bolter, 1x Heavy Flamer and Power First, 1x Power First and Storm Bolter

Dreadnought: Missile Launcher, Twin lascannon

++ Vanguard Detachment (CP +1) (Dark Angels) ++

+ HQ +

Librarian: Terminator Armour, Force Stave, Storm Bolter

+ Elites +

Deathwing Knights: Master with Storm Shield and Flail of the Unforgiven, 4x Storm Shield and Mace of Absolution

Deathwing Terminators: Sergeant with Storm Bolter and Power Sword, 1x Cyclone Missile Launcher, Power Fist and Storm Bolter, 2x Power Fist and Storm Bolter, 1x Assault Cannon and Power Fist

Dreadnought: Missile Launcher, Twin Lascannon

Here we go again! Wow look at this amazing board set out by the team for this epic, classic encounter. The mat and all the terrain is supplied by our sponsors The perfect way to have a full, amazing board, straight out of the box and at affordable prices. Today we have the long awaited Dark Angels vs the studio Red Corsairs in what is bound to be an amazing game. So if you guys are ready lets get this game started!
The flaming Beacon in the centre is the main objective for this game. Perhaps it’s a crucial part for a Chaos Ritual?

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