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Battle Report (Carcharodons vs Harlequins)


Tyberos stalked silently through the umbral darkness despite the weight of his tactical dreadnought armour. Even though he found himself within the bowels of his battlebarge the ways of the silent predator were so ingrained in his very essence that he ghosted through the ships eternal night without conscious thought. The few wretched chapter serfs that found themselves in his path scuttled hurriedly to whatever recess they could find, they feared their inhuman masters for they had all seen the Carcharodons in action at least once and had witnessed their terrible cold fury. Bereft of recruiting worlds and often spending centuries at a time beyond the furthest reaches of the Imperium, the Carcharodons had been forced by necessity to turn to pressganging the untainted human survivors of their reavings. The most ruthless and savage were selected to become the next generation of Astartes, the rest manned the chapters extensive fleet and saw to its day to day business. Theirs was a life of silent and fearful duty, their world split between impenetrable darkness and the acid green view of their night vision goggles for the Carcharodons suffered no illumination aboard their ships. Predators of the lightless gulfs between the most far flung stars of the galaxy, they were born of the void and made darkness their abode.
Tyberos halted before a great circular portal, it’s bladed components irised open with the hiss of blade scraping on blade. Beyond, Tyberos skulked into a massive embarkation deck strewn with cannibalised wrecks of orbital craft from numberless origins. The carrion of war, a necessity to keep the fleet operational so far from friendly territory. Cleared areas amongst the heaps of scrap marked the presence of functioning craft, mostly thunderhawks and the odd relic stormbird interspersed with heavily modified civilian craft. The squads assembling before their transports nodded curtly at his passing, less a sign of deference and respect in the traditional military sense than a lesser predator acknowledging their inferiority before an apex killer. The gathered Astartes ghosted silently up the assault ramps of their transports without preamble or vocal commands. The eery stillness and quiet that had overtaken the embarkation deck was shattered by the whine of dozens of thrusters spooling up to maximum power, boarding claxons on strobing yellow hazard lights heralded the opening of the massive docking ports which parted like a giant maw in slow motion. A thin gauze of blue energy was all that separates the embarkation decks artificial atmosphere from the killed cold of outer space. With a roar of afterburners the transports set off in staggered order passing through the energy field to become sharpened silent daggers of murderous intent slicing through the vacuum towards their destined prey.

Mission: No Mercy

Points: 2000

Deployment: Spearhead Assault

++ Battalion Detachment +3CP (Imperium – Space Marines) ++

The Keepers of the Black Library wait with eager anticipation for their enemies. The Troupe Master, along with a Death Jester and Shadowseer lead the rest of the highly mobile forces, looking to abuse their speed. I’ve seen this army time and time again and it honestly looks awesome, can’t get tired of it!
The Harlequin Skyweavers prepare to jet up the side of their force, passenger with Zephyr Glaive tightly in hand. An epic shot of such an intimidatingly quick army! Let’s hope Jon is prepared!
The Carcharodons begin deploying, with a 5 man Combat Squad leading up the left side of the battlefield, looking to fire at any Harlequins that manage to get into their sights. Behind them, sits a Rhino, holding yet even more marines in order to back up their Brethren!
The Relic Deredeo Dreadnought along with the Relic Leviathan Dreadnought are deployed side by side with each other, offering massive amounts of firing support to the remainder of the army. These models look absolutely epic stood side by side with each other!
With both forces deployed and ready for action, both players roll off to see who starts. Ethan manages to win the roll off, and Jon attempts to seize, but fails to do so. On to Harlequins Turn 1.
Turn 1 (Harlequins)

The servants of the Laughing God waste no time making their way up the battlefield as quick as possible, weaving in and out of each other somewhat like synchronised swimmers, the patterns on the vehicles melding into each other as they move around, in order to disorient their enemies. Ethan moves them straight ahead, looking to make the most of their movement.

Turn 1 (Harlequins)

From the depths of the Webway, a gate opens, and from it, emerge a Troupe of 8 Harlequins, along with Ethan’s Shadowseer with the Twilight Pathways Psychic Power. This cost Ethan some Command Points in order to use the Stratagem Webway Assault. Jon then cleverly chooses to use 2 Command Points to use the Auspex Scan Stratagem in order to shoot at Ethan’s unit who counted as entering from reserve. He shoots at the Harlequins, but, in an almost comical fashion, the Harlequins move out of harms way, as the Space Marines fail to kill any of them.

Turn 1 (Harlequins)

The unit that appeared from the warp using the Webway Assault Stratagem along with the Shadowseer look to deal the first killing blow. In the Psychic Phase, the Harlequin casts Twilight Pathways, allowing the Troupe to move as if it were their Movement Phase, getting them dangerously close to the Combat Squad of Space Marines.

Turn 1 (Harlequins)

The Harlequin forces fire a seemingly endless volley of Shuriken and Prismatic weaponry at the Space Marines, looking to begin thinning the forces as much as they possibly can. Unfortunately, some very bad rolling sees Ethan’s forces only killing one Marine due to most other targets being concealed or having too high toughness for the Harlequin weaponry to punch through them.

Turn 1 (Harlequins)

The Troupe of Harlequins pounce around the battlefield effortlessly, looking for victims. With their eyes set on the Combat Squad as a potentially easy target, as well as the Rhino, Ethan opts to multi assault both units, knowing full well that the Marines can fall, and that there is a possibility of doing serious damage to the Rhino. They charge at blisteringly quick speeds, diving and dodging through the oncoming Overwatch fire, emerging at the face of their enemies completely unscathed. The agile Harlequins begin to cause terror on the battlefield, killing off the Combat Squad with ease, as well as doing 3 wounds to the Rhino! First blood goes to the Harlequins.

Turn 1 (Carcharodons)

The mighty Space Marine Carcharodons, known for their ferocious assaults move forward along the battlefield, looking to engage the Harlequins head on in combat. With the Teleport Strike rule, the mass of Terminators enter the battle, Lightning Claws at the ready to tear into the enemy.

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