Harlequin Skyweaver Jetbikes


As the Harlequins have very few units to select from, you are pretty much stuck for what you have to pick…that said, the units available to the Harlequins are by no means poor – quite the opposite actually. With access to many types of close combat weapons and some good fire power, they are not an army to be underestimated.

Today we focus on the Skyweavers…

Why take them?

Well for a start, they are crazy fast. Boasting a 16” move and an auto 6” advance thanks to their “Blur of Colour” special rule you have a solid 22” move. Coupled with the Harlequins ability to be able to charge after advancing, you will always be wanting to advancing these guys.

Another reason why these Skyweavers are worth taking is their -1 to hit them in the shooting phase thanks to Mirage Launchers which makes them much more survivable given that the Harlequins have an army wide +4 Invulnerable save. For me, this is brilliant as you really need to focus them down if taken in bigger units as it takes a tad more firepower to deal with them than their Aeldari cousins.

The weapons you can give the Bike boys are decent for anti-infantry or anti-tank; Shuriken cannons are the stock weapon that they are equipped with which have decent strength but you’re almost always going to be looking for 6’s for the blade storm ability to kick in. For that reason, my personal favourite is the Haywire Cannon, being able to deal mortal wounds to vehicles and have a -1 AP built into the profile (which for me is the kicker). Granted, only being strength 4 is an issue if your trying to take down heavy infantry, but on average you will get more shots at it as the cannons are also D6 shots.

Close combat is where they want to be mostly so having a Zephyrglaive is key for these guys to deal the damage to enemies, -2 AP and 2 Damage is great and will chew through most infantry in the game. With 3 wounds each they can stay around in combat for a couple of rounds.

Cons & Weaknesses

They are very expensive for what you get, big chunk of points gone if you lose them early.

They are Aeldari, which means low toughness and are very easy to wound even with your average bolter, sadly they die with lots of small arms fire making you take loads of saves which is most things do but there isn’t much strength 3 weapons about, so they will almost always been getting wounded on 4+.

They are also pretty weak In combat as they have taken a hit to the strength of their Zephyrglaive now only being +1 strength which only makes them strength 4 so very average for a combat orientated army, granted doing 2 damage at -2 is great but they struggle to scare any kind of heavy armour.

Tricks, Tactics and Strats.

There are loads of stratagems in the Harlequins codex that can make Skyweavers very tough to kill and and some tricks to use while you are in the combat, using “lightning fast reactions” and making them -2 to hit is a great one. You can also get these guys a 3+ invulnerable save when the unit advances with “Prismatic Blur”. Once you are engaged with the enemy you could make the unit fight twice but that one is 3CP so probably not worth it but the best and awesome stratagem in the codex is “Cegorach’s Jest” which allows you to shoot the unit that you are in combat with if they decide to fall back, that with Haywire cannons can be just as devastating as the combat

By Dan Buchanan, Team Hellstorm
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Disclaimer: This article is the authors opinion. Please note that opinions can vary. SN holds no responsibility of any tables being flipped by you or your opponent as a result from reading this article. 



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