Lord Kaldor Draigo


Lord Kaldor Draigo, Supreme Grand Master of the 666th, is as strong in lore as he is in game. Exiting and returning to the warp to smite daemonic and humanoid foe alike. As a competitive Grey Knight player, you will very rarely see me playing without Draigo.

Why take him? 

Draigo is the single most powerful character available to the Grey Knights, at a reasonable cost of 240pts, able to cast two powers and boasting an impressive 5 attacks with the ‘Titansword’. Draigo is reliably able to dish out 15 damage in combat. ‘Titansword’ is essentially a Nemesis Daemon Hammer with greater AP and without the inherent -1 to hit. Moreover, striking at WS2+ at S8 is already good, yet coupled with ‘Hammerhand’, Draigo is wounding Imperial Knights and Wraith Knights on a 3+. Draigo also boasts some auras that are often overlooked, ‘Chapter Master’ being the main culprit. However, ‘Bane of Evil’ is extremely powerful when used correctly, allowing Grey Knights within 6” to reroll damage rolls against daemons in the fight phase. Suddenly all the D3 damage force weaponry becomes very deadly – couple these aura abilities with ‘Finest Hour’ for 2CP and enjoy the tactical flexibility.

Strengths & Weaknesses 

Kaldor Draigo is deceptively durable with a 3++ and the character targeting rules of 8th edition. As briefly noted above, his combat prowess is where he shines. Accurate high-damage melee is the staple of any Grey Knight army and nobody does it better than Draigo.

Unfortunately, the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights was not blessed with speed only having a move characteristic of only 5”. Keep this in mind when moving around the table. To avoid finding myself out of position in no man’s land, I often take Gate of Infinity to keep up with the game.

Tricks, Tactics and Strats.

‘Super charging’ Draigo is a tactic I use regularly. ‘Heed the Prognosticars’ will give you a 2++, making you very difficult to shift. Casting ‘Hammerhand’ will see you wounding most tanks on a 2+, with -4 AP and flat 3 damage, expect to see a lot of explosions & wrecks. If Draigo does manage to fall, for 1CP you can fight again with ‘Honour the Chapter’. This is extremely cheap in comparison to our Adeptus Astartes counterparts and should be used almost every time Draigo or a Grand Master Dreadknight is slain in combat.

The way I personally use Draigo, is as a mobile buffing character. I often play with 2 Stormraven Gunships and a host of Interceptor Squads. Teleport shunting the Interceptors Turn 1 with Stormraven Gunship support is great, it becomes exponentially stronger when you can ‘Gate of Infinity’ Draigo in range to provide the reroll all failed hits aura. This essentially allows you to bypass the beta rules deep striking restrictions, guaranteed to take your opponents by surprise and deliver a deadly punch.

By Toby Meadows, Team Hellstorm

No Retreat 6 Runner up

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Disclaimer: This article is the authors opinion. Please note that opinions can vary. SN holds no responsibility of any tables being flipped by you or your opponent as a result from reading this article. 


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