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Battle Report (Craftworlds vs Adeptus Custodes)


++Ecclesiarchy System Wide Broadcast by Cardinal Boreas+++

Hail to you, my innumerable flock! For four score decades the brave men of the Astra Militarum have fought and won countless battles against the vile xenos who dare to defy mankind’s manifest destiny to rule the stars in the neighbouring Volgard System. But despite their heroism and our sacrifices the endless hordes of deprived Eldar always resurface to plague our realm! Fear not my children! Our prayers, our acts of devotion, our offerings of blood and faith have been heard by Him on holy Terra! Yes, the Emperor Himself, blessed be His name, has seen fit to intervene and end our misery! He sends His glorious golden host to smite those who defile His realm! Even now as your unworthy eyes read this sacred missive, the gilded guardians of the golden throne bring death and destruction to the xenos! Give thanks to the God Emperor and His Adeptus Custodes! Give thanks to your local shrine and temple for the sacred works of the ecclesiarchy have brought the Emperor’s light to our benighted quarter of His Imperium. Give heartily and secure His favour for His gaze lingers upon us! The Emperor protects.

++ Message Ends++

All mention of the Volgard Crusade censored by edictus absolutum of the Ordo Hereticus. All records of Adeptus Custodes deployment redacted. Access to Volgard system prohibited on pain of death/excommunication.

Glory to Him on Terra.

Points: 2000

Deployment: Hammer & Anvil

Mission: Bunker Assault (As you can see we changed the mission setup slightly to Hammer & Anvil, Buildings can not be destroyed but only captured)



Greetings all and welcome to another SN Battle Report! Today, we will be featuring SN’s Adeptus Custodes army, along with our brand new Alaitoc Craftworld force, freshly painted by John Causton. They look absolutely gorgeous and are definitely going to be a staple here at SN. Both Nick and Steven are going for the victory this game, as they are both playing relatively strong lists for today’s battle. Hold on to your seats boys and girls this is going to be a good one!

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