‘No Retreat 8’ 40k International Tournament Rules & Info


Closing date for applications is Friday 7th of December 2018 

Applicants will then be notified shortly after by Special Invite mail whether or not they have been successful & granted entry to the most exclusive event on the planet!

If you are interested in applying you must email us at team@snbattlereports.com with a short description about yourself and 5 or more high quality photos of you miniatures as stated below. If you do not have any photos of the army you wish to bring, then you can supply us with photos of other models you have painted, or that are being painted for you if you are getting them commissioned elsewhere. Emails must be sent by Friday 7th December 2018 the latest in order to be entered into the selection process. The SN team will then evaluate all applications and pick the 42 players we wish to see at No Retreat VIII and send them our exclusive invites (See Below) if they are successful and granted entry.

  • Applications must be in the following format:



Army/Armies Applying (Max 3):

Whatsapp Number:



Hobby Background and Description about yourself:

Instagram Name: (if applicable)

5  close up high quality bright photos of army/armies:

(Very Important the photos are bright and high quality with both full army shots and close ups being sent if possible. This is something we feel leaves a lot of applicants down in past applications, so please take your time and if needed follow the below image)

How did you hear of SN Battle Reports:

Are you a SN Plus+ member:


For information about ticket price, tournament rules and other information please open the link below.

– Event Pack Link –


This event will be an ITC event. To learn more about ITC please click here: www.frontlinegaming.org

If you are interested in signing up or require any further information, please contact us at team@snbattlereports.com


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