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Battle Report (Tyranids vs Chaos Space Marines)


“The chittering horde cometh before the storm.” Nehaydin’s silibant voice slithered unwelcome way into everyone’s ear regardless of whether they were in earshot or not. The sorcerer gestured grandiosely towards the horizon where a wall of dark clouds convulsed with lightning. The very weather reacted adversely to the ravenous Tyranids who even now were stripping the planet of its atmosphere to fill the Hive fleets gas bladders enough for another trip through the lightless void. The vacuum created by this leaching of the atmosphere manifested as a fierce wind that threatened to pull everything towards the Hive ships proboscis. The Tyranid’s hunger made manifest and all and sundry could feel it pulling them towards its ravenous and titanic maw.
The heretic Astartes paid the coming storm little heed as they made ready for battle whilst the human chattel cowered in the midst of giants. Even the baroquely armoured and spike festooned Astartes were dwarfed by the nightmare fusions of the daemonic and the machine that raged against their warded restraints. Acolytes of the Dark Mechanicum, more machine than tainted flesh, hurried about their charges making them ready with liberal blood sacrifices to the Dark Gods.
Huron Blackheart, master of the Maelstrom and Lord of the Red Corsairs strode forth, his augmetics hissing and whirring with every movement, his thick fur cloak flapping in the wind as he flexed his clawed fingers with murderous intent. “A few more hours, that’s all I need. I took this world from the Corpse Emperor’s lackeys and I’ll not have it taken from me until all its plunder and slaves are in my possession. A few hours to load the last of the prize and chatel onto the dropships then we leave what’s left to the swarm.” The sound of scores of armoured fists crashing into breastplates competed with the feral roar of approval as the Red Corsairs acknowledged their lord and master’s orders and turned to exact them with savage glee.

Deployment: Spearhead Assault

Points: 1500

Mission: The Relic


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Tyranids) ++

Hive Fleet: Kraken

+ HQ +

Broodlord:  Legendary Fighter, Chameleonic Mutation, Power: Catalyst, Warlord

The Swarmlord: Power: Catalyst, Power: Onslaught

+ Troops +

. 16x Genestealer: 16x Rending Claws

. 16x Genestealer: 16x Rending Claws

. 16x Genestealer: 16x Rending Claws

+ Heavy Support +

Tyrannofex: Acid Spray, Adrenal Glands, Stinger Salvo

Tyrannofex: Acid Spray, Adrenal Glands, Stinger Salvo


++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) ++

Legion: Renegade Chapters

+ HQ +

Huron Blackheart: Prescience, Warlord

Daemon Prince with Wings: Hellforged sword, Intoxicating Elixir
. Slaanesh: Death Hex

+ Troops +

Chaos Cultists: Mark of Slaanesh
. 10x Chaos Cultist w/ Autogun
. Chaos Cultist w/ special weapon: Heavy stubber
. Cultist Champion: Shotgun

Chaos Cultists: 9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autopistol and Brutal Assault Weapons, Mark of Slaanesh
. Cultist Champion: Autopistol and Brutal Assault Weapons

Chaos Cultists: 9x Chaos Cultist w/ Autopistol and Brutal Assault Weapons, Mark of Slaanesh
. Cultist Champion: Autopistol and Brutal Assault Weapons

++ Spearhead Detachment +1CP (Chaos – Chaos Space Marines) ++

Legion: Renegade Chapters

+ HQ +

Sorcerer with Jump Pack: Bolt pistol, Delightful Agonies, Force sword, Mark of Slaanesh, Warptime

+ Heavy Support +

Maulerfiend: Lasher tendrils, Mark of Slaanesh

Maulerfiend: Lasher tendrils, Mark of Slaanesh

Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought: 2x Hellflamer, Slaanesh
. Hellforged siege claw: Meltagun
. Hellforged siege claw: Meltagun

Hellforged Leviathan Dreadnought: 2x Hellflamer, Slaanesh
. Hellforged siege claw: Meltagun
. Hellforged siege claw: Meltagun

Here we are again at the SN Studio for another fantastic report! This week we see two SN members battle it out in an eternal grudge match. Julian and the Studio Tyranids take on Chris and his Red Corsairs! Shout-out to Siege Studios for doing such an amazing job on the Tyranids, they have certainly outdone themselves, and who can forget Steven for setting out this beautiful board for today’s match up. A desolated city with a dried up and muddy river, setting the scene as these two mighty armies clash for the relic.
These two armies must fight for the control of a ticking time-bomb, set up by the servants of Huron Blackheart in a desperate attempt to hold back the march of Hive Fleet Kraken. Huron, assisted by the Hellforged machines of the Dark Mechanicum, must maintain control of the bomb whilst simultaneously holding off the first wave of Tyranids invaders, in hope of detonating it when the main force makes planetfall.
Deployment (Tyranids) 

The Tyranid force slowly gather on one side of the bridge with only one objective; secure the bomb and detonate it before the rest of the forces arrive. Almost too organised, the presence of a Swarmlord is quickly noted as he takes position in the centre of the field whilst Genestealers rapidly overrun the riverbank.


Deployment (Tyranids) 

As the tide of Genestealers come to a halt, two larger shadows appear on the horizon, that of Tyrannofexes, which seem to take positions on both flanks of the force. Furthermore, there seems to be another creature lurking within the tide of Genestealers that has not yet made itself known. Nevertheless, the presence of the Swarmlord has been made clear, owing to the fact that this army of Tryanids was more organised than is to be expected.

Deployment (Red Corsairs) 

With the attack impending, Huron quickly musters his forces. He orders his two Leviathans to take the centre point. The two towering figures take action and move towards the centre of the bank, readying for the assault, whilst Huron and his Sorcerer take position behind them in order to unleash their psychic might upon their foes.

The Daemon Prince of Slaanesh takes root on the other side of the bridge’s pillar, whilst the Maulerfiends secure the flanks. The Demon Engines are roaring with excitement as their inner Daemons have locked onto the scent of the Tyranids.

Deployment (Red Corsairs) 

Tensions where high, but nevertheless, the mission must be completed. He orders the cultists onto the bridge to retrieve the bomb at once. The cultists run up the slopes onto the bridge and, for a second, everything is silent. A second which seems to last a lifetime; the calm before the storm.


The Swarmlord looks directly at Huron and lets out a mighty roar, the battle has begun. Chris fails to seize the initiative and the Genestealers rush towards the forces of the Red Corsairs as the first turn commences.

Turn 1, Movement (Tyranids)

The Genestealer tide rush toward Huron’s forces. They advance towards the dried up river, an obstacle that Huron thought would slow them. However, this proves to be no threat to the wave of Xenos, as the swarm quickly makes it to the opposing river bank.

The Swarmlord smartly triggered a Metabolic Overdrive, causing the Genestealers to blindly run at the enemy, disregarding them entirely, resulting in the death of three of their own rank. After a whopping movement of 26″, the Genestealer menace is closer than Huron had anticipated.

Turn 1, Movement (Tyranids)

The rest of the forces follow through, with yet another wave of Genestealers using the confusion of the Metabolic Overdrive to get an Opportunistic Advance towards Chris’ forces. Unlike their maddened counterparts, they only just reach the shore, as the viscous consistency of the mud impedes their movement, leaving them inches away from hacking into Blackheart’s forces.

The rest of Tyranid force advances, gradually making up ground as they attempt to keep up with the other Genestealers. Despite not being as fast as other members of the Bioform army, they intend to get as close as they can to the opposing forces.

Turn 1, Psychic Phase (Tyranids)

As the flood of Genestealers approach, a much larger figure becomes visible from the tide. As it steps out from within the shadows, the figure becomes far more discernible. A Broodlord emerges, its towering presence distinguishing itself from any ordinary Genestealer. It lets off a shrill shriek and, with glowing eyes focused on its brood, it triggers a Catalyst within the Genestealers that made an Opportunistic Advance.

These Genestealers almost seem to twitch as they gain an unnatural vitality. Their very muscle fibers begin to react to this stimuli violently, as they are imbued with ferocious vigor, allowing them to ignore even the most grievous of wounds.

Turn 1, Psychic Phase (Tyranids)

The Swarmlord prepares for an Onslaught as he moves closer to the enemy forces. His eyes fixed on the closest target. As he approaches one of Maulerfiends, he readies for a charge and from his bloodied fingertips a surge of lightning Smites the hulking war-engine, causing two wounds to it.

Turn 1, Shooting Phase (Tyranids)

In the ongoing chaos, the Tyrannofexes have halted their advance. The collective Hive Mind issues them an order. They turn towards the cultists on the bridge and spray out a salvo of deadly, razor-sharp stingers, which skewer three cultists off the bridge, sowing the seeds of fear into the enemy lines.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

The Hive Commander himself runs past the Genestealers onto the bank and charges the enemy ranks. He notices the Daemon Prince and rushes to engage it. However, the Swarmlord has to fight through the Daemon Engine first. A volley of fire from the nearby cultists impact the Swarmlord, but has little effect as he begins to plow through the Maulerfiend.

As he approaches he unleashes a flurry of blows which leaves the the Maulerfiend on a single wound. As the weakened Maulerfiend attempts to attack back, the Swarmlord holds off his Adrenaline Surge, eyeing his foe as he flies away. In this moment of confusion the Maulerfiend manages to land a hit on the distracted Beast. With the Daemon Engine on its last breaths, he penetrates the thick armour of the Swarmlord dealing three wounds.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

As the Swarmlord assaulted the Maulerfiend, a group of Genestealers followed suit. The swarm charged at the Leviathan and the nearby cultists. As they approached it unleashes its deadly Hellflamers in Overwatch, killing three Genestealers before they get into combat. The Cultists follow through with another flurry of shots, however, with the Towering Hellbrute in the way, no shots hit their mark.

The Leviathan finds itself quickly surrounded and the cultists engage the Genestealers. A number of blows were interchanged causing the death of four cultists, and a single wound inflicted on the Leviathan. However, the Leviathan seems to be unhurt as energy from one of the defeated Genestealers seems to seep back into that ancient coffin which holds its host, recovering that lost wound.

The Genestealers seemed to have survived the combat with minor casualties. The Broodlord’s psychic power aided them in surviving, however, they have surrounded the enemy Leviathan and is now locked in combat.

Turn 1, Movement Phase (Red Corsairs)

After observing his cultists morale fail and flee, Huron assess the situation and with little hesitation orders the Maulerfiend to charge into the Genestealers, assisting the engaged Leviathan. He turns to his Sorcerer and points his Tyrant’s Claw at the Tryanid’s backline. The Psyker nods and the Leviathan accompanies him to take out the Tyrannofexes before they turn their stingers on them.

Turn 1, Movement, Psychic Phase (Red Corsairs)

As the Maulerfiend engages the Swarmlord, the Daemon Prince flies towards the enemy Tyrannofexes. These beasts must be taken out. Although focused on the enemy at hand, the Prince turns and utters a Death Hex on the Swarmlord. As the Hex is being uttered the Daemon feels the warp overtaking him, a common side effect of the psychic phenomena known as the Perils of the Warp. He finishes the incantation and notices the Swarmlord attempt to resist the hex, the more he struggles the more his armour seems to flake off, the Hex is complete. This however, this isn’t without a toll, as the overwhelming presence of the warp causes two mortal wounds on the Daemon.

Turn 1, Psychic Phase (Red Corsairs)

As the Maulerfiend runs towards the combat, Huron and the Sorcerer both start to channel their powers and attempt to smite the Genestealers in question. A huge surge of lightning appears from both the Psykers and meet in the middle hitting its mark. The first target is obliterated as the surge of energy jumps and claims two more victims before dissipating. This however, was not all. The Sorcerer spreads his arms as his eye’s begin to glow, he faces the Leviathan. The Ancient Machine starts to look distorted, it almost seems to teleport further and further into the battlefield, phasing in and out of existence as it approaches its target.

Turn 1, Shooting Phase (Red Corsairs)

As the Leviathan phases back into existence, he is confronted by the monstrous Tyrannofex. He unleashes his Hellflamers and his deadly Meltaguns. The combination of such firepower impacts upon the monsters armour and slowly melts into its skin. The Tyrannofex screeches in pain as a total of ten wounds are inflicted. The beast slumps down onto the ground and stares at the opposing Leviathan, it still has some fight left in it.

Turn 1, Shooting Phase (Red Corsairs)

The cultist use the opportunity created by the death hex to shoot its pistols at the swarm lord. Whilst they hold little effect, a lone cultist notices an opening in its amour and rushes towards it, unholstering his pistol and landing a wounding shot on the Swarmlord.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

After recovering from the perils of the warp the Daemon Prince charges at the Tyrannofex. However, its too late. The Tyrannofex has already taken aim and with a a quick flex of his muscles it produces a torrent of Acid and metre-long spikes which pound upon the skin of the charging Daemon. Each impact hitting harder than the last; the Daemon Prince slows his advance as he comes to a halt in front of the beast. His body skewered, he slumps down on one knee as he attempts to raise his sword. With little to no effort the Tyrannofex steps on his hand, piercing it, as he looks down of the defeated foe and impales him with the sharpened armour-piece on its head, killing it outright.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

On the other side of the bridge the ancient Dreadnought identifies what seems to be the leader of the Genestealer force; the Broodlord. With nimble sidesteps, the Dreadnought clears a path past the Tyrannofex, avoiding to be damaged by the spray of acid and charges head on into patriarch. The agility of the Leviathan surprises the Tyranids as the Tyrannofex only manages to land a single stinger into the hull of the Machine. It runs towards its mark with overwhelming speed and it impales that same spike into the Broodlord. Before the Genestealer leader can react, it finds itself in the clutches of the Hellforged Machine as the Siege Claws pressure down on its skull obliterating its foe. As it turns he pulls out the spike. A stream of energy seems to emerge from the Broodlord’s body into the sealed coffin and the hole which once housed that stinger seems to almost patch itself up.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

Sensing the death of the Broodlord, the Swarmlord quickly interrupts and strikes at his enemy before the Maulerfiend has a chance to react. With a quick swing of its Bone Sabres the Demon Engine is destroyed. However, the lone cultist which inflicted the wound earlier manages to inflict yet another wound, impaling his combat weapon into the very same crack in its amour. With a flick of its Prehensile Pincer Tail the cultist is impaled and tossed aside as the Swarmlord turns to face the rest of its squad in combat.

Turn 1, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

As the demon engine is destroyed, another seems to have appeared on the other side of the battlefield. It seems that it made quick work of the Genestealers holding the Leviathan in combat as it consolidates closer towards its foes.

Turn 2, Movement Phase (Tyranids)

With the death of its leader, a shock wave is felt throughout the Tyranid forces. With one less synapse creature on the field the Swarmlord must hurry its efforts before the swarm goes ravenous. A close by unit of Genestealers rush towards the Leviathan in a frenzy. It seems that the Swarmlord’s hold is weakening.

Turn 2, Movement, Psychic Phase (Tyranids)

The Genestealers move up closer to the remaining synapse creature, readying to assist the Swarmlord, should he need the help. The Swarmlord turns as he attempts to trigger the catalyst again, however, as it tries to keep control of the remaining units on the field, Huron uses his presence in the warp to deny the Swarmlord the opportunity. Similarly as he attempts to smite the cultists in combat, Huron quickly denies him the power as well, enraging the Swarmlord even further.

Turn 2, Shooting Phase (Tyranids)

Witnessing the death of its leader, the Tyrannofexes natural instinctive behaviour kicks in as it shoots all its weapons at the close by Leviathan. The dreadnought is pelted with a spray of acid and stingers as it suffers 5 wounds.

Turn 2, Shooting, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

The Swarmlord uses its Hive Commander ability to order the Genestealers onto the bridge. They advance upwards scaling the pillar and charge the enemy cultists, decimating them and securing the bridge. They have obtained the bomb and with a quick swipe, tears through the trigger, activating the countdown.

Turn 2, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

Two lone Genestealers managed to escape the onslaught brought up them by the Maulerfiend and Leviathan when they notice the Sorcerer. Distracted by the events on the battlefield they charge at him, however, with his psychic powers he foresaw the attack and manages to avoid it. With a quick burst from his jump pack he lunges towards the Genestealers and manages to slice them both up. As he turns he notices that both Genestealers are unaffected by his attacks as they move back into combat.

Turn 2, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

The Genestealers charge the Leviathan as they manage to avoid any damage done by the Hellbrute’s Overwatch. However, before they manage to land any attacks the Leviathan interrupts them and unleashes a flurry of blows, Killing 3 Genestealers. However, this doesn’t stop the tide. With all their rage behind their attacks they manage to land a number of hits on the Dreadnought. However, the armour proves to be too strong for their claws. Failing to avenge their leader, only three wounds are inflicted into the Hellforged machine. Furthermore, as seen before in the battle the Leviathan draws energy from another dead foe as it begins to heal another wound.

Turn 2, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

The Swarmlord senses an impending doom, he needs to make quick work of the cultists and focus his efforts on the priority targets. With a ease he butchers the majority of the cultists whilst the rest flee.

Turn 2, Movement Phase (Red Corsairs)

As the battle seems to be swaying in the Tyranids favour. the sorcerer falls back as the Genestealers are proving too much to handle. Huron and the Leviathan move to intercept the Swarmlord and the Maulerfiend moves to assist the leviathan in combat.

Turn 2, Psychic Phase (Red Corsairs)

It seems that Huron’s prayers are not for naught as Slaanesh itself shines down upon the battlefield and grants Huron knowledge to utter the Death Hex, however, this comes as a cost. The spell Prescience is lost to him. Huron then begins to utter the death hex, his target, the Swarmlord. Noticing the similar effects undertaking him, the Swarmlord attempts to deny said spell… failing. Huron then turns, smiting down last two remaining Genestealers in his deployment zone.

The sorcerer on the other hand takes a similar stance to before. The Maulerfiend then becomes distorted as it struggles to remain in this plane of existence. It advances forward at an overwhelming speed, as it time itself had been altered around it, emerging in front of the combat. With another stance it casts delightful agonies on the Demon Engine, with the blessing of Slaanesh upon it, the beast will be harder to take down.

Turn 2, Shooting, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

With the Death Hex complete. The Swarmlord finds itself with more of its armour flaking off. The Leviathan then unleashes the Hellflamers, scorching the Tyrant lord of the Hive Mind. With little energy left the Dreadnought assaults it and with a quick strike; the beast is dead… High above the clouds in the Hive Fleet, a mighty roar is let out as a new Swarmlord is born, its memories intact, its rage burning even brighter, it’ll be back for vengeance.

Turn 2, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

With the Swarmlord slain, the Tyranids connection to the Hive Fleet is severed. With their last order engraved into their minds, the Genestealers attempt to hold the enemy at bay whilst the bomb detonates. The Maulerfiend assaults the ongoing combat, and between one daemon engine and the other, a total of six Genestealers are slaughtered and a two fall to their instinctive behaviour and flee the combat.

The two renaming Genestealers fall back, their targets are too strong, their only hope to wait for the timer.

Turn 3, Movement Phase (Tyranids)

Detonate the bomb. The last order received from the Hive Mind. The Genestealers hold on the the bomb and attempt to shield it from the incoming enemy. It must blow. The Hive Fleet has no idea whether or not the mission will be completed. Failure is not an option.

Doomsday Clock – 48 seconds.

Turn 3, Shooting Phase (Tyranids)

With no Synapse on the field the Tyrannofex goes into a frenzy shooting all its weapons at the closest enemy. The Spray of acid drenches the Leviathan dealing three wounds.

Doomsday Clock – 42 seconds.

Turn 3, Assault Phase (Tyranids)

The two Genestealers quickly find a new target. They assault the Sorcerer and deal three wounds. The Sorcerer struggles and attacks failing to penetrate the armour of the Genestealers.

Doomsday Clock – 36 seconds.

Turn 3, Movement Phase (Red Corsairs)

Hurt by the Genestealers, the Sorcerer activates his jump pack and flies to what he thinks is safer grounds. As he lands of the bridge, he notices the swarm of Genestealers surrounding the Bomb. He notices the timer…. time is short.

Doomsday Clock – 30 Seconds.

Turn 3, Movement, Psychic Phase (Red Corsairs)

Huron advances onto the bridge and sees the bomb surrounded by the Genestealers. The sorcerer yells “We’re running out of time!” As he begins to gather his psychic energy and smites the Genestealers killing three on the spot.

Huron Catches a glimpse of the timer. As he does time seems to slow down as he hears a mysterious voice whispering in his ear. “Lufgt Huron, The Blood Reaver, Tyrant of Badab… I grant you my blessing” as the voice fades, he feels a surge of power overcome him. He channels it into the tips of the Tyrants Claw and from it emerges a steam of lightning unlike ever seen before. The lightning echoes through the air hitting mark after mark. A total of six Genestealers are slain. Their souls sacrificed to Prince of Pleasure.

Doomsday Clock – 24 Seconds.

Turn 3, Movement, shooting, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

The Leviathan charges towards the Tyrannofex and shoots its flamers dealing five wounds to the beast. It then attempts to clamp its head down with its Hellforged Siege Claw, however, it fails to get a grip dealing a single wound. The Tyrannofex is holding on to what little life it has left, and it manages to throw attacks at the leviathan. However, it fails to even Scratch the towering ancient.

Doomsday Clock – 18 Seconds.

Turn 3, Assault Phase (Red Corsairs)

The Maulerfiend charges the other Tyrannofex, the spray of acid and spikes failing to wound the Demon engine. As it approaches it lunges one of its fists into the carapace of the Tyranid. Cracking it open. The beast Roars in pain as it slumps on the ground, with a single wound remaining.

Doomsday Clock – 12 Seconds.

After the torrent of lightning unleashed by Huron, the remaining Genestealers flee in terror. The Sorcerer looks at the timer; 11. He activates his jump pack and flies directly towards the bomb; 10. As he stabilizes himself he notices that the trigger is badly damaged; 9. He tosses his sword aside as plunges his arm into the bomb looking for the manual override; 8. With his arm elbow deep into the explosives he feels something, a thick cable; 7. A faint whisper echoes in his ear, “that one.” As he pulls the cable clean out of the bomb the timer drops again; 6. However, this time it doesn’t continue. He’s done it.

As he turns to the battlefield he sees the infernal engines finishing off the Tyranids forces. Huron catches up to him and notices the the trigger is beyond repair. Whoever, sets it off will have no time to retreat. He then notices the timer… The number six. Slaanesh’s number. Was this just a cruel joke, or was the Lord of Dark Delights aiding them, nevertheless the mission was complete. The first wave halted, the battle won.

He orders the retreat, the Demon engines begin to advance back towards their camp and prepare to leave the planet. Huron turns and faces the sorcerer, “not you.” With quick slash of his axe his jump pack is broken, and his claws find their ways into his legs. “You trigger the bomb, Slaanesh will have one more soul today”. The sorcerer tries to resist but his wounds incapacitate him. “Trigger the bomb and be reborn under The Dark Prince.” He nods reluctantly.

As Huron leaves he notices the main invasion force makes planetfall, “Any moment now” he whispers to himself. As his ship makes distance the planet erupts in flame and explodes. With only the echo’s of Slaanesh’s laughter remaining. A warp portal opens up in the bridge, and out of it the sorcerer appears, reborn as a Daemon Prince. “Mission Complete. We have victory.”

Chris: My god what a game that was! So much back and forth. I made some stupid tactical decisions, such as charging the daemon prince into the Tyrannofex, should of known he wouldn’t survive the overwatch. But I also got very lucky, such as in that final turn killing 9 Genestealers with Smites. If it wasn’t for that, the Genestealers would of soon overrun Huron and the Sorcerer. I think ultimately having the twin Leviathans with toughness 8 and 2+ saves meant that Julian could do very little against them with the bulk of his force, as we saw with the long combats where the Genestealers kept bouncing off them. Hopefully with the new reinforcements we’re receiving for the Tyranids they can handle them a bit better next time. Was a great game against Julian as always, even if the game does take a bit longer as we constantly stop to mock each other. Big thanks to the rest of the team for setting up the board, taking and editing the photos, and doing the write up, I hope you all enjoyed it, and I look forward to the next game! Bring it on!
Julian: That was a great fun game once again against Chris. I’ve always loved the Tyranid Genestealer rush style of list, and in this current edition of 40k, it is quite a viable list. The main downfall in the list however was against high toughness and wound enemies, of which Chris had a fair number. Instantly I knew this was not going to be a walk in the park, but all was far from lost as I had a few plans up my sleeve. However, bit by bit my plans kept crumbling before my eyes haha. My original idea was to have Swarmlord crush the maulerfiend and then overrun and pile-in into the Daemon Prince to hopefully take him out first turn too and remove Chris’s Death Hex. That would have also meant that I would have had the Swarmlord out of line of sight from his other two Psykers, to then later swing around the terrain and wreck more havoc. Although I was instantly stopped in my tracks when the Maulerfiend survived with one wound, and from then on I was kept on the back foot. Even at the end when it had all gone to pot, I thought that there was still a chance that I could capture the objective with my Genestealers to snatch the win, but Chris made sure to remove all hope quickly when he did nine mortal wounds in one turn, only to have me fail morale as well to put the final nail in the coffin haha. Nevertheless, I had really enjoyed the game, which was wall to wall banter (as to be expected against Chris), and look forward to the next battle where I would hopefully do better in pleasing the Hive mind.



  1. Ouch. Tyranids have not been doing well on SN lately. Beautifully painted army though! Hopefully the bugs will have their day soon. Despite the bugs being constantly crushed, it’s nice to see batreps with featuring Tyranids. Please keep them coming! Someday the bugs might even win. Haha.


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