The best Warhammer 40,000 & Horus Heresy Battle Reports using fully painted armies and awesome gaming boards capturing it all with great photos and writeups.

SN Battle Reports are a group of guys with a passion for narrative-style gameplay, beautifully painted models and terrain and having fun with like-minded folks. We started on this perilous path in 2014 and hope to be producing high-end 40K & 30K batreps for millennia to come.

We Are:

 Steven P. – Fearless leader, driving force, the man who never sleeps,  Photographer

 Julian C. – Agent of Order, Rules Guru

 Lawrence S. – Paint Monkey, Editor and redactor, Terraformer

 Steven G. – Keeper of Secrets, Raconteur

 Kevin W. – Tech-Priest, Universal Cogitator

Chris S. – Munitorum Custodian, Logistician

Ethan P. – Neophyte

Nick R. –  Commander of Legions, Slayer of Pizza

Not only do we have a website but you can also find us on various social sites by clicking on the links below.

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