Welcome back SN+ Champions! Pardo is taking his beloved Craftworlds out for a spin, to face Chris the the Admech, Pardo bringing back his old Competitive list to see how it plays out in 9th edition. Speed and cunning versus cold and calculated firepower. The team play the ‘Sweep & Clear’ Mission from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts.

Who will stand victorious?

Welcome back SN+ Champions! We’ve got a real battle lined up for you as the SN heavyweights, Pardo and Nick fight it out on the tabletop. We’ve got Space Wolves vs the Dark Eldar as the boys play the ‘Battlelines’ Mission from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts. Who will be victorious?

Space Wolves led by Wolf Lord Pardo vs Drukhari, commanded by Archon Nick

Welcome back SN+ Champions! 2021 is here and with it a special Chaos vs Chaos mash up, as the gauntlet of who is the best Chaos player in the SN studio is settled (for now). We have DC and the Word Bearers take on Chris and the Red Corsairs in this heated showdown! The boys played the ‘Surround and Destroy’ Mission from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts.

Who will be Victorious?

On the command dias of the battle barge ‘Unrelenting Will’, Marshal Naiden of the Black Templars stared into the glowing schematic readouts that displayed Nellus V. The infamous Arch-traitor Fabius Bile and his cohorts were said to be hiding within this Imperial world, the Marshal cared not as the heretic’s plans or schemes, only his death would suffice.

“My Lord, reports are indicating the heretics are located in quadrant Theta-9, at the hive-city of Kallesk.” The ships Admiral conveyed to Marshal Naiden and the Castellans surrounding him.

“Begin bombard of the city Admiral, while we prepare for a surgical strike to ensure the traitor Bile does not escape our wrath.” The Marshal commanded.

“Yes my lord, there is however the matter of the dense civilian population in Kallesk? Any bombardment would inflict horrific casualties.” The Admiral replied.

The Black Templars stopped their discussions between themselves, and all stared down at the Admiral. Marshal Naiden looked away from the schematics and addressed the Admiral directly.

“If the population is loyal to the Imperium Admiral, then the Emperor will protect them.”

“If not, then their faith is found wanting, and they will die a traitor’s death…”

“None shall harbour the mutant, witch or heretic……”

SN+ Warhammer 40K Battle Report!

Welcome back SN+ Champions! The hordes of the cult are facing the chainaxes of the World Eaters Legion, as DC takes on Nick it’s a battle between Nick’s mind games against DC and the cult’s trickery! The team played the ‘Retrieval Mission’ from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts. Who will stand Victorious?