SN+ Warhammer 40K Battle Report

Welcome back SN+ Champions! It's red on red as Pardo brings out his new favourite, the Blood Angels chapter (he carries the book around with him everywhere....) playing against Chris and his beloved Red Corsairs. The team played the 'Scorched Earth' Mission from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts.

Who will stand Victorious?

SN Battle Reports proudly presents Crimson Fists vs chaos Knights!

Pardo’s new Crimson Fists line-up takes on the towering daemonic nightmares of the Chaos Knights! In this 2000pts battle report. Can the Sons of Dorn overcome these ancient arch-traitors? Or will the Great Corrupter strike another blow against the Imperium he once protected?

Who will stand victorious in this showdown?

SN Battle Reports proudly presents Space Wolves vs Thousand sons!

Ever since the Burning of Prospero, the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves wished the other's destruction and so today back and ready for another 9th edition battle report, SN founder Pardo takes on DC with those two armies battling it out!. With Pardo commanding the new awesome Space Wolves & DC leading a new Thousand Sons list (Magnus included) using all the goodness from Psychic Awakening rules, this is bound to be an awesome game.

Who will stand victorious in this classic showdown?