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Warhammer 30K (Horus Heresy) Battle Report Welcome back SN+ Champs! It's Zone Mortalis once again as the Iron Warriors attempt to seize the Dockyard from the Ultramarines in a custom mission! The boys are playing a 2000pts game from the White Dwarf Zone Mortalis rules & Age of Darkness Horus Heresy Rulebook.

Iron Warriors Controlled by Warsmith DC vs Ultramarines Commanded by Praetor Pardo

Welcome back SN+ Community! Join us on a raiding party! The Drukhari, led by Drazar, have stormed an imperial vessel in an attempt to steal supplies, only the ship happens to have the Adeptus Custodes on board!

The boys are playing a 500pts game from the Arks of Omens Boarding Action ruleset. Custodes Controlled by Big Will vs Drukhari Commanded by DC