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SN+ Video

Welcome back SN Community! The Ashen Lancers have returned to do what they do best, take on the forces of Chaos for the Imperium! Captain Pardo is using the Iron Hands chapter traits to fight against Pirate Lord Chris and the Red Corsairs.

The boys are playing a 2000pts game from the 2022 Chapter Approved Mission Pack. Iron Hands Controlled by Ironfather Pardo vs Red Corsairs Commanded by Chris Blackheart

Welcome back SN+ Community! We've got a competitive match up for you as Civil War champion Big Will is going to face Pardo's Blood Angels, for a league match and tournament practice show down!

The boys are playing a 2000pts game of the 'Scorched Earth’ from the 2021 Chapter Approved Mission Pack. Black Templars Controlled by Big Will vs Blood Angels Commanded by Pardo