Episode 3 – The Ambush (Narrative)

The third instalment of the SN Narrative Campaign is here! Featuring the epic clash between the Blood Angels and the Chaos Warband – The Children of the Neverborn! Follow Chaplain Azeos and Captain Carmillus with their Brothers as they race to conceal the chapters dark secret.

Find out what happens in this climatic episode of another saga in the history of the Blood Angels Chapter!

Welcome to SN Battle Reports 3rd episode of The Children of the Neverborn narrative campaign! Special thanks again to Steve Joll from New Zealand for the incredible voice over narration at the start of this bloody tale of bitter conflict and wild gambits as we enter mission Three – The Ambush! Will the Children of the Neverborn seek revenge? Will they locate their secret prize? Will they be victorious? Join us as this epic story unfolds…

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