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Welcome back SN+ Champions! We’ve got a real battle lined up for you as the SN heavyweights, Pardo and Nick fight it out on the tabletop. We’ve got Space Wolves vs the Dark Eldar as the boys play the ‘Battlelines’ Mission from Chapter Approved 2020, at 2000pts. Who will be victorious?

Space Wolves led by Wolf Lord Pardo vs Drukhari, commanded by Archon Nick

SN Battle Reports proudly presents Space Wolves vs Thousand sons!

Ever since the Burning of Prospero, the Thousand Sons and the Space Wolves wished the other's destruction and so today back and ready for another 9th edition battle report, SN founder Pardo takes on DC with those two armies battling it out!. With Pardo commanding the new awesome Space Wolves & DC leading a new Thousand Sons list (Magnus included) using all the goodness from Psychic Awakening rules, this is bound to be an awesome game.

Who will stand victorious in this classic showdown?