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SN+ Video

Welcome back SN+ Community! DC invited over his friend Sully to Gibraltar for a game! As a keen Thousand Sons player Sully wanted to show DC how to play the 'Dusty Boys', while DC wanted to crush his friend on camera for all to see - check it out! Big thanks to Sully for taking the time out of his trip to come and play.

The boys are playing a 1500pts using the Tempest of War Pack. Thousand Sons Controlled by Sully vs Drukhari Commanded by DC

Warhammer 40K Battle Report Welcome back SN+ Champions! There will be blood! There will be anger! We have the Black Templars taking on the World Eaters in some brutal close quarters combat carnage. The boys are playing a 2000pts game from the 2022 Chapter Approved Mission Pack.

Black Templars Controlled by Big Will vs World Eaters Commanded by DC